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Yadda yadda

Posted by Oakwood - September 6th, 2011

Okay, soooo, school has started, and I'm in my final year, which means my music production will go WAY downwards as the year progressess. After that, all hell will porbably break loose. I'm think about taking a DJ course because I think it's awesome and I could do it as a job during my study.

I've been contacted by a German label called Orange Stripes, and they now see me as a scouted talent, which basically means that fi they have no releases planned, there's a chance they'll ask me to do a release. Keep in mind that THEY contacted ME, not the other way around, which is cool because it means they're interested. They contacted me because of my songs Going to Chicago and Overdrive (demos can be found here on NG). I'm wondering where this will go.

I'm starting to claim my artist name on the web, so I created a new Youtube account called liquidoozeaudio, no caps because I think it looks cool. I also signed up to Twitter as LiquidOozeAudio, with caps this time. Some bastard already took LiquidOoze, goddamnit. Either way, you should follow me there for maximun updates and random tweets coming from me. I'm also gonna sign up to MySpace and some other social networks. I'm not sure if I'll sign up to Facebook because I've heard that they claim your music as soon as you upload it.
So far I've put three songs on my new Youtube page, one old one and 2 new ones.

Now that Overdrive is complete, I still have 2 tracks to go for my album. They're both halfway done. At the moment I'm also working on a Skrillex-inspired song and a remix of Tiesto's Maximal Crazy.

That's it, now get out, you who is nobody.


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