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Epos Guide

Posted by Oakwood - July 8th, 2010

EPOS: 10 Medals (475 Points)

Epos is an awesome old-skool RPG-styled game. Experienced Epic Battle Fantasy players would love this game. It's a game of adventure, action and strategy.


There are lots of things you must know before you start the game, so I'll be so kind to tell you those things.

Items help you in battle. Items can only be purchased at certain points in the game. You can purchase an item if you have enough AU (valuta of the game). Here's alist with the items and their costs.

Dried Root (300 AU) - Restores a small amount of health
Fresh Root (750 AU) - Restores a medium amount of health
Prime Root (2000 AU) - Restores a large amount of health
Dried Sap (500 AU) - Restores a small amount of MP (will be explained later)
Fresh Sap (1500 AU) - Restores a medium amount of MP
Prime Sap (3000 AU) - Restores a large amount of MP
Dried Mint (750 AU) - Supplies an ally with 3 Skill Orbs (will be explained later)
Fresh Mint (2000 AU) - Supplies an ally with 4 Skill Orbs
Prime Mint (7500 AU) - Supplies an ally with 5 Skill Orbs

Signets add a special ability to your character. There are 21 Signets in the whole game. Some mus tbe purchased, others are found on enemies. Each Signet has a unique ability that can help you win the battles. You can have only 1 kind of each Signet and an ally can hold only 1 Signet. Here's a list with all the Signets. When there's an amount of AU behind a Signet, it means you can buy it.

Veteran Signet: You'll begin the battle with a Skill Orb.
Ninja Signet: You take the first turn in battle. (50000 AU)
Blaze Signet: Your defense against fire is increased. (1500 AU)
Sea Signet: Your defense against Water is increased. (1500 AU)
Storm Signet: Your defense gainst Lightning is increased. (1500 AU)
Scholar's Signet: You'll gain more experience from a battle. (7500 AU)
Treasurer Signet: You'll gain more AU from a battle.
Thieves' Signet: The chance you'll get rare items in a battle is higher.
Adrenaline Signet: Your physical damage gets a boost when you're low on health.
Faith Signet: When you get healed, you'll earn some extra health. (8000 AU)
Stone Signet: Your defense gets a boost, but your physical damage is at a minimum.
Beastmaster's Signet: You'll do more damage to beasts.
Coward's Signet: You won't get attacked fast, but your physical damage drops.
Polymath Signet: You'll get a Skill Orb when you use Magic.
Engineer's Signet: When the amount of living allies is 3 or 1, you receive a Skill Orb every turn.
Contingency Signet: Attacks that could kill you can be dodged.
Thorned Signet: You'll begin the battle with 3 Skill Orbs.
Equality Signet: When you get physical damage, the damaged gets spread over the party. (25000 AU)
Guardian Signet: You have a bigger chance of being attacked, but when defending, the amount of damage done to you gets even lower.
Conqueror's Signet: You won't encounter enemies while walking.
Horn's Signet: Damage you do is increased.

You can teach your character talents. You'll gain a talent point each time you level up. There are three kinds of talents. Here they are.

Magic attacks cost you MP, Magic Points. Those are displayed in-battle. All magic attacks have a type. The type can be Water, Fire, Lightning or Divine. Fire is very effective against Lightning enemies, Water is very effective against Fire enemies, and Lightning is very effective against Water enemies (there are exceptions). Divine isn't really an attack type, it's more a move type. The following list contains all magic attacks and what they do.

