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Bedroom EDM producer, college boy, party animal and supporter of underrated audio artists. If you have a commission, want to collaborate or would like your track reviewed feel free to send me a PM!

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Oakwood's News

Posted by Oakwood - January 12th, 2015

Soooo this morning I ordered my new headphones, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro! They'll be delivered tomorrow and I'm probably gonna spend the whole evening/night working on some sweet tunes again, I might even release one this week! This will also mean that I'm gonna review a lot more songs, so if you need one, send me a PM!

In other news, like my Facebook page! I'm gonna use it as a blog to tell the world about a simple bedroom producer living the college life and it's gonna be good :)

I guess I don't have anything else to say, but keep ears open for the tunes coming your way soon!


LO out.

Posted by Oakwood - January 2nd, 2015

Happy new year to everybody out there! This year is gonna be fantastic, I can feel it!

One big plan for me this year is to make full use of my Facebook page. I had not posted on it since April 2014 so now I decided to actually do something with it. What I'm gonna do is use it as some sort of blog to show how I combine music production with my busy life. I think it's an original idea and hopefully it will catch some attention. But to get started I need likes, so fucking like my Facebook page already! :D

Also, I'm planning to purchase my new headphones once I get my paycheck so don't expect any new songs coming out in January, however after that it's gonna be party hardy!

I also have plan going on but it's secret...in the meantime I'll just leave this here :3


Have a good one!

Posted by Oakwood - December 29th, 2014

Against all expectations (including my own) I uploaded a track before year's end: Rocking Chair! It's a song I made back in 2011 for Game Jam 6, but the game was never finished so this has been sitting in my music folder untouched for the past three years. It's really different from what I normally do but even now I remember how fun it was to make it!

Hope you enjoy it! Also, be sure to like my Facebook page because I've got GREAT plans for next year ;)


Posted by Oakwood - December 17th, 2014

Ohai, just hopping in.

I've been quite inactive for the past few...months? Geez...well a lot has happened, mostly personal stuff that I will leave out of here.

My headphones died a few weeks ago, I'm currently saving up for new ones and I hope having them before New Year's Eve. I'm also gonna make-over my Facebook page which is pretty dead as well.

Because of my broken headphones I haven't been able to properly review any songs, let alone producing my own. In the meantime I've just been jamming on my MIDI keyboard and trying to create new sounds, hasn't really helped at all...I think I might be suffering writer's block. I need a new impulse, a remix contest or a collaboration would probably help but fcking headphones man...


Oh yeah, before my headphones died I actually DID finish a song, a pretty old one, go check it out: Oakwood - Champions.


Also, one of my fellow producers on here, Sequenced, just got kicked out, he released his final album to get some money to survive so you should all show some support: Rezzie - 9


Well I guess that's it. I promise to post more news the oncoming year, I mainly use this to announce new tracks and stuff but I'm pretty sure it's also fun to just derp around, so...



Posted by Oakwood - April 30th, 2014

Soooo I have finished another track but my dorm has connection problems so I'm not yet able to upload it. :( Eiher way it's a dance track which I started way over a year ago and revived about a month ago, it's called Champions and sounds super sweet. :)

I guess that's about it...

Posted by Oakwood - March 16th, 2014

Here it is: Oakwood - Backstabber

Oakwood, you say? Yes, since my producer name is Oakwood on SoundCloud and release my music under that name I figured I might as well start using it hear to. I'm still gonna keep LiquidOoze as my alias but all my tracks will be tagged with 'Oak' from now on. Deal with it.

There's loads more coming up (promise) so stay tuned. In the meantime follow me on SoundCloud and Facebook to show me some love. Also if you ever need a review let me know, I'm glad to help you out. :)



Posted by Oakwood - January 16th, 2014

I recently finished my long delayed remix of Serebro - Mi Mi Mi, and more is coming! A few weeks ago I started with a drumstep bootleg of the incredible anthem 'Booyah' by Showtek, and you can listen to a WIP of it here on my SoundCloud page (follow me there!).

Also since a long time I decided to join a remix contest! It's the 'Moby - Almost Home' remix contest on Beatport Play and I just submitted my entry, click here! It's probably one of the best remixes I ever did :)


That's all for now, but there's more to come! Stay tuned...

Posted by Oakwood - January 6th, 2014

Well I certainly wasn't. Happy new year folks!

A lot has happened in the past few months, but the biggest change is probably that I am living on my own now! For the last few months I always stayed at my gf's place, without headphones (which were constantly claimed by my little brother) and a pc to make music on, but now I'm back on track! And instead of starting with new stuff, I'm thinking of eggting back to some older work. For instance, I finished my remix of Serebro - Mi Mi Mi, which I started in summer :P

So...that's pretty much it. Can't tell what the year will bring, but expect some rad tunes! Love ya!

Posted by Oakwood - September 22nd, 2013

Well I was, kinda. College has started and my schedule (and wallet) are starting to feel it badly. Luckily I was able to pop out something for Madness Day: #PND!

There's more songs on the way but this has got to do for a while because college is eating my brains. Hope you guys enjoy it. :)

Oh and I ddin't make it through the first round of NGADM. How unexpected. My girlfriend really liked the song though. :P


Posted by Oakwood - August 4th, 2013

Fawk yeah! The hard work and the crossed fingers have litterally paid off: Get Scraped won the Robot Day 2013 audio contest! I can't tell you how happy I am with this, but I can tell you that it definately motivates me to create more slick tunes!

In other news, round 1 of the NGADM'13 is over and the judging had begun. I'm hoping for the best but I honestly think my submission So Good isn't gonna cut against my opponent's track. After six days I'll know more. However I already started on my potential submission for round two, which is a progressive trance (!) in the style of Armin van Buuren's current tracks. If I don't make it to round 2 I'll still submit that so it's not a total loss if I get knocked out right? :')