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Finals are over + new track + stuff...

Posted by Oakwood - June 3rd, 2012

Wazzup NG?

Now that the finals are over I can finally dedicate myself to my music for the following 8 weeks. And I already did, because I have finished a new song! It's called 'Bassive' and I will put it on Newgrounds, Youtube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud as soon as I get back from my holiday, destination Albufeira, Portugal. The song isn't really new, it's an somewhat old project (started in March) and in the last few days I've been working on it really hard, so fasten your seatbelts when I upload it!
However, you might wanna check out LiquidOoze - No Hard Feelings on SoundCloud. It's not for download because I've been using it as a demo for labels, and as a matter of fact quite a few have responded and told me how I could improve on it. It's probably one of my best songs EVAH!

What are the plans when it comes to producing? I'm still trying to finish of some really old projects, but because some of them are too bad to be finsished, but too good to be abandoned, I'm having a bad time for that matter. However I've been thinking of a cool song for Robot Day and I already started working on a song for Madness Day.

Dats about it. Here's a happyfaic Kirby with a yoyo I drew in Flash a long time ago. Don't ask.

Finals are over + new track + stuff...


cool, and hey liquid, did you submit the audio that you made for the game jam last year or so?

Nope, I saved for later because crashadams said that maybe he wanted to finish game later. Why, do you need it?

why do you spend so much time on these when nobody reads them you sausage

I like to think that people read them.