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New track, 2015 recap, 2016 plans...

Posted by Oakwood - December 31st, 2015

Hey hey, a very (very) late merry Christmas to you all! I've been extremely busy the last couple of months, hence the lack of new tracks. However, I did join @Stupor's Secret Santa event this year, and made a sweet and chill DnB track for Gragon73: Oakwood - Out There. I also made a track for somebody else, which I will be posting in a few days.

Other than that, I've been doing college stuff. During the Christmas break I decided to recap my 'accomplishments' in 2015, here's what I've got:

  • Tracks released:
  • Joined two of @Ceevro's Singalongs, Summer of 69¬†and Africa. Had an absolute blast doing this and I'll certainly join many more.
  • Helped @YouriX with his Newgrounds Audio Portal Podcast series, which might (!) make a return in 2016.
  • Got some new gear:
    • Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface
    • Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones
    • Numark Mixtrack Pro III deck + Numark HF150 headphones
    • Adam A3X studio monitors + Devine Mon Pads
  • Started the Hidden Gems Audio Playlist, which I kinda neglected for the last period of time but I will certainly get back to.
  • Changed my name from LiquidOoze to Oakwood.
  • Lurked around the forums

I can certainly look back at a productive year. However, I really hope 2016 will be more productive I'm planning to release at least 1 song per month and finish a lot of WIPs that are catching dust in my projects folder. Also, like I said, I'm gonna get back to working on the Hidden Gems playlist and reviewing lots of songs in general.

That's about it! Have a safe New Year's Eve and make the most out of 2016!

- Oakwood


We were sure glad to have you! Keep putting out the awesome!

I'll try my best! :)

Podcast will be coming very soon! Just waiting for your Hidden Gems section ;)