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Super Ryucopter Walkthrough

Posted by Oakwood - June 6th, 2010

SUPER RYUCOPTER: 3 Medals (160 points)

Ryucopter is a game you play once and never play again. It's just an annoying, small shooter game, from the creator of I Wanna Be The Flash Game :P


Quit spamming ya buttmunch (10 points)
Throw 100 hadoukens
Unless your a pacifist, you'll get this while playing. Note that it's a quote from the Street Fighter Collab. ;)

I hope you're ready for a beating (50 points)
Defeat all large enemies
Defeat all large bosses that appear after every wave (final boss doesn't count).

Yes, this is delicious (100 points)
Get to the goal that every game has.


These are the waves you will encounter. The small enemies all have to be hit once, the large enemies must be hit more times the further you proceed. The amount of small enemieswill also increase as yopu proceed.

Bee Wave; boss: Giant Bee
Rocket Wave; boss: Evil Rocket
Crabby Wave; boss: Nasty Fish
Penguin Wave; boss: Big Penguin Head
Ninja Wave; boss: Super Ninja
Final Boss: Slippery Ingenious Bison

I made up the names myself, lawl.


- If you reach Bison with less than 5 lives, you probably won't make it.
- Bison's pattern is simple. First, he shoots five lasers (high, mid-high, mid, mid-low, low) and then does a spin-attack (you can't dodge it).
- When the bar in the upper-right corner is filled, you can spam hadoukens. Once it's empty, you fire much slower.
- When you're about to encounter a large enemy, make sure your bar is filled. You'll need the hadoukens.

There you have it, for fuck's sake. Now get the medals and leave the game alone. >:-(

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Super Ryucopter Walkthrough


It's a giant mechanical M.Bison head, not Wadolf. :/

Ah now I see it. Yeah I actually was like 'what the HELL has Wadolf to do with sf?!' Will change that.

How many Large bosses is there?

5, but you can see that in the WAVE section.

Did you know that chocolate ate vanilla

Yes, it was on the news yesterday.


Conclusion: you're stalking me.

Ik ben echt verschrikkelijk slecht met dit spel.

Maar ik heb het eindelijk gehaald! Woohoo!

By the way, here is my tactic:
You really need to kill the first three bosses, without getting hit. Then, use all your ammo on the penguins, and let the ''big pinguin head'' hit you once. While he is on the screen, wait until your ammo is realoaded. Now, use all your ammo on the small ninjas, and again, let the boss hit you once. Now you have six lives left for the boss. Spam your now fully loaded hadoukens on the boss. Reload until it's full again and then spam him again until he's dead. This is the only tactic that worked for me.

Nice, maar geef toe, het is een kutspel xD

What do you mean by "get to the goal that every game has"?

Finish. Duh. xD