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Hidden Audio Gems!

Posted by Oakwood - February 2nd, 2015

First things first, my remix of 'Kensington - Streets' is doing great on my SoundCloud! It has almost reach the download limit so if you want it click that link quickly! I'll probably be making a Youtube video for it shortly. :)

Second, checked out the Newgrounds Audio Portal Podcast yet? @YouriX created its own site for it now so it looks much more professional! Be sure to listen to it because it rocks!

Third, since @TomFulp started dedicating himself to users who pass underneath the radar, I figured that this year I will be doing the same thing for composers and producers. I've been a constructive reviewer for a long time now, checking out the 'Latest' section in the Audio Portal and scrolling through the Audio Advertisements thread every now and then to write some good and helpful reviews. This helps people get better, but not exactly to get noticed. When a song is uploaded, there's nothing that immediatly shows 'This guy has improved so much so you should definately check this shit out!'. You need to listen to the song before you can actually state that. And that's when the next obstacle comes in: how are you gonna tell everybody that the song is indeed awesome? Music appreciation threads are not allowed on the Audio Forum. So what do you do?

Well you could make a news post about it, right? That's the best solution, but not many people are going to see it if you don't have a lot of followers. Imagine, I dunno, @F-777, @Step or @FatKidWitAJetPak making a news post about your song being awesome, wouldn't that be super cool? Yeah it would, but it won't happen, simply because...well, you don't do it. Nodoby does. Heck, I need my own fans, I'm not gonna advertise for some other dumb kid.

Well screw it. I'm gonna advertise for other dumb kids. I've been thinking of this idea for a while now and I decided to launch it: the Hidden Audio Gems playlist. Only three songs so far, I know, but it's something and will become bigger. Of course, I don't have a lot of fans either so the exposure still isn't great (yet), but I'm really willing to let this thing catch on. I've had a link to it in my signature for a while now, that's the best I could do I guess, but I hope this idea will spread. For now these are songs that are in the playlist, I'll make a news post every now and then about which new ones I have added:

Again, I really hope that this playlist will one day be a major thing for underrated artists. Or at least be one of the more viewed playlists instead of those freaking Hentai shiznits.

LiquidOoze out.

P.S.: sorry for the tags, I really like tags @@@


Dang this is a good idea. Once the list is built to a big size send me a message at JesseFreeLanceMusic@gmail.com

I can mention the playlist in one of my mass emails to my listeners =).

Thanks man, I'll definately send it to you!