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Dayum, that’s some hard shit! Love the glitchy synths, the breakbeat is awesome and I also love the piano you add later on. At 1:00 it gets alittle more dirty, wihch gives a really neat spin to the track. To bad there’s really nothing more to it, this track really has some potential!

Quarl responds:

<3 <3

Ohh, I was NOT expecting drum and bass when I heard the beginning synth, but this works out really good! I love how light the track is ,the synths and chords work together so wel to create this airy atmosphere! The growls at 2:00 are a great addition, I was hoping fort hem to return at 2:30 but the way you end the track there also works really well. God I love those bells…

larrynachos responds:

Yeah, I really didn't decide to make it a dnb track until I was halfway done with it. Really glad you liked it :D Thanks for the review!

Ohh this sounds creepy, but also really cool! The FX voice reeally fits the track and the synths get along nicely. The part at 1:35 surprised me in a positive way. Ineed, a job well done for a rushed job.

DESHIEL responds:

I'm glad you like this track hehe. 1:35 was me giving up on the better robotic theme as I originaly planed and I said " Fk it, lets roll my way" :D

The composition of this track really isn’t bad. It really manages to get the robot-ish vibe going and has a great industrial vibe going. Try to creat emore synths by your own next time, instead of using the standard stuff ;) also, NEVER pan a synth you regularly use to one side. It really hurts the ears.

EVanimations responds:

Thanks for the review and advice! :D
I'm pretty inexperienced with audio so this is very helpful.

Oooh boy, this is heavy! Some of the cymbals are very loud compared to the rest of the beat, might wanna turn that down a little. The guitars are very sweet and really keep the track going. I have to say, though, that the track tends to get boring because you never really add anything until 2:26. People might have clicked away by than, which would be a shame because that’s a really enjoyable part.

TSRBand responds:

Thanks for the review! I think you might be right about that boring structure. Ideally this would have some top notch vocals over the top of it to give it that variety leading up to that 2:26 section. Straight riffing from beginning to end can definitely start to drag on a bit.

Ah yes, could this be another Fulpatron? It certainly sounds like it. This track is certainly heavier than the last one, but still creates a great vibe. The lyrics are very well written and performed nicely. The background beat is built really well and serves as a perfect backing for the track. The only thing I would improve on is some more variation, maybe a bridge with a synth solo and less vocals.

AnalogByNature responds:

Thanks for the review and critique! It could certainly have had a solo added to it, however, we put it together in two hours & uploaded it the next day (Robot Day was hot on our heels, didn't want to be late on the uploadey). We try to expand our musical contributions as best we can under time constraints - but we hear you. More variations :)
Less vocals? Never, good sir!
If we minimized the vocal output, at least with this track, then it wouldn't quite tailor to Newgrounds, which is what we wanted to do with this track. Otherwise, our event-inspired content will be just like everyone else's here. A wub-wubby song with a title that has the word 'robot' in it. We make things like these and tailor them to other websites, communities, or people within to show that we are actually invested in said community, and want to give something back, even if it's a 2 minute song comprised of referential love. We want these custom tracks to show that we are putting the inspiration before our discography.
Again, thanks for the crit & listen! We're old-ish, so it warms our hearts to see younger folks actually taking time to listen & give us feedback good or bad ;)

The intro immediatly grabs your attention and although I’m not really a fan of dissonance, it really worked to set a tone this time. It made me expect something with a lot of energy, but instead a slow breakbeat follows with lots of acid and aliens synths. I like how you eventually brought the chords in. The vocoded synth at the end finishes the track really well, even though I hoped it would be a bit longer.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Man, I hoped you would've had the time to make something this year too, but maybe you're just tired of winning ^ ^
(I have a feeling you may secretly be the judge this year though, but shh!)

Thanks a lot for the review! I kinda did just a bit of what I wanted for this one, I suupose.
And while I tried, I couldn't really allow myself to go an entire piece without using any chords. I admit that this track is a tad short, mostly because I'm currently working on some other projcets :)

Very well done for a starter track!

The square synths immediately annoucne the vibe of this track, and it's pretty darn good! The growling noises afterwards also sounded pretty crazy, good job on creating those! I love the chorus at 0:38, it's so energetic and happy, makes me wanna dance :)
Something this track really lacks is sub-bass. You throw in a lot of those growls (especially at 1:45 when you go absolutely apeshit with them) but none of them add sufficient bass to the mix. I ran this track through an equalizer and there's barely any frequency presence below 50 Hz, which is were you should have your subbass. Try working on this!
Also, your snare is really bland and dry. It could use a lot more punch and some damping reverb! It would surely add a lot to the song ;)
The rest of this song is just pure awesome. I can hear you've got an eye (ear?) for track building and knowing where and how to use your instruments. Props to you kid!

3,5 Stars

- LiquidOoze

Flaytic responds:

Thanks mang, glad you enjoyed it :D All these feedback makes me want to do a remaster of this track :P

Also thanks for including this in your Hidden Audio Gems playlist! Really honoured :D

Outstanding! You know, it actually indeed gives me that 'home sweet home' feeling, like when you get back to Pallet Town or whatever. Good job on getting such an ambience going!
I love the pads you start out with, along with the guitar and the very soft glockenspiel in the background. The guitar strokes sometimes are a little out of sync, just noticable enough to make it sound more natural, like somebody is actually playing the guitar! (Or are you really playing?) The instrument coming in at 0:30 fits really well, but it's panned to the right a little too much, and it also seems to have a slight distortion over it, not really annoying but still noticable. The other instrument coming in at 1:00 is also really nice, but the transition between these two instruments could have been better, right now it's a little abrupt. I also really liked the way you used the instruments together at 1:15, but again, at 1:30 they suddenly stop.

Try working a little more on your instruments and pay close attention to your sounds to get the best out of them! You've got talent for creating nice soundtracks, keep it up!

4/5 Stars

- LiquidOoze

KillaMaaki responds:

Thanks for the advice. That is not a real guitar, but I did intentionally change up the timing on the notes to sound more natural, like a strum (no real human being could hit all of the strings at exactly the same time, obviously).

Yeah, listening to it again I definitely hear the panning issue on 0:30. I'll also work on my transitions... one of those things I just don't quite know how to do.

I was absolutely certain I had written a review for this track yesterday, no idea where it went...

Anyway, brilliant track mate! I'm in love with the cheerful setting here ^^ The synths are very well chosen, the drums are perfect and I also really like the gated white noise in the background :)
If I were you I would've added some more reverb or release to the piano at 0:14. It sounds kind of dull right now, even though it's one of the instruments that leads to the main section! Also, I totally would've loved a big climax at the end with a much more present drum track, but I can understand it if that's not what you were aiming for ;)
Last but not least, the track ends kind of abruptly, since there's absolutely no telling the song is going to end at that point. Some kind of build-up to the end would be nice!

4 Stars

- LiquidOoze

LawnReality responds:

Thank you! :D I appreciate the review. This was kind of my first attempt at making happy synth music. Also, I knew the piano sounded a bit dry, but I couldn't figure out what it needed! Don't know how I didn't think of reverb. :P

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