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Bedroom EDM producer, college boy, party animal and supporter of underrated audio artists. If you have a commission, want to collaborate or would like your track reviewed feel free to send me a PM!

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copyright is tricky...there are all the laws regarding proper use and if you argue enough you can finagle yourself into a proper use...depends on the situation. If the material your using isn't used for profit it might not be a problem either....so confusing...

also sometimes if you just put "I do not own the rights to the content this is based on" or "This song based on "X" and is not originally created by me", something like that, covers you as far as legality. Again confusing stuff...

That what you said in your last paragraph is a what confuses me the most. Is it really possible to protect yourself from any reports just by saying 'I do not own this'? I have serious doubts about this.

No copyrighted material is allowed on Newgrounds, period, regardless of what you put in your author comments.

I won't get on your case yet, as long as you remove the songs that break the ToS or reupload them without the copyrighted material in them. If you are unable to remove a song or two due to flash usage or 3k+ listens, send me a PM and I'll have it removed for you.

Because, yes... as it stands, every submission you linked to can earn you an audio ban.

Don't worry, I'm on it already. Two of the songs mentioned above will be re-uploaded without the copyrighted material, the other two will be permanently deleted.

Good to hear. I'll ask that anything else you have that you know breaks the ToS be taken down as well.

I may, or may not, skim through your profile after Christmas is over to make sure you're clean. But I think you've been around long enough that I shouldn't have to worry.


I don't think I have any other songs that have copyrighted elements, but I can check that for you. I'll probably have all this done after Christmas. :)