The first row of magic attacks (the top 4 magic attacks mentioned here) have a star rate. Each attack starts with 1 star (in the guide shown as 1*) and can 'evolve' depending on how many times you use the attack. The more stars, the more powerful. The maximum amount of stars is 3*.
Bolt: Bolt costs a medium amount of MP. It's type is Lightning. It does damage to all the enemies that are involved in the battle.
Water: Water costs a low amount of MP. You can guess it's type. Water doesn't do really much damage. If you perform Water, the enemy can get drenched. It'll turn blue then. When that happens, immediatly perform Bolt. It will do devastating damage to the drenched enemy.
Fire: Fire costs a big amount of MP, but does devastating damage to a single enemy. I advice you to use this attack against enemies that don't have a type.
Heal: Heal is Divine. It can heal other players and also the player using it. It doesn't cost much MP.
Rejunevation: Divine type. It costs a large amount of MP and regenerates a big part of everybodies health (excluding fainted party members). Costs very much MP.
Intervention: Divine type. It revives one ally and gives him about half of his health back. It can also be used at living allies. Very handy at bosses. Costs much MP.
Inferno: Fire type. It creates a huge fire wave that hits all enemies and does devastating damage. It costs a huge amount of MP.
Tsunami: Water type. It's an attack compatible to the Surf attack we know from Pokemon. Big damage, huge MP loss.
Induction: Lightning type. Releases a thunderstorm above all enemies. Costs a huge amount of MP.
Revelation: Divine type. It fully revives an ally (only health, not MP). It costs a huge amount of MP.

Passive talents increase your status. They can be learned up to 9 times. They are all self-explanatory, so I'm not going over these.

Skills can be performed by using Skill Orbs. Skill Orbs can be obtained with items, or by attacking or defending. Attacking will grant you 1 Skill Orb, defending 2. If you die or end a battle, you'll lose your collected Skill Orbs. Most Skills don't have a type, but some do. Here's a list with all the skills.
Meditate: Restores an amount off health based on your current amount of Orbs. Everybody MUST have this. It's really a lifesaver.
Bellow: Effective against weaker enemies. Do not use against bosses. Required 2 Skill Orbs.
Blood Oath: Gives you 3 Skill Orbs but lowers you health. Do NOT purchase this. Your health is more important than your Skill Orbs.
Brand: Fire type. Does much fire damage to one enemy. I hardly used this one. Requiers 3 Skill Orbs.
Serendipity: Restores MP based on your current amount of Skill Orbs. Very handy if you think you might run out of MP at a boss battle.
Fixate: Boosts your physical power until the battle is over. I purchased this, but never used it. Therefore, I don't know how many Skill Orbs you need (probably 3).
Vengeance: The lower your health and the higher your amount of Skill Orbs, the more powerful this attack is. I never purchased it.
Phase Shift: Select a player that can perform the next attack. I never purchased it because I thought it was useless. Requirement of Skill Orbs unknown.
Lambaste: Very powerful attack. I purchased it, but hardly used it. Requires 5 Skill Orbs.
Osmosis: Allows you to give another ally your Skill Orbs. In the end, this seemed very handy to me, but I had to purchase Blood Oath first, so I never got it.

The Characters
Your party consists of three characters you must control individually. These are the characters.
Tradda: Tradda is the basic character. You start the game with him. Tradda starts with the following attacks:
Magic: Bolt (1*)
Skills: Meditate
Signet: None
Stats: Strength 11, Magic 11, Vitality 9, Speed 11

Rhydol: Rhydol starts with the following attacks:
Magic: None
Skills: Bellow, Brand
Signet: Veteran Signet
Stats: Strength 14, Magic 6, Vitality 11, Speed 8

Cochran: Cochran starts with the following attacks:
Magic: Water (1*), Heal (1*)
Skills: None
Signet: None
Stats: Strength 8, Magic 13, Vitality 7, Speed 12


Unfortunately the medals are all secret, so I can't exactly tell you how to get them. You'll get most of them throughout the game. Check the profiles of people who completed the game to see how you exactly can get the medal.


The map of the game contains 9 regions. In every region, there's a fiend you have to defeat in order to proceed to the next region. Below you'll find information about the everything you can find in a certain region, but first I'll tell you what you can find in ANY region.

Key Locations
Key Locations are marked yellow on the map. They contain a shop and an inn. You can buy items at the shop, and you can stay the night at the inn to recover health and MP. If you enter a Key Location for the first time, you have to defeat a few enemies first. I tell you what items you can buy and how much it costs to stay.

Every region has his own enemies, though some enemies can be found in more than one region. I'll give some information about every enemy.

