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Road of the Dead Guide

Posted by Oakwood - October 18th, 2010

ROAD OF THE DEAD: 24 Medals (1000 points)


Road of the Dead is a game where you live in a city which is infected with a zombie virus. Once you find out, you're trying to escape in your car through Highway 65, where the whole game takes place. However, the army prevents you from escaping since it's possible that you will take the virus outside the city. Be prepared for lots of action, blood and epicness.


There are 4 modes in the game, which will all be explained here.

The Great Escape
This is the main story. You drive the highway through a couple of places while avoiding the army and killing zombies.

Highway To Hell
Basically the same as the main story, but much, MUCH harder. Do not enter this mode until you have fully upgraded your car. Also, listen to ACDC to while drving to get a kick out of it.

Dead On Time
Imagine a bomb being tied under your car which will go off in a half minute, and the only way to extend the time is to hit zombies. That's basically this. The time you earn depends on the things you hit. Here's a list.
- Zombie: 2+
- Zombie in combo: 3+
- Splatter: 3+
- Soldier: 0 (you can use soldiers to keep your combo going)
- Civilian: 10- (avoid these at all costs)
- Shoot zombie off hood: a whopping 8+

Police State
It's you versus the army. You drive the highway while encountering a load of soldiers and zombies. There are no levels, you just have to get as far as you can.


While driving, you can hear the orders the army are given. You can use these to make note of what you can expect. These are some commands you should keep in mind.

Highway Unit X
When a command is given to a Highway Unit (followed by a number), you can expect some soldiers coming. Not much of a challenge, but still keep this in mind.

Spikes are ready
After driving for a while, you will encounter spikes on the road that will damage your wheels. When you hear the army talk about these spikes, get ready to avoid them. In the beginning the spikes are stationary, after a while they can move too. You can see if the spikes are gonna move by checking if there's a soldier sitting near the side of the road. These soldiers won't shoot you.

Target can't see me/Element of surprise
Some soldiers are hidden behind cars. When a soldier says 'Target can't see me(, I'm about to engage)' or the commander says 'Use the element of surprise' you can expect a soldier hiding behind an army vehicle. They will appear right before you pass them.

Checkpoint X
On the end of each area, there's a numbered checkpoint with soldiers. These checkpoints become larger and fuller the further you get. Get ready when you hear this command.

Eventually the commander will contact a chopper called Hellfire and command him to fly to the highway and spot you. This will take a while, so don't be scared yet. After a while you will be spotted (or the commander will give Hellfire the order to engage) and the chopper will follow you. When you hear this, start driving underneath the green road signs on the sides, After a while the chopper will appear on the screen from behind you and if you drive underneath a road sign by that time you can make him hit one while he's not even on the screen yet. After that lure the chopper to road signs to make it hit them. Use the handbrake to make the chopper slow down, this should make it easier. After three hits the chopper is too damaged and abords. The chopper has the ability to shoot you and later in the game it can also fire rockets.

Bomb Squads
When you hear the commander say 'Bring in the bomb squads' be prepared for some action. Soldiers will be placing a row of bombs on the highway which will explode either from left to right or vice versa. There's nothing that tells you in which direction they explode. To avoid these explosions, drive to the side where the first bombs exploded as quickly as possible.

Air Support
Eventually the commander will give a call to Air Support to do a carpet bombing. The jet will first fly to the highway and after a while will ask permission to engage. You'll then see a jet flying over you to the end of the highway. After a while it will come back and start dropping a row of bombs. They can seriously damage your car so make sure to avoind these. You have some time to check where the jet will be coming.

Anthem Eagle
On the far end of the game, commands will be given to Anthem Eagle. This is the jet that will drop the nuke. Nothing serious...right?


Here are all the areas and what happens in them.

Evans City
Your starting position. There will be no soldiers yet, only cars, zombies and civilians. Eventually a moving vehicle (which is you) will be spotted and you will encounter the first checkpoint, containing a few soldiers.

Same as before, only there will be some soldiers on the highway too and there will be more soldiers at the checkpoint.

Red Ridge
The amount of soldiers will be the same, but there will be some stationary spikes too.

