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Moovlin PC Guide

Posted by Oakwood - July 13th, 2010

Moovlin PC: 37 Medals (495 points)

Stereotypical platformer the creator is totally proud of, but actually is pretty lame.


NOTE: The medals that require a speedrun or have art or hats involved are not mentioned. You must watch the appropiate video for that medal (the 2 survival medals are not in the videos, but are also not included).

25 Minutes of Amazement (5 points)
Wathc all the cutscenes
You can't skip cutscenes the first time you watch them, so you'll get this medal when you 've watched the last cutscene.

Are you ready for adventure? (5 points)
Finish the opening tutorial
Speaks for itself.

Credits (5 points)
Anybody who has this medal is a TOTAL BADASS!
After beating the final boss, the crdits level 10 - 4 gets unlocked. Play it and you get the medal.

Glub Glub (5 points)
Finish a swimming level
Finish level 9 - 1 and you get this.

No Fooling Around (5 points)
Brutally beat the crap out of Truff and take no damage in the process
Speaks for itself. First hit his nose (jump to reach it) then his legs 2x, and then again his nose (jump again) and repeat this three times.

Robot Slayer (5 points)
Kill 15 robots

Sky Fury (5 points)
Complete the "Missile Mania" level in Sunshine Plains
That's and easy one.

Space Cadet (5 points)
Beat every level in Jazela Galaxy
Beat Truff and this is yours.

Suicidal (5 points)
Die 20 times
Dude, how hard can it BE?!

Thwarted Gravity (5 points)
Die by falling upwards
Switch gravity when possible and fall into a hole.

You have friends? (5 points)
Play a multiplayer mode
Complete a multiplayer level (can be done with one player).

Choked! (10 points)
Kill Polypiscis without taking any damage
Boost into to his tongue when it's not spinning and stay away from anything else.

Gear Mistro (10 points)
Collect all the gears in Sun Station Level 1
The coding for this medal is to check if your total amount of Gear Points is equal to (or more than) the total value of the gears in the level. The total value is around 1400, so try to get more than 1400 Gear Points and you're good.

Space Major (10 points)
Beat every level in Radion Galaxy
Beat Pylopiscis and you have it.

Space General (25 points)
Beat every level in Black Hole Paradise
Beat the final boss AND play the credits level.

Impossible is Nothing (50 points)
Complete "The Parliament" without losing any health
Yes, The Parliament is the hardest level in the game. So is this medal also the hardest? Absolutely not! When you play through the level and lose health, kill yourself and choose 'restart from checkpoint'. Keep playing from the checkpoints and try to get to the finish this way without losing health.

Space God (100 points)
Beat the game

Reunited (5 points, secret)
Play through level 7 - 2 and you'll know it when you see it (finish the level when you know it).

Risk Taker (5 points)
I'm not gonna explain this, I kinda spoiled it in one of the videos...


Hat Messiah

/* */
The Full Gallery

/* */
Speedrun Medals 1

/* */
Speedrun Medals 2

/* */

- Boost allows you to beat spinning robots while they're not blue.
- Finishing a level without taking damage gives you a bonus of 1250 points. Very handy at Speedrun medals.
- Mind bugs. The game is filled with them.

Enough info. There you go.

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For Impossible Is Nothing, all you have to do is kill yourself near the end and continue from a checkpoint. You'll have to do the paper airplane part over, and then you're done. No need to constantly be killing yourself.

Well, that's actually what I meant. Just keep trying to get to the end without harm using checkpoints. Thanks for the info, I'll update it.

Very nice guide!

Thanks a lot! :)

Moovlin wasn't original, but for a speed platformer it was pretty much as good as it could have been. I told Julian that during the testing stage.