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LARRY: Big Dipper Walkthrough

Posted by Oakwood - June 4th, 2010

LARRY: BIG DIPPER: 11 Medals (500 points)

Big Dipper is kind of an avalanche game, but now you fall together with the objects. It's a really good game, awesome music, good drawings and great quality.


On the right side of the screen you can see which collectables you will encounter while falling. Every collectable earns you points.

Blue Gems: These are the only collectables that are NOT shown on the right side of the screen. There are 10 of these.
Red Orbs: These orbs will heal you. There are 15 of these.
Orange Orbs: These orbs will bring you into rage, making you able to destroy rocks without losing health. There are 3 of these.
Green Orbs: These orbs can cure you from poison. There are 3 of these. They will only be available when you've passed half of the pit.
Birds: Birds will temporarily slow your fall, making it easier to dodge rocks. There are 5 of these.


The rocks are the only objects you must avoid. The bigger a rock is, the more health you will lose when you hit it. The amount of rocks will increase when falling down.

Normal Rocks: These rocks will appear all the time. They don't have any side-effects.
Red Rocks: These rocks will appear when you've passed 2500 meters. They do the damage that depends on the size plus some extra damage.
Green Rocks: These rocks will appear a few steps before your first Green Orb. These rocks will do the damage that depends on the size and will poison you. You'll stay poisoned until you collect a Green Orb.
White Rock: These appear when you've passed 7500 meters. These blocks do the damage that depends on their size and will temporarily freeze you. While frozen, your left and right movement will be slower.


Angry rock basher (25 points)
Destroy 10 boulders in a single rage
Very easy to get, you'll probably obtain this when you enter your first rage.

Gem collector (25 points)
Collect all 10 gems in a single run
Since they're not shown on the right side, look out for these.

Glutton for recovery (25 points)
Use every antidote orb to recover from poison in a single run
Remember that you MUST be poisoned while collecting the orbs to get this medal. So keep in mind that when you're about to encounter a Green Orb you get poisoned first.

Nice and healthy (25 points)
Collect all health orbs in a single run
Probably the hardest of the collect-medals to get, since the last collectable is always a Red Orb. You don't have to be injured while collecting them.

Rageaholic (25 points)
Collect all rage orbs in a single run
Just do this, I guess.

Free faller (50 points)
Survive for 3 minutes
Since birds slow you down, grab onto these as much as possible.

Massive damage (50 points)
Destroy 20 boulders in a single rage
It's the easiest to do this with the last Orange Orb, since at that time there will be a lot more rocks on the screen.

Badass dipper (100 points)
Reach the bottom of the Giant Pit
Good luck! You'll need it! :)

Falling toilet (25 points, secret)
Pass a very random object while falling (probably around the 3rd Blue Gem)

Falling llama (50 points, secret)
Pass an even more random object (probably around the 5th Blue Gem)

Hungry hungry homer (100 points, secret)
Pass the most random object ever! (probably around the 7th Blue Gem)


- You are allowed to hit the walls of the pit.
- For some reason rage cures your poison.
- The controls are very touchy, making it hard to move slow. Keep that in mind.
- It's practically impossible to reach the bottom without lsoing any health, since you'll have a wall of rocks in front of you at some points.

That's about it. Now go get them medals! 8D

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LARRY: Big Dipper Walkthrough


'boulders' not 'builders'

I myself said 'rocks', 'not builders'. The medals said 'builders', so I copied that.

My guide made me got my highest score but i can't get to bottom whiches 10000 meters.

Only thing I can say is 'good luck!' :)