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Hurr durr

Posted by Oakwood - February 27th, 2012

Lately I find myself playing a lot more (non-medal) Newgrounds games that I used to, must be the redesign :)

I'm going through an EXTREMELY busy period, exams are coming up (in May) and I gotta study a lot. I really have to take my music production to a lower level, but I'll try to still do it as much as I can.
Speaking of which, I'm trying to pick up some older, semi-abandoned projects so I can finally clean out my folders. At the start of 2012 I re-arranged my whole PC and put all my songs in a very well organized folder, but the unfinished .flp's are still flying around, so I gotta finish at least some of them (I'm not gonna delete them, nostalgia and stuff). I've been thinking about making a compilation full of WIP's, just for fun.

I've send a song to a label called Qbed Records, it's a dance song called 'Party for the Living' and it's gonna be featured on one of their 'Rumble' compilations. The project is still under construction and the exposure won't be that much, but it's a start.
It seems that I have discovered Dada Life as well because for some reason all my recent songs follow their style. And not only that, but they're also pretty good. I started sending demos to labels again, this time with some more confidence. The last time I did this my track Overdrive was among the demo tracks, like that would get accepted).

I have proof that I started working on older projects again because I reworked my loop On Higher Levels from back in 2011, and made it a full song, as demanded by a lot of reviewers. You can find it here on Newgrounds and Youtube, and the HQ version is a free download on my Bandcamp

So yeah, that's for now. LiquidOoze out!


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