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Chibi Knight: Medal Walkthrough & Tips and Facts

Posted by Oakwood - February 5th, 2010

CHIBI KNIGHT: 8 Medals (155 points)


Hello, this is just a little walkthrough I made for Chibi Knight. Nothing official, but really helpful!


Dragon-slayer (5 points)
Beat Island Beast
Of the three Giant Beasts, this one is the medium level. The Island Beast can be reached when you've obtained the Magic Boots (will be explained later).
Strategy: The Island Beast will spit three (slightly homing) fireballs each time it comes out of the ground. Touching the Beast will also damage you. To attack it, jump and hit either his neck or head a few times.

Chibi-mage (10 points)
Get all 4 spells
The 4 mages are not so hard to find, really.
Mage 1: At the point you start, there's a house to your right. The first mage lives there. He will give you the ability to shoot magic balls in the air.
Mage 2: After obtaining the axe (will be explained later), go into the forest and look for the tree with a sleeping bird in it. When you cut that tree, it will turn into a house. The mage living there, will give you the ability to heal yourself.
Mage 3: To the nord-east of the forest, there's a house. There you'll find a crying kid who's grandpa is in need of wood. When you've obtained the axe (will be explained later), cut enough trees to make the kid happy, his grandpa (the thirth mage) will give you the ability to protect yourself from enemies.
Mage 4: The last mage is found in the dungeon (will be explained later). When you've gone up to the second floor, go right immediatly and then the first right again. Keep walking through the hallway until you'll encounter a large torch. There hides the last mage. He will give you the ability to shoot fireballs.

Furball-slayer (10 points)
Beat Canyon Beast
This is the easiest Giant Beast, I think myself. To beat it, go up to the platform next to him. When he's playing with some of his drool, you can hit him. After a while he will throw furballs in the air. Look out for those and for his swinging arms. After that, he'll play with his drool again.

Demon-slayer (25 points)
Defeat Demon Beast
This is by far the hardest Giant Beast to slay. This boss contains three stages:
Stage 1: The Demon will fly on top of the moutain all the time, spitting fireballs down at a high speed. To the left, right and on top of the mountain are placed yellow orbs you have to crush in order to proceed to the next stage. A few hits against them will do. You can get on top of the moutain usen the zigzag stairs.
Stage 2: The demon will start moving around, still spitting fireballs down but much slower than before. You can hit him most of the time by staying on top of the mountain. His patterns are easy to follow.
Stage 3: When you've passed the previous stage, the beast will turn into an eye and fall on the floor. It won't attack you, it'll just look mad. Hit the eye until his lifes are gone and you've beaten him.

Speed-runner (25 points)
Beat game without getting the axe and without getting any spells
Speaks for itself pretty much. Just make sure you don't encounter any mages.

Worthy-chibi (25 points)
Defeat all three knights
The knights are the hardest bosses in the game. From easy to hard, they are: Red, Purple and Green. I recommend you encountering them in this way.
Red Knight: When you've entered this level, immediatly run to the right since the knight will swing his axe at you. When the knight doesn't own it's axe, you are able to hit it. He runs to the axe pretty slow, so this shouldn't take long. When he has found his axe, the knight will first try to hit you once, and then throw his axe again. This is the whole pattern.
Purple Knight: When started, jump on one of the two platforms. The knight will start spinning to the other side of the room. There, he will get dizzy, making him vulnerable. He recovers pretty fast, so hit him quickly. After that, he will start spinning again, and so on. Watch out for the flamethrowers, they do lots of damage.
Green Knight: This knight is immune to all your attacks. When started, jump on the platform closest to the knight. When the statue spits a rock on the side of the knight, hit it with your sword so it will fly to the knight. Time your swing to hit him well. While doing this, the knight will slowly approach you. When he reaches your platform, jump onto the highest platfrom as he will try to attack you. When he's on the other side, use the same manouvre. The rocks will damage you too!

