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Madness Hydraulic Guide

Posted by Oakwood - September 23rd, 2010

MADNESS HYDRAULIC: 2 Medals, 150 points

Madness Hydraulic is a Madness game good ol' Tommy made for Madness Day 2010. It's fast-paced, looks lovely and has amazing music.


Survivor (50 points)
Survive 40 rounds
Main goal of the game. You might want to check out the tactics to see how this can be accomplished.

Lone Wolf (100 points)
Do it without turrets
Beat the game without purchasing a turret. I got this one on my first run. It may looks impossible, but it's not. It's definetly worth the 100 points though.


The waves consist of 'nude' Madness dudes, agents (those with the fancy sunglasses) and soldiers (those with the yellow blood). These enemies will become stronger, faster and harder to beat as you proceed. The further you are in the game, the more enemies will spawn.
There are some waves in which something special happens. Those are the following:
- In every fifth wave the generator that's shown in the background will start shaking, manipulating gravity. This means that the screen will rotate back and forth under a certain angle. The angle gets bigger the further you proceed.
- In waves 11, 21, 31 etc, there will be none of the regular enemies spawning, but zombies. These zombies won't carry a weapon, so make sure you either got enough ammo or have your attack leveled up enough. After a while the clown will also spawn. He's the only one to be carrying a weapon.


These are the my tactics. I found them to be very helpful but you might have your own. I'm just giving examples. These tactics also include the 'Hints, Tips & Facts' I usually put at the bottom of the guide.

- Always try to own a shotgun. It's deadly when you've leveld up your attack high enough. If there's no shotgun around, try to obtain either the flamethrower or the insanely long green rifle (I'm not a gun expert so I don't know the name).
- The levels that rotate are very CPU intensive. This will result in sticky shooting. Do not click to much or Hank won't stop shooting for a while. Even worse, when this happens he doesn't even shoot bullets.
- When you're playing in a rotating level, always stay at the corner that is near the bottom the most. Why? Because 1) the enemies will just 'roll' towards you so all you have to do is spam and 2) the ammo will also roll your way.
- There's a very useful glitch in the game. Most shooter/platformer games are coded so that when you walk backwards and shoot, your bullets have increased speed so the final bullet speed will be the same as the bullet speed when you are standing still. Hydraulic is also coded this way, and that's good. Because when you walk backwards against a wall and shoot, the code still works. Result: your bullet speed is bigger. This will keep enemies at a distance while killing them. Only use this with rifles or the flamethrower. Upgrading your speed will make the bullets go even more faster. Use this glitch to your advantage!
- If I were you, I wouldn't upgrade to the 4th jump. I upgraded to the 3rd jump, but most of the fighting takes places on the ground so I barely used it. Spend your moneyz well.
- Your melee attacks can, different from Accelerant, hit multiple enemies at once. When your trapped in a corner and your ammo is gone, one mouse-click (or one push on the A button, if you use the keyboard) can free you from all the enemies surrounding you. Sweet hot awesomesauce!
- Between every wave, your game is saved. No need to panic if you run out of health.

Here you go. No go earn yourself the freaming medals and have fun playing the game! 8D

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