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Very helpful, thank you man.

Not bad..reminds me of my EBF2 guide (very big, with in-depth analysis of every aspect of the game, separate sections etc.)
I like the game very much, and this guide will surely help me get all TEH_MEDULZ

FANK_YUH! Well, it was very hard for me to estimate the health of every enemiy and stuff, so that information is missing. But thanks a lot! :)

Really helpful, thanks.
Fixate costs 2 skill orbs.

Thanks, and thanks! :)

just a heads up... fixate uses up 2 skill orbs...

my tatic was have one guy higher on strength, one higher on magic, and one higher on health... the health one would just defend getting 5 skill orbs for doing so *beacuse i ranked up his +1 orbs for defending to level 3* then use Osmosis to give them to either the mage or the fighter depending on what needed doing... for the most part of the game... my fighter would fixate and defend... the mage would heal and use skill orbs for regening mana... after a while i would start attacking with my fighter... doing 3,000 to 4,000 points of damage at a time... and keep up the healing... also using lambaste to do mega amounts of damage... its a most likely a longer way around.... but i didnt know how much damage the guys could take + heal back... so i wanted to make sure i could kill them quickly...

this tatic works very well for that flower boss, as you can take both healing flowers out in a single turn if your good enough... :3

Well, that's a pretty good one too. I'm not gonna put it in the guide though, I only put mine there. Also, I think you mean tactic, not tatic. ;)

Best way for levelling up spells: give everyone Serendipity skill (which everyone should have anyway, really), and then get in a fight with a Divinity Sapling. It doesn't attack you, and your elemental spells won't hurt it, so you can just keep casting and refreshing your MP until everything's maxed out.

Oh, also, Bellow is THE skill to use against Queen Angeline. It reliably 1-shots both saplings AND does over 1000 damage to Queen Angeline. So against that particular boss it's extremely useful.

One last thing: if you're wearing the Equality Signet, and you use Meditate, the healing goes across your entire party. That makes it less good for later levels, when you really want all that healing in one place.

Thanks for the tips, Chris!

It's actually not true that the Demon of Stamily has no NDI, although I can see how you might have missed it. It actually slouches further down and the eyes are lower than in the other pose. Just FYI.

Great guide! Lots of amazing details.

I'd like to point out that the fire, water, and lightning saplings can sometimes (though very rarely) carry the blaze, sea, and storm signets, respectively.

Again, this is a fantastic guide. I just thought I should let you know.

Finally I defeat that bastard of Vira Cocha

I recommend to the people who had the same problem with Vira Cocha this tips:
-Level up all your heroes to level 25
-Equip your team with contingency, faith and horn´s signet
-Get level 3 fire and heal
-Make sure to increase magical damage at least one in talents
-On stats, strength must be more than 25 and magic more than 37
-Get some fresh sap (15 is enough)
-Make sure that everyone has rejuvenation and intervention
-And last but not least, you must have a lot of patience, make youreslf the idea that you will spend more than 30 minutes fighting this bastard