NDI is short for Near Death Indication. Almost every enemy changes it's position when it's near death. I'll tell you what the NDI of each enemy is.

Every region (except for the first two) ends with a boss, or fiend, that you must defeat. I'll give you the information about the boss and show you my strategy.

Hidden Boss
Almost every region has a hidden boss wandering through it. These hidden bosses are encountered very rarely. They are weaker than real bosses but stronger than normal enemies. Some Signets can only be found on hidden bosses, so you might want to encounter them.

Now let's go over the regions.

Arleton Plains
Key Location: Tradda's Farm
Items: Dried Root, Dried Mint, Ninja Signet.
Inn costs: 0 AU

Bulgart Fields
Key Location: Blankley
Items: Dried Root, Dried Mint, Divine Sap, Dried Sap, Blaze Signet, Sea Signet, Storm Signet.
Inn costs: 250 AU

Mage Fly
- Water type
- Attacks: Water (1*)
- NDI: none
- Bolt isn't supereffective

Darthland Wolf
- No type
- Attacks: Bite
- NDI: Crawls up

Roughclaw Bear
- No type
- Attacks: Scratch
- NDI: Loose shoulders

Fiddici Woods
Key Location: Aldron
Items: Dried Root, Dried Mint, Divine Seed, Dried Sap, Scholar's Signet.
Inn costs: 1250 AU

Glaring Owl
- No type
- Attacks: Lasereyes
- NDI: Eyes almost closed
- Bolt somewhat more effective

- No type
- Attacks: Stab with knife
- NDI: Hand on belly
- Can carry Treasurer Signet

Hidden Boss: The Black Brigand
- No type
- Attacks: Stab with knife
- NDI: Hand on belly
- Reward: Thieves' Signet

Boss: Burthalin Rose
- Water type
- Attacks: Claw slam, Tsunami
- NDI: Face deforms
- Water heals him
- Fire does no damage
- Strategy: Everybody must have Bolt, at least one ally must have it with 2*. Keep using Bolt. Somebody must have Heal, that ally should also be equipped with the Sea Signet. Make sure you have enough Divine Seeds.
- Reward: Adrenaline Signet

Key Location: Narbo
Items: Dried Root, Fresh Root, Dried Mint, Divine Seed, Dried Sap, Faith Signet.
Inn costs: 1500 AU

Goblin Mage
- No type
- Attacks: Bolt (1*), Water (1*), Fire (1*), Heal (2*)
- NDI: Supports on stick more
- Can carry Faith Signet

Giant Golem
- No type
- Attack: Fistslam
- NDI: He'll sink in
- Fire does no damage
- Water is effective

For info, see Fibbici Woods.

Hidden Boss: Raging Boulder
- No type
- Attacks: None
- NDI: The bigger the crack, the lower the health
- Magic does no damage
- Skills with a type do no damage
- Strategy: keep using attacks and skills that have no type. Don't worry about being attacked, it's a damn rock!
- Reward: Stone Signet

Boss: Garh Maka
- No type
- Attacks: Tailwhack (underground), fireball (above)
- NDI: Tip will sink in (underground), he'll look less angry (above)
- Water does devastating damage while underground
- Attack is most effective above ground
- Startegy: Somebody must have Heal and eventually Intervention. That ally must be equipped with the Blaze Signet. One or two allies must have Water (2*). While the boss is underground, let only the ally with the best Water attack do that attack (this will make him come up). When above the ground, use physical attacks as it will do more damage than Magic. When he geos underground, repeat.
- Reward: Beastmaster's Signet

Barubic Range
Key Location: Pologo
Items: Dried & Fresh Root, Dried & Fresh Sap, Dried & Fresh Mint, Divine Seed.
Inn costs: 2000 AU

Mountain Hermit
- No type
- Attacks: Pound (multiple attack)
- NDI: Sinks in
- Fire is effective

Snowbite Bear
- No type
- Attacks: Scratch
- NDI: Loose shoulders
- Fire is effective

