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Time for update

Posted by Oakwood - February 13th, 2011

First of all, I've hauled in 2 more awards because of the following animation I provided the music for. It was made for the first Newgrounds Movie Jam.

Proper Raptors

It got Daily Feature, Weekly 5th, FP and landed in the top 5 of the month! And that would have never been possible with my fellow teammates, so therefore THANK YOU! :D
Also, I'm totally flabbergasted by the amount of attention my song Ravers in the Nation got because it was used in the movie. As of now I got 20 more reviews and 500 more downloads. It has also been hanging around in the top 10 of Dance songs for a few days now, so I can't be any happier! And I actually got fanmail! :D

However, it's rather stupid that I still can't post to the front page, but I hope to make that happen this year. I've got some sweet plans considering Flash, and I hope to win an award with at least one of them. I still have to put my tablet to use, but I'm pretty sure I'll make it. Someday...

I'm also working on some rather sweet tunes right now, though they're all unfinished. God, I'm so bad at finishing. I still have to upload my first song for 2011. Hopefully it'll happen this month.

Also, I had a SWEEEEEEET idea for Pico Day in mind, but it turns out that I'm in Rome for school on April 30th. Sucks pretty large balls, yeah. I'm gonna have to save my idea for next year.

Well, that's pretty much it. Have fun listening to my tunes! Here's a picture of a milestone: Ravers in the Nation got 100 favorites. B)

Time for update


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