Burgony Street
Your identity is rvealed to the army. More soldiers and spikes, and the spikes can also move now. The checkpoint will be filled with a lot more soldiers.

Central City
Hellfire is commanded to fly to the highway to take you out and eventually allowed to engage. More soldiers and more spikes will appear.

Down Town
Even more soldiers and spikes, also at the checkpoint. The bomb squads are called in and the commander is starting to fail.

General Sherman becomes the new commander and tries to keep the army organized. The mutated zombies are reported. These zombies will always try to get on your hood. Driving into them will make them land on your hood and you will have to shoot them off. They can be avoided. The checkpoint is commanded to let you through because the general has a 'surprise' for you. There will be soldiers anyway.

Brighton Square
More (mutated) zombies, more cars and more soldiers. In short, more chaos. Air support gets called in will drop carpet bombings, and the checkpoint will be filled with soldiers and bomb squads.

North Side Park
There will be somewhat less soldiers but still lots of zombies and carpet bombings. The general is starting a pull-out. Hellfire gets permission to use missiles. The checkpoint will also be less filled.

West Ridge
Anthem Eagle gets contacted. There will be no more soldiers since they are evacuating, but Hellfire and Air Support are still active.

Tunnel Drive
The whole army is evacuated. You have 2 minutes to reach the tunnel before the nuke lands. If you do it correct, you are able to leave with about 10 seconds left. Then the game ends with a cutscene.


Blunt Force Trauma (5 points)
Do a 4 hits combo with zombies only
Not hard. MAke sure not to hit any civilians or soldiers and hit every zombie you see.

Hood Shaker (5 points)
Knock an enemy off your hood by hitting the side walls
Get am enemy on your hood and ram into the side wall using handbrake steering. Do it right and the zombie will get knocked off.

Flip Flop (10 points)
Hit 16 enemies, alternating between zombie and soldier or vice versa
I advise you to do this on police state, since there are lots of zombies and soldiers there. This doesn't have to be done in a combo, so it's easier than it seems.

Gunslinger (10 points)
Shoot an enemy off your hood with the pistol
Will happen sooner or later.

Hydroficial Intelligence (25 points)
Use a water jug to put off your burning engine
Get your engine on fire by colliding with vehicles enough and then search for a water jug and hit it.

Meticulous (25 points)
Kill 10 zombies at low speed
Do this in a calm area, like Evans City. Get a zombie on your hood by drving into it slowly and then hit some other zombies at low speed. You'll kill them since they can't get on your hood. Make sure to kill the zombie on your hood before it kills you, and then repeat.

Don't Need Wheels (25 points)
Drive 3 KM with all 4 tires blown
Drive over enough spikes, and then, drive some more.

No Mercy (25 points)
Hit 10 civilians
Will happen while playing.

Quick Draw (25 points)
Shoot a soldier while he's pointing his gun at you and before he shoots
Just react quick enough when the soldier takes his gun.

Road Dominator (25 points)
Hit 50 highway soldiers
Will happen while playing.

Road Warrior (25 points)
Defeat a helicopter
Take out Hellfire. Check out the above topic to see how.

Wise Man (25 points)
Avoid 10 mutated zombies
Make sure to not hit the mutated zombies. Use handbrake steering to avoid them.

Close Encounters (50 points)
Get all 5 enemy types off your hood
The types are: male zombie, female zombie, genderless zombie (it's bald and not clothed), mutated zombie and soldier. Shoot 'em off!

Nuke Watcher (50 points)
Exit the city with at least 15 seconds to spare
Really hard, but possible. Try to collide with as less as possible. You'll get it eventually.

Pinball (50 points)
Do a 3 hits vehicle collision combo
Drive into a car at a point where there are a lot of cars near each other, and bounce around without steering.

Speed Racer (50 points)
Drive 0.5 KM at maximum speed
Head to Evans City and don't collide with anything.

Tank (50 points)
Buy all the upgrades
You have to get this to beat the game, so yeah...

Time To Spare (50 points)
Reach up to 45 seconds bonus time in Dead On Time
Hit every zombie and splatter you see in Dead on Time, and do not hit any civilians. This may take a while.

