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Hot Ninja Moon Moon Play/Walkthrough

Posted by Oakwood - June 1st, 2010

HOT NINJA MOON MOON: 4 Medals (105 points)

Hot Ninja Moon Moon (HNMM) is a typical retro-style pixel platformer. It's fun to play, and (even better) has Meatboy! :D
This guide is somewhat more detailed than my other guides.



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Song used in the videos: Waterflame - Outrun


Meat and greet (25 points)
Unlock Meatboy
To unlock Meatboy, collect four coins at the Tyrone Stage.

Pieces of 8 (25 points)
Beat the game with all 8 coins
Speaks for itself. The Meatboy stage does NOT LONGER contain 10 coins. It now has 8 coins, so you're no longer allowed to skip coins. It doesn't matter in what stage you get the coins. Also, see video.

Flawless victory (50 points)
Beat the game without dying
Also speaks for itself. It's not too hard, you just have to practice. Also, see video.

Really? (5 points, secret medal)
You probably got this on your first run. If not: die. A lot.


Tyrone is available all the time. He looks pretty much like the characters from Dad 'n Me, but in fact, I have no clue where he is from. Tyrone's stage is easier compared to Meatboy's stage, but it's somewhat longer I think (I'm gonna count the screens). You can recognize Tyrone's double-jump with a somersault.

Everybody knows Meatboy. If you don't, don't mention it to ANYONE. You'll get killed. :D
Meatboy is unlocked after you collect 4 coins at the Tyrone stage. Meatboy's stage also contains screens from Tyrone's stage, but some are a bit harder. You can recognize Meatboy's double-jump with a blood splat.


There are six types of hazards in the game:
- Holes: I'm sure you always avoid these. There is a point where you shouldn't, check the video for that.
-Spikes: Stationary, typical hazards. You can stand on the outer edges of their platforms.
-Spikeballs: These balls are spiked and always rotate. They can be either stationary or moving.
Spikeblocks: These blocks are spiked and never sit still.
-Lasers: These are doors that open and close again. When closed, they can kill you. You don't have much time to go through these, so be careful.
-Lasereyes: When these are closed, they're just white lines on a wall. Once you get on their height (doesn't matter if you are in front of them or behind), they'll open and shoot a laser to where they are looking. The lasers are a bit faster than you are.


- Again, Meatboy's stage does no longer contain 10 coins, but 8. You can no longer skip coins.
- Platforms are smaller than they look. The very edges of the platforms are not inside the hitbox, so they 'don't really excist'. That makes people think the double-jump registration is bad, but that's just because they fell through the edge and jumped in the air. That's why I told you how the double-jumps look, so you can see wether you can jump again or not.
- On your first run, don't go for the coins or 0 deaths. You'll fail.
- You will obtain medals only when you've finished a stage. So let's say you've collected 8 coins, but don't finish the stage, you won't obtain the medal.
- The music is awesome :)

There you go. This was helpful, wasn't it? :D

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Hot Ninja Moon Moon Play/Walkthrough


u can use ctrl+ shift to skip levels, if you want.
You should add that

I felt like I shouldn't. I thought the bug was fixed?

I don't think it's too hard to obtain the coins medal on your first try, I managed to do it pretty easily on my first attempt with your youtube video.

To be honest, I did too. But it's just a tip for people who think they can do it, but will fail for sure. :)