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Good guide! The only one I'm yet to get is flip flop. Good advice on getting it on police state though!

Also, Id like to add that you can tell which spikes are going to move by looking at the perception to see which spikes have soldiers at the side of the road next to them. These ones will move to the centre of the road. These soldiers will not shoot you.

Really? I thought those were the soldiers who planted the bombs. Thanks, m8, I'll update that.

Just want to say more tips:
Solider cant shoot you if he isn't forward to you.
You can get Speed Racer medal without buying upgrades and on first 3 stages of Great Escape.
Zombies can move in two directions only: left and right.They can't move forward at you.
Use handbrake to slow down the helicopter to make him hit the sign.
Anyway you made a nice guide!

Ok, thanks for the tips, I'll update it!

More tips:
- You can't turn when smashing your wind shield and probably when shooting too.

- When confronted by this <a href="http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/7169/tipma.png">http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/7169 /tipma.png</a> do as I did and move to one of the sides. But not too much, you can not hit a car. After you go trough the cars dodge to the opposite side to avoid the zombie. Don't go trough the centre. This is useful to get the Nuke Watcher medal.

Spelling errors:
- In Close Encounters I think it's a bAld zombie not a bOld one.

- At the end &quot;Soldiers can't shoot you when the angle between you and THEM is too big&quot;

Little tips on the story in Tunnel Drive:
- The General is lying when he says the transport will be there in 5 minutes for one of the units. The place will be nuked in less than 2 and he knows it.

- The General says he is proud of one of the units that won't make it. They think they still have 10 minutes to reach the river but they only have less than 2. The General doesn't tell them that.

By the way, you are wrong when you say that the whole army has been evacuated in the Tunnel Drive area as I showed you.

I know that you can't turn when punching or shooting but I simply forgot to mention. I'll do that now.
You CAN dodge the mutated zombie by going through the centre. By timing your handbrake steering well, it's possible. I did this all the time.
About the spelling errors, I'm not American nor English so stfu (I'll still fix it though).
I was thinking about mentioning the General is lying in Tunnel Drive, but in the end I didn't because it wasn't 'helpful'.
And, the army IS evacuated since there are no soldiers, helicopters or carpet bombings in Tunnel Drive.

Looks like a good guide to me. Thanks a lot!

mate, could you tell me how to get the 'Quick Draw' medal? I'm really frustrated 'cause i can't find a way to get it :S

Damn, pretty helpful.

For anyone who can't get the quickdraw medal, it's only possible when a police guy is on your car. After a while he shoots at you. Can you include that in your guide please, Liquidooze, if you're still active. (Which you probably aren't)

actually, if you sit still, any close zombies will start to walk towards you and they will jump on your hood.
also, highway to hell is not as hard as it seems when you are fully upgraded. i got through half of it before i finally died.
this was very helpful overall. thanks :D

Again, how long is highway 65 in the game?