Top Gun (50 points)
Dodge 10 carpet bombings
Look out for them, and don't let them hit you.

Zombie Sniper (50 points)
Do 30 zombie splatter hits
You'll get this while playing.

Dead On Time (100 points)
Drive 10 KM in Dead On Time
Again, do not hit any civilians, and hit every zombie you see.

Hell's Angle (100 points)
Beat Highway To Hell
Extremely hard, but you can do it.

One Man Army (100 points)
Drive 10 KM in Police State
Easier than it seems. No comments on this.

Survivor (100 points)
Beat The Great Escape
Finish the main story. I made this guide for a reason, you know...


- Handbrake steering will make you lose next to no speed. Keep that in mind.
- Keep an eye on your Perception (when available). It's a real help.
- Soldiers can't shoot you when the angle between you and them is too big.
- You don't have to wait for the ad to load before starting the game. Hooray!
- You can skip the intro's by clicking the screen.
- You can't steer when you're punching your windshield or shooting.
- When in Highway To Hell, NEVER punch your windshield, no matter how much it's ruining your vision. You're gonna need it to protect yourself from the choppers. Also, when there's an enemy on your hood in Highway To Hell, try to knock it off instead of shooting, this will damage your windshield less (unless you screw it up).

The end. Let's start the zombie killing! >:D

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Good guide! The only one I'm yet to get is flip flop. Good advice on getting it on police state though!

Also, Id like to add that you can tell which spikes are going to move by looking at the perception to see which spikes have soldiers at the side of the road next to them. These ones will move to the centre of the road. These soldiers will not shoot you.

Really? I thought those were the soldiers who planted the bombs. Thanks, m8, I'll update that.

Just want to say more tips:
Solider cant shoot you if he isn't forward to you.
You can get Speed Racer medal without buying upgrades and on first 3 stages of Great Escape.
Zombies can move in two directions only: left and right.They can't move forward at you.
Use handbrake to slow down the helicopter to make him hit the sign.
Anyway you made a nice guide!

Ok, thanks for the tips, I'll update it!

More tips:
- You can't turn when smashing your wind shield and probably when shooting too.

- When confronted by this <a href="http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/7169/tipma.png">http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/7169 /tipma.png</a> do as I did and move to one of the sides. But not too much, you can not hit a car. After you go trough the cars dodge to the opposite side to avoid the zombie. Don't go trough the centre. This is useful to get the Nuke Watcher medal.

Spelling errors:
- In Close Encounters I think it's a bAld zombie not a bOld one.

- At the end &quot;Soldiers can't shoot you when the angle between you and THEM is too big&quot;

Little tips on the story in Tunnel Drive:
- The General is lying when he says the transport will be there in 5 minutes for one of the units. The place will be nuked in less than 2 and he knows it.

- The General says he is proud of one of the units that won't make it. They think they still have 10 minutes to reach the river but they only have less than 2. The General doesn't tell them that.

By the way, you are wrong when you say that the whole army has been evacuated in the Tunnel Drive area as I showed you.

I know that you can't turn when punching or shooting but I simply forgot to mention. I'll do that now.
You CAN dodge the mutated zombie by going through the centre. By timing your handbrake steering well, it's possible. I did this all the time.
About the spelling errors, I'm not American nor English so stfu (I'll still fix it though).
I was thinking about mentioning the General is lying in Tunnel Drive, but in the end I didn't because it wasn't 'helpful'.
And, the army IS evacuated since there are no soldiers, helicopters or carpet bombings in Tunnel Drive.

Looks like a good guide to me. Thanks a lot!

mate, could you tell me how to get the 'Quick Draw' medal? I'm really frustrated 'cause i can't find a way to get it :S

Damn, pretty helpful.

For anyone who can't get the quickdraw medal, it's only possible when a police guy is on your car. After a while he shoots at you. Can you include that in your guide please, Liquidooze, if you're still active. (Which you probably aren't)

actually, if you sit still, any close zombies will start to walk towards you and they will jump on your hood.
also, highway to hell is not as hard as it seems when you are fully upgraded. i got through half of it before i finally died.
this was very helpful overall. thanks :D

Again, how long is highway 65 in the game?