Barubic Wolf
- No type
- Attacks: Bite
- NDI: Crawls up
- Fire is effective

Boss: Toby the Wndigo
- No type:
- Attacks: Stalactite drop, icebreath (hits everyone)
- NDI: Looks more sad
- Fire is effective
- Strategy: Everybody must use Fire (2*). One ally must be equipped with Rejunevation, since you'll all lose almost the same amount of health. Heal is also fine.
- Reward: Coward's Signet

Key Location: Etaoin
Items: Same as Barubic Range
Inn costs: 2500 AU

Fire Sapling
- Fire type
- Attacks: Fire (2*)
- NDI: None

Water Spling
- Water Type
- Attacks: Water (2*)
- NDI: None

Lightning Sapling
- Lightning type
- Attacks: Bolt (2*)
- NDI: None

Divinity Sapling
- Divine Type
- Attacks: Heal (2*)
- NDI: None
- Magic does no damage
- Skills with types do no damage

Horn Loyalist
- No type
- Attacks: Swordslam
- NDI: sinks in

Mage Fly
Everything is the same as in Bulgart Fields, except:
- Attacks: Water (2*), Heal (2*)

Hidden Boss: Elo the Polymath (& Horn Loyalist)
- No type
- Attacks: Fire (2*), Heal (2*)
- NDI: supprts on stick more
- Reward: Polymath Signet

Boss: Queen Angeline (& 2 Divinity Saplings)
- No type
- Attacks: Fire (3*), Water (3*), Bolt (3*), Induction, Tsunami, Inferno
- NDI: The less leaves, the lower the health
- Strategy: Everybody must have Heal (2*). Everybody must be equipped with the Blaze, Sea and Storm Signet. It doesn't matter which ally gets which Signet, as long as they all have one. At least 2 allies must have Revelation (Intervention is also good, but rather Revelation). Everybody must have Bolt, Water and Fire at 2*. Always slay the Divinity Saplings first since they can heal the boss. When you perform a Magic attack, the Queen will lose leaves of the type that has a weakness for your attack.

Parder Coast
Key Location: Parder Stockade
Items: Fresh & Prime Root, Fresh Sap, Fresh Mint.
Inn costs: 2500 AU

Wind Spirit
- Fire type
- Attacks: Fire (3*)
- NDI: He'll fly lower
- Can carry Contingency Signet

Irewood Ogre
- No type
- Attacks: Spearstab
- NDI: Sinks in
- Can carry Contingency Signet

Boss: Demon of Stamily
- No type
- Attacks: Tonguestab, pawslap (hits everyone), web (hits everyone)
- NDI: None
- Strategy: Everybody must have fire (3* or a bit less). Everybody must have Heal. Two allies must have revelation. Keep spamming fire.

Maryn Peninsula
Key Location: Pentama
Items: Fresh & Prime Root, Fresh & Prime Mint, Fresh & Prime Sap, Divine Seed, Equality Signet.
Inn costs: 4000 AU

For info, see Fiddici Woods.

Goblin Patriarch
- Fire type
- Attacks: Fire (3*)
- NDI: Supports on stick more

Jelly Crab
- No type
- Attacks: Pawslam
- NDI: Face sinks in

Hidden Boss: Dodger & Wilde
- No type
- Attacks: Slam
- NDI: Sinks in
- Bolt is effective
- Has more health than Wilde

- No type
- Attacks: Slam
- NDI: Sinks in
- His attack does devastating damage
- Reward: Guardian Signet

Boss: Vira Cocha
- No type
- Attacks: Firebreath, Induction, 1-hit KO
- NDI: None
- Strategy: Prepare for the hardest boss in the whole game. It will take you several tries to defeat this guy. Make sure everybody has Heal (3*) and Fire (3*) and that two of your players have Revelation. Now, this is what I did. I equipped Tradda with the Polymath Signet. He was the one who gave the other players items and constantly healed them. If he had gathered enough Skill Orbs, he could give himself MP with Serendipity or health with Meditate. IF everybody had enough MP and health, he used Fire. I equipped Cochran with the Contingency Signet, so he had a bigger chance of surviving. He was my most important guy because his magical damage was high. I equipped Rhydol with the Blaze Signet so the firebreath attack would harm less. Now, just keep spamming Fire.
- Reward: Conqueror's Signet (and an insane load of money)

Emilia's Point
Final Boss: Admiral Horn
- No type
- Attacks: Stab (various), 1-hit KO
- NDI: Sinks in
- Strategy: For a final boss, he's pretty weak. Make sure everybody has Heal (3*) and Fire (3*) and two men have Revelation, and that your most important man has the Contingency Signet. Keep spamming Fire.


