I used to be a stripper...

2012-08-02 09:42:55 by Oakwood

I was in France for the past week and they asked WAY too much money for a wifi-card so was internet-less for a week.

Anyway, now I'm home and while digging through the massive amounts of missed emails I found one that said that I am one of the winners in the 'Midi Widow - Stripper' remix contest! I'm not #1 so I don't get the 150$ cash price but I still get a worldwide release. How about that!
In other news, I didn't make it into the NGADM'12. Bummer. Also the deadline for the 'Friday Fox - Necter' remix contest is tomorrow and I'm super excited for the outcome because I got a lot of good feedback on my track.
Last but not least, when I came back from France I got the incredible news that I've been counted in for the study Medical Science. Considering that there are only 165 spots available and there were 42.000 sign-ups, I feel like the luckiest person in the world at the moment.

What's to come? I was gonna join the 'Todd Terry - Samba' remix contest on Beatport but I figured the original song is kinda meh-ish so I might not finish it. I'm also waiting for the outcome of the 'Zedd - Spectrum' remix contest, although the chance that I'm a winner is abysmally low.
Also I'm probably gonna make a new producer profile under the name Oakwood on SoundCloud, Youtube, Facebook, what have you, to post my more 'serious' work there. LiquidOoze would then become a sub-account on which I release free music and shit. But that's not an official plan yet.


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2012-08-02 12:53:23

How about your namechange too Oakwood?

Oakwood responds:

I'm not gonna change it on Newgrounds, because here I can only release free music.