Grinder (50 points)
Level up everything to level 8
The game saves your data, so you don't have to do this in one go. I recommend you to slay the final boss a few more times to obtain this medal, since that will make you gain the most experience.

Slash-n'-burn (5 points, secret)
Be an awesome help to the third mage.


Other walkthroughs

Obtaining the Magic Boots
When you've slain the Canyon Beast, you'll find the Magic Boots. To know how to beat him, see above.

Obtaining the Axe
You need the Magic Boots for this!
At your starting point, there's some sort of temple to your left. Go there. At first, it will look like there's nothing there. Jump onto the fountain until you reach the very top of the temple. There you'll find a cage with some sort of firefly in it. Jump to the cage to free it. It will tell you that it's name is Pixie and that you have to follow him to find his master. When returning to the map, Pixie will fly to the north. Follow him. You should cross the forest, the water (with the Magic Boots) and the island of the Island Beast (when you've not beaten him yet, you have to do that first (see above)). Behind the island sails a boat. On there, you'll find Pixie's master Glitch, the blacksmith. For bringing Pixie back, he'll give you the axe and the instructions to use it. Pixie will stay with Glitch.

Obtaining the Skull Key
The Skull Key is the key you need to enter the dungeon. When you've slain the Island Beast, you'll find it (see above).

Tips & Hints

Don't underestimate the game!
The game may look like some stupid childish kindergarten game, it's really a challenge. Don't think of it too easy!

Read all signs carefully!
The signs in the dungeon are really some help to you. Don't hesitate reading them. However, don't let them fool you. There's no real maze in the dungeon as they say, and there really are 2 keys on the first floor.

Make sure you're ready to enter the dungeon!
The dungeon is the hardest part of the game, with much better enemies. Make sure you're prepared for everything. When you've leveled everything to level 4 or 5, you should be ready to enter.

Use spells!
Spells are really important if you want to win the game. They are your secret weapon. Make sure you obtain at least the Magic Balls and the Heal spell, otherwise it'll be very hard to beat the game.

Do not dodge enemies!
Before fighting the Demon Beast, make sure you've beaten every beast in the dungeon. They are bigger and stronger, so give you much more points and can prepare you for the knights and the beast. The beasts in the dungeon won't respawn once you've beaten them.

Going for the Speed-runner? Do not level up Magic!
When you're aiming to get the Speed-runner medal, you must NOT level up your Magic skill. You don't need it, so stock up on your experience points. One thing, when keeping Magic at level 0, you're Attack and Armor skills should be at a higher level than 4 or 5 to the enter the dungeon (level 6 or 7 or will do).


- T.O.U.S (the purple pigs in the dungeon) can only hit you with their weapon when it's flung at you, when it returns to T.O.U.S, it'll go right through you. So just jump over it and do not back off, be brave and hit him while you can!
- When your attack skill is at level 6 or 7, you can beat almost every beast (not the T.O.U.S) in the dungeon with one swing. Use this to your advance!
- Not only the sings, also the people outside the dungeon are helpful. Make sure you've talked to everyone!
- When you want to level up outside of the dungeon, there are two places you can go for the best leveling. One is the forest, since you'll encounter the most enemies there at once. I recommend fighting a level with birds in the forest, since those will have about 10 enemies. Two is the bridge. Lots of enemies there, including the spiders.
- Once you've entered the room with the knights, your progress is saved. When you've slain a knight, your progress is saved too. When you've slain the Demon Beast, your progress is NOT saved.
- Dungeon keys: there are 2 keys on floor 1, there's 1 key on floor 2, there are no keys on floor 3.
- The spiders in the dungeon are stronger than the spiders outside the dungeon, don't think of those too easy too!


That's it. I hope this was helpful! Enjoy your new medals!

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Chibi Knight: Medal Walkthrough & Tips and Facts



You're welcome :)

For the Speed-runner medal, do you have to do it all in one run? I ask because the only way you can submit your speedrun score is if you finish the game without quitting.

As far as I know, you don't have to. It would have been made clear if you had to. Tell me when you've got it.