NGADM, new song, remix contest winner, oh snap...

2012-08-12 08:36:50 by Oakwood

Two days ago Step made my day by PM'ing me that I could still participate in the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch. The only issue was that I had 4 days to come up with a song, but I proved myself that I am perfectly capable of working under pressure by creating Rush Hour, my entry for the NGADM.

In other news, I am the winner in another remix contest! This time it was the 'Friday Fox - Necter' remix contest, hosted here on Newgrounds as well! Check out my winning entry already!

Things have been going really well for me the past few days, I wonder how long that will last...


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2012-08-12 09:14:05

Goodjob :) keep it up man!

Oakwood responds:

You know it!