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I Wanna Be The Flash Game Guide

Posted by Oakwood - April 30th, 2010

I WANNA BE THE FLASH GAME: 14 Medals (505 points).

Update: video walkthrough.

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If you see any glitches at saving points, that's due to the montage. I cut out all the parts were I close the game and restart it, so some parts don't align well.
Here's the music used in the video: DOOM Tribute by Brunoxi

IWBTFG is a game compatible to games like Lastman, The Unfair Platformer and The Impossible Quiz. It seems impossible, but in fact, it's not.
The big problem about IWBTFG is that is filled with bugs, bad physics and glitched hitboxes. And that's the point of the game, so if you can't stand these, don't play the game.

I'll be going over the medals first.


I can't take this anymore (5 points)
Commit suicide 15 times
You can commit suicide by pressing Q, so do that 15 times.

The following counts for all the Die-medals. If you keep spamming Q and R in a good rythm (lol) you'll get more deads pretty fast. I got the 500 and 1000 deaths medals these ways.

Time Waster (10 points)
You could have white teeth by now
Play the game for 2 hours (do not confuse with 'Why are you still playing?'-medal).

Why are you still playing? (50 points)
2 hours of gameplay
Description is wrong, instead of 2 hours you must play 3 hours (thank you WonderTheHedgehog).

Slow down Speed Racer (100 points)
Finish under 30 minutes, but I guess you're used to that
To read the tactics for this one, see the medal below. My record now is about 10 minutes.

Zero Hero (100 points)
PM me if you unlock this, you're glitching the game, aren't you? Right? RIGHT!?
I first want to say, I got this medal without glitching, hacking or whatever. I'll now explain how.
The save buttons save your stats (time and deaths) as soon as you walk over them. If you die and return to your last save, your stats won't be saved again. You have to use this to your advance.
First things to do: make sure you know most of the traps AND that you reach the first save without deaths. Now, let's say you've reached the first save with 0 deaths. You activate the save, and after that die. You then should close the game, start it again, and click continue at the menu. You'll return to the save again, still with 0 deaths. Now all you have to do is use this technique at every save. I know this takes very long, but hey, do you want the points or not? To make it shorter: when you know you're about to die (i.e. you're about to land on spikes) press R immediatly. restarting doesn't count as a death, so you'll just return to your save again without an extra death. I got the Speed Race and this medal using this technique.

The secret medals are just level medals. You'll get them throughout the game.


Here are some things you just need to know.
- You ARE gonna hate this game. You will stress. If you're afraid of this, I highly suggest you not to play this game.
- Like I already said, you can use the bugs, glitches and everything like that to your advance.
- The vulcano further in the game spits turds at random. It's pure luck if you get hit or not.
- There are screens that do not contain traps! HOORAY!!! :D
- Once you get to the screen with the Bob-Omb (with the sign saying 'Intruders will be killed on sight' or whatever) and you think you're not gonna make it up the platforms without the Bob-Omb hitting you, just return to the previous screen. That will make the Bob-Omb reset itself.
- The save at the screen with the Flash timeline on top is fake. If you look closely, you'll see that it actually says 'evas' instead of 'save'. Don't step on it or it will activate the spikes in front of you. Also, be careful while walking beneath the timeline. There's a blank keyframe that looks somehat different than the others. It will fall down.

That's it. Also check out the video!

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I Wanna Be The Flash Game Guide


Good guide!!


To get "Why are you still playing?" you have to play for 3 hours.

Ok, I'll update that.

You're amazing. <3

Heard that before. ;)

thankyou now i can work on getting more medals in that game

You're welcome.

good guide, and well played, though, from the looks of it, it doesnt look quite as hard as the original I wanna be the guy game, though i am not doubting its difficultly, just saying it looks slightly easier than the game it was based off of

You haven't played the game yet. :\

the moving platforms and the Mount Turdo are the hardest parts, don't you agree?
great guide BTW and stuff.

I agree! And thank you too!

when you fight the guy with the big sword you can just stand in the bottom left corner, at least it worked for me, because i went there then went to the video to see how to beat him and when i went back he was gone.

Good info. The first time I encountered him I kept walking against the right wall. When he walked through it he didn't even hit me :P

another way to get the 0 deaths medal is right when your about to die press R and it restarts you to the last save without adding a death.

I already said that, lol.

You didn't describe to us what the secret medals are, and how to get them. What kind of host as an user are you.

when i finished the game the pyramid head killed me
im not going to try any other medal,it will give me nightmares
by the way,great guide