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Morplee Guide

Posted by Oakwood - August 26th, 2010

MORPLEE: 5 Medals, 190 points

Morplee is another 'only-mouseclick' game by Ninjadoodle, and it's way cool, but also WAY HARD. Medals don't work yet, hope they will soon.


Medals are all obvious. The Ninja medal is really hard, but after a while, you should be familar with the game enough to obtain it.


The tower consists of 25 minigames (boss not included), and you have 1 minute to solve them all. Here are all the minigames, ordered alphabetically. All minigames appear randomly except for the final boss.

1 Difference: You need to check in which way the two monsters differ. It can either be the teeth (right monster has shorter teeth) or the arms (one of the right monster's arms is the same as the other). You must click the difference.
Abduct: Click and hold the UFO to make it abduct the cow. Pretty easy.
Add Up: Click the number that corresponds with the amount of eyes on the dices. Not hard.
Break: You must break the bottle. The easiest way to do this is to rapidly slide it to an upper corner and immediatly drop it. Do this two times and it's broken.
Catch: This one is hard and time-consuming. You must click the monkey that shows up randomly at a side of the screen. It'll be gone again after a split second. There's no pattern.
Collect: You must make Mario jump to collect the five coins. The first click makes Mario walk, the others make him jump.
Connect: Connect the pipes so they make one pipe, Click the first one 3 times, the middle one once, and the last one also 3 times.
Copy: Highlight the windows of the right tower so that they're the same as those on the left tower. Do this by clicking them. Clicking them twice will make them go out again.
Cross: The same concept as Frog. Click to make the character step forward. Timing is key.
Deliver: Keep clicking the truck until it reaches the garage.
Eat: Keep clicking the apple until it's gone.
Jump: Make the ninja jump the gap. The first click makes him run, the second one makes him jump.
Lap: This one takes the longest. Click to make the car drive. The other clicks will make it turn 90 degrees to the right. Time your clicks well, when the car touches the sides you have to start the minigame over. (I fail at this one in the video.)
Meaw/Bark/Squeal: Click on the right animal depending on the sound that's displayed. Meaw = Cat, Bark = Dog, Squeal = Pig.
Odd 1 Out: Click the envelope that's turned upside down.
On Green: Click when the traffic light is turned green.
Organize: Put the shapes in the right boxes by sliding them. The left shape goes in the middle box, the middle shape in the right box, and the right shape in the left box.
Pass: Drag the car over the rock and put it back on the ground.
Pick-A-Path: Sort of a quiz. Try to memorize the keywords rather than the whole question. These are the answers: Plummeting Sky = Skysurf, Neighbour = Make Smores, Safari Desert = Have a Soda.
Pick Ripe: Click on the red apples. These are always the same.
Pop: Slide your cursor over the balloons to pop them.
Shine: Simply drag the cloud away from the sun,
Shoot: Click to make the spaceship shoot the targets.
Shut-Eye: Click on the eyes in such a way that they're all closed. I'm not sure what the pattern is, but what I know is that when two eyes next to each other are closed, clicking the outer closed eye will close them all.
Squash: Click to make the ball roll horizontally. Clicking again will make it roll vertically, and so on. Make the ball roll over all the enemies this way.
Final Boss: Keep clicking the spaceship until all it's health is gone.


Watch me own the game. 8D

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- When you have nothing to do for a second in a minigame (i.e. you're waiting for the monkey to show up), start with another minigame already.
- Aliens only take away your health when they touch the ground. Your score will be unaffected.
- The final boss also consumes health.

That's it!

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You must touch the middle and the left eye in the shut-eye game in order to complete it. And you can guess unlimited times in the difference game, so just spam the monster.

I know, I figured that out later, but I'm just to lazy to update it. The medals don't work anyway.
Also, are you stalking me? You seem to comment on every post I make. :P