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Oakwood's News

Posted by Oakwood - November 2nd, 2016

Late to the party I guess, but who cares. I'm back people, and better than ever! Go listen to my Halloween track Monsters In My Bed quick!

Stay tuned, love y'all <3


Posted by Oakwood - March 22nd, 2016

Hey y'all. Remember when I said that I wanted to upload at least one song a month this year? Yeah well I failed already because I didn't upload anything in February...BUT HEY, you can still listen to the TWO tracks I uploaded in January, Wasteland Spring and my Clouds remix!

Am I gonna submit anything in March? Maybe...college has been a pain in the ass and in my spare time I've been working mostly on a remix for a contest, which I finished literally seconds ago. However I have a melodic dubstep track in the making, I'll just give it a tiny sneak peak right here (there's more where that came from but currently it just sounds like rubbish). Maybe it'll be done this month, maybe not...

Anyway, that's what's been going on for the last couple of weeks. Nothing new, so yeah...happy easter in advance! :3

Posted by Oakwood - January 24th, 2016

Late to the party I guess, but Happy Pixel Day!

I really like this new holiday, spend the whole time playing some of the cool games. I really wanted to make some video-game inspired music for this day but I got sidetracked :( however I've been sitting still! I just uploaded two new tracks!

Wasteland Spring is a track I made for Secret Santa back in December. I decided to wait until January befoer uploading it, because I also already submitted Out There, made for the same event. It's an ambient track that eventually progresses into chillstep, both of which are genres that I'm very unfamiliar with. I'm super pleased with the outcome though, give it a listen!

The second track is a remix of the song Can You See The Clouds Divide by @Troisnyx. I created it in quite a short time span and I'm very happy with what came out. Give it a listen!

Chances are low I'll upload another song in January, but never say never! Peace out!

Posted by Oakwood - December 31st, 2015

Hey hey, a very (very) late merry Christmas to you all! I've been extremely busy the last couple of months, hence the lack of new tracks. However, I did join @Stupor's Secret Santa event this year, and made a sweet and chill DnB track for Gragon73: Oakwood - Out There. I also made a track for somebody else, which I will be posting in a few days.

Other than that, I've been doing college stuff. During the Christmas break I decided to recap my 'accomplishments' in 2015, here's what I've got:

  • Tracks released:
  • Joined two of @Ceevro's Singalongs, Summer of 69 and Africa. Had an absolute blast doing this and I'll certainly join many more.
  • Helped @YouriX with his Newgrounds Audio Portal Podcast series, which might (!) make a return in 2016.
  • Got some new gear:
    • Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface
    • Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones
    • Numark Mixtrack Pro III deck + Numark HF150 headphones
    • Adam A3X studio monitors + Devine Mon Pads
  • Started the Hidden Gems Audio Playlist, which I kinda neglected for the last period of time but I will certainly get back to.
  • Changed my name from LiquidOoze to Oakwood.
  • Lurked around the forums

I can certainly look back at a productive year. However, I really hope 2016 will be more productive I'm planning to release at least 1 song per month and finish a lot of WIPs that are catching dust in my projects folder. Also, like I said, I'm gonna get back to working on the Hidden Gems playlist and reviewing lots of songs in general.

That's about it! Have a safe New Year's Eve and make the most out of 2016!

- Oakwood

Posted by Oakwood - September 22nd, 2015

Hooray! Madness day is upon us! I just uploaded my Madness Day audio submission, go check it out already!

Unfortunately I've got an exam coming up Friday, otherwise I would be spending my entire day watching and listening to the Madness that's descending onto the Portal today. Oh well, happy Madness Day to everybody!

Posted by Oakwood - September 16th, 2015

Posted by Oakwood - September 5th, 2015

That's right, I changed my name from LiquidOoze to Oakwood, which has been my real artist name for quite a while now. The clash between my Newgrounds nickname and my artist name didn't work for me, so I figured this was the only option. It's kinda sad, though. LiquidOoze has been my nick ever since 2008, a good 7 years :(

Furthermore, because I didn't update in quite a while, I never mentioned that I made it into the first round of the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch this year! That said, I also never mentioned that I didn't make it through :( My entry, created from scratch in 2 weeks, was Mobius, a pop loop I'm really proud of, despite the cringing vocals. I'm gonna fix those and extend the loop to a full song in the future!

Also, apparently I'm able to post to the NG frontpage now, although I don't recall doing anything to deserve that. Except for winning the Robot Day 2015 Audio contest with Funkerbot but I don't recall the option being available immediatly after that. Oh well, FREE PUBLICITY! Hi Newgrounds, make sure to follow me on Newgrounds, Facebook and SoundCloud for updates on new music, reviews, drunk stories and more!

Also, Madness Day 2015 submission is in the making! ;)


Posted by Oakwood - August 6th, 2015

Woop woop, my track Funkerbot won the Robot Day 2015 Audio Contest! That's my second Robot Day victory; in 2013 I also got the top spot with Get Scraped. I'd like to thank everybody for the great reviews I received, it really motivates me to create more and more slick tunes!

That said, I made it past the NGADM auditions round! I'm up against some worthy opponents so expect a neat track to appear on here within two weeks!

Also, I'm a judge for th NGAUC this year! The auditions round and first knock-out round have passed already, which measn the contest is amost over, but I must say it's been great so far! Time-comsuming yes, but I love it :)

That's it for now! Don't forget to check out my SoundCloud and Facebook! Peace!

Posted by Oakwood - July 10th, 2015

It's that special time of the year again: ROBOT DAY!!! This year I decided to participate again with a super-funky-glitchy-beepy track: Funkerbot! Give it a listen will ya?

Also, I skipped Singalong #3 but I took a part again in #4 so go listen to that as well! Here it is: Toto - Africa (Singalong)

And another thing, I decided to create one of those self-ad threads you keep seeing on the Audio Forum, check it out if you want.

Last but not least, follow me on Newgrounds, SoundCloud and Facebook!

Happy Robot Day 2015!

EDIT 12-7: Wuuut, look at this! Funkerbot got frontpaged as Featured Audio! Never ever has this happened to a solo project of mine before! Thank you so much guys, I love you! :3


Posted by Oakwood - May 31st, 2015

It's been a while since I gave an update, so here we go!

First off all, check out my latest submission: a megamix cover of the We Believe series by @F-777! A lot of work was put into that one so make sure you check it out and download it!

Second of all, I took part in the second Sing-a-Long collab hosted by @Ceevro! We did an amazing cover of Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams, check it out already!

Third, I've been leading a very busy life (as always) and I barely paid any attention to the Hidden Audio Gems playlist, but I added to more songs to it! Here they are:

I'll try to add more in the future, I'm absolutely not planning to abandon this project!

Also, lots of new tracks in the making! Here's a glimpse of my latest WIP (turn your bass and volume way up!)

That's it! Don't forget to follow me on Newgrounds and SoundCloud and like me on Facebook!