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Smarties Awnsers (I'm bored)

Posted by Oakwood - January 2nd, 2010

I got bored, so I just post these (like the quiz still gets played).
If you haven't played it yet, DO THAT FIRST!

1. Ehh... Mars?
2. Star Catchers
3. K
4. (Any awnser is correct)
5. (When you've clicked the 1, 2, 3 and 4, click the question number (that's 5))
6. NG. Mag tells me something?
7. The song I picked!
8. Oops, my bad, it was a tank :P
9. My billiard table!?
10. (Wait for Catch to fly by, then click him)
11. The greener, the swimmer!
12. The greener, the OUCH!
13. The greener he swims!
14. At the busstop on you left side!
15. A cop's cap
16. (Click the word 'awnser' in the question)
17. Question
18. nextFrame
19. (Click the pick-up and drag it away, then click the green arrow that appeared)
20. (Type the word 'something' in the textbox)
21. Splat (you probably didn't hear it because of the messed-up preloader)
22. (Wait until the question changes and 'Go' appears, then click the blue button)
23. (Click the keyboard)
24. [Awnser is loling...]
25. 25
26. A train
27. Chicken?
28. The chicken I jumped on last week?
29. (Type '28' in the textbox)
30. Just cash
31. A mexican with a sombrero, seen from above!
32. (Click the hammer)
33. (Click the mouse)
34. LOL, 4 letters
35. (Click the red button)
36. (If you slide your cursor down from the word 'the', you should roll over the key. Click it)
37. The right awnser
38. (Type '233' in the textbox)
39. Get milk here!
40. Wet
41. Open the door, put the elephant in, close the door
42. Open door, get elephant out, put tiger in, close door
43. The tiger, it's still in the fridgerator
44. Dude, just swim, the crocodiles are at the meeting of the lion!
45. (Click the most-right button)
46. (Both awnsers are correct)
47. (Click the word 'it' in the question)
48. (Click the button that displays '10')
49. Just a guess...8?
50. (Drag the top-right box away, then click the word 'right' that appeared)
51. Hi
52. (Type '6' in the textbox)
53. Yes
54. Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Of
55. (Any awnser is correct)
56. (Drag the phrase 'a tissue' out of the question, the click the word 'cool' that appeared)
57. Jij bent er ook een!
58. Because he's by bike
59. A house
60. A house with a door
61. A house with snow on the roof
62. A house with snow on the roof and a shinig sun
63. I see my dad under the shower, trying to pick up the soap
64. Consider it done.
65. (Click the little green circle in the bottom-right corner OR type 'therightcode' in the textbox)
66. 23!
67. Talk to my lawyer!
68. Ring
69. (Top-left awnser)
70. Jim
71. (Click the hammer)
72. (Click the question number)
73. Mushroom
74. (Move your mouse out of the screen downwards, then move it back in at the middle-right. The phrase 'Quick!' should appear. If it does, click it, if it didn't, try the manouvre again (this manouvre is essential because the screen is full of 'wrongs' you may not touch)
75. Where it points...
76. (Type 'catch' in the textbox)
77. (Both awnsers are correct, in case you clicked 'yes': wait for the next question to pop up)
78. 0,11<...
79. My name
80. Dirt & Garbage
81. (Any awnser is correct)
82. Lulz, teeth counter
83. A tomato around the corner
84. Green paint
85. Why would a chicken have brests if a cock doesn't have hands?!
86. Get more cement
87. Circling around a table so fast that you can f*** yourself in your ass
88. Raise the furnace's temperature
89. (Click the banana)
91. (Click 'next' and stare at the picture for 10 seconds)
92. Frog in a mixer
93. Bullying pigs
94. A stick
95. A hole
96. (Any awnser is correct)

Easter Egg: Click Catch's left hand at the credits

The awnsers are litteraly copied, so the typing mistakes can still be seen, like 'brests' (breasts) and 'tomato' (tomatoe). Sorry for that.

Well, yeah, that's it, lol. Hope you can do something with them :P


Lmao. Why is it rated &quot;M&quot; anyway?

Mostly because of question 63 :P There's also some swearing so yeah

i supported your quiz by giving it a 5/5

63 is half of a body, and it's a penis under and an asshole and a soap below