- I recommend you to do the game on Challenging Mode if your going for all the medals, since there's a medal that's only obtainable in Challenging Mode. And since the game takes very long to finish, it would be a pain to do it all again.
- You don't have to use my srategies. If you think yours is better, you can use it. You can also share it with the other people! ;)
- Horn is WEAK. Don't expect anything from him. Consider Vira Cocha as the final boss.
- The game continues after defeating Hoen. It's just like Pokemon: it's neverending.

There you go. I hope this will be helpful! If you think something's missing, tell me and I'll update it.

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Epos Guide


Very helpful, thank you man.

Not bad..reminds me of my EBF2 guide (very big, with in-depth analysis of every aspect of the game, separate sections etc.)
I like the game very much, and this guide will surely help me get all TEH_MEDULZ

FANK_YUH! Well, it was very hard for me to estimate the health of every enemiy and stuff, so that information is missing. But thanks a lot! :)

Really helpful, thanks.
Fixate costs 2 skill orbs.

Thanks, and thanks! :)

just a heads up... fixate uses up 2 skill orbs...

my tatic was have one guy higher on strength, one higher on magic, and one higher on health... the health one would just defend getting 5 skill orbs for doing so *beacuse i ranked up his +1 orbs for defending to level 3* then use Osmosis to give them to either the mage or the fighter depending on what needed doing... for the most part of the game... my fighter would fixate and defend... the mage would heal and use skill orbs for regening mana... after a while i would start attacking with my fighter... doing 3,000 to 4,000 points of damage at a time... and keep up the healing... also using lambaste to do mega amounts of damage... its a most likely a longer way around.... but i didnt know how much damage the guys could take + heal back... so i wanted to make sure i could kill them quickly...

this tatic works very well for that flower boss, as you can take both healing flowers out in a single turn if your good enough... :3

Well, that's a pretty good one too. I'm not gonna put it in the guide though, I only put mine there. Also, I think you mean tactic, not tatic. ;)

Best way for levelling up spells: give everyone Serendipity skill (which everyone should have anyway, really), and then get in a fight with a Divinity Sapling. It doesn't attack you, and your elemental spells won't hurt it, so you can just keep casting and refreshing your MP until everything's maxed out.

Oh, also, Bellow is THE skill to use against Queen Angeline. It reliably 1-shots both saplings AND does over 1000 damage to Queen Angeline. So against that particular boss it's extremely useful.

One last thing: if you're wearing the Equality Signet, and you use Meditate, the healing goes across your entire party. That makes it less good for later levels, when you really want all that healing in one place.

Thanks for the tips, Chris!

It's actually not true that the Demon of Stamily has no NDI, although I can see how you might have missed it. It actually slouches further down and the eyes are lower than in the other pose. Just FYI.

Great guide! Lots of amazing details.

I'd like to point out that the fire, water, and lightning saplings can sometimes (though very rarely) carry the blaze, sea, and storm signets, respectively.

Again, this is a fantastic guide. I just thought I should let you know.

Finally I defeat that bastard of Vira Cocha

I recommend to the people who had the same problem with Vira Cocha this tips:
-Level up all your heroes to level 25
-Equip your team with contingency, faith and horn´s signet
-Get level 3 fire and heal
-Make sure to increase magical damage at least one in talents
-On stats, strength must be more than 25 and magic more than 37
-Get some fresh sap (15 is enough)
-Make sure that everyone has rejuvenation and intervention
-And last but not least, you must have a lot of patience, make youreslf the idea that you will spend more than 30 minutes fighting this bastard