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This game is clearly a rip-off of Riddles of Renaissance (or however you spell it). Only this is worse. It has no sound, the framerate is too low and the pictures are of bad quality. You didn't disbable Tab, which takes away the fun. And the hitbox of the start button is totally misplaced.

Seriously, don't steal ideas, and improve a LOT!

lucabtje responds:

read discription, its says, made out of boredomness, c'mon, i was boren :D

Pretty neat.

For a game made in 72 hours, it's pretty well done. Cool graphics, nice music and good voice-acting. I would've liked to see this extended, but I can understand it's short length due to the time limit.
I found one bug, btw. When you talk to the guard in the left room without having the cup with water, and you end your conversation with asking for the slippers (which he refuses), the conversation ends, but then you get to see the start of the conversation again ('you lookin' for something?'). Only now it isn't in the gray box and I can freely walk around, it just stays there. I can also just do the conversation again while not even being near to the guard. I'd like to see this bug fixed. But other than that. good game.

MonoFlauta responds:

thanks a lot for the review :) i will fix everything

Pretty good.

I'm glad someone finally made a game which allows you to flip gravity AND jump. Thanks for that.

Ok, so there are some minors that really bother me about this game, and those are the bad hitbox and keyboard registration. Sometimes I get hit by an obstacle while not even being near it, and the llama only reponds to my keyboard half the time. You really should improve on that.
However, the game was nice, entertaining and, above all, really challenging. I made it through the game with 535 deaths, and got that under 400 after beating 1-4 again. Thanks for the medals, btw, they're pretty shiny. :)

Jindo responds:

Thanks for your feedback!

The controls are something I do hope to fix at some point. If not then it's definitely something I will perfect in my next project before going any further :P

Needs more variation

I know this is another Bubble Tanks 'episode', but it needs some more variation. The editor was a good idea, it really added, but the main thing is still hopping from bubble to bubble and shooting enemies. This might bore after a while. So I think that the next time, you should variate just a bit more.
Also, I've noticed a bug. You sometimes can't lose health when you get hit by an enemy. I noticed this at the tutorial, when I encountered the shooting enemies. And your health bar isn't always visible. You might want to fix that.
For the rest, well done, but the reasons I just said give me no other option than giving you a six.

HeroInteractive responds:

Lol, did you just give me a 6 because your the organizer of the Kirby Collab which is competing for best of the day? I think you just did!

That bug is you getting hit by slow sticky bullets which don't do damage, thus not bringing up the health bar.

Needs improvement...LOTS!

I actually DID reach 6000 (with 2 lives, however). I... didn't enjoy it, I just kept on playing to prove you wrong. First of all, there was no 'little loop thingy' you said there would be, which disappointed me, because this game needs music. The sounds got annoying after a while too (and yes, I know there's a mute button). And overall, it's too easy and should contain highscores, because now we're just playing for nothing. And do something about the colors, my eyes burned.
And there's more: try to find an alternative for the triangles, they just won't react with the second click sometimes. Add some upgrades, levels and stuff. Change the textfont, it's barely readable. AND, if this game is in AS3 (since it's, according to Tom, not possible in AS2), add a pause button, I almost pissed my pants.

Lots of work to do, pal. But look at the bright side: what I DIDN'T say were good things. :)

clipmaster3 responds:

All of your criticism is basically spot-on with what I've heard from some friends. Yes, it does need improvement =P, then again, this was a quick project just to get something out there... (first finished game ever. I suck at finishing projects). Next game will be something I spend more time time on.
Thanks for the feedback


I like the concept, it's original, and the graphics are simple but nice. The only thing, however, is that the gampe is too easy.

KingDotCom responds:

Thanks for the review. Try out "Survival"-mode if you want more of a challenge!

Requires thinking.

At first I thought it was easy, but actually it's pretty hard! I came stck at level 19. You could Improve the graphics a bit.

djtrousdale responds:

Thanks alot :)

Not bad at all.

I liked it. The graphics were simple yet cool, but I missed some things.
- Why would you have a score without a highscore? Add one.
- It needs music and sound effects.
- It would be cool if you could move.
- It wasn't very hard (no, I'm serious)
- It got boring, maybe you should make levels or a storyline.

Well...think about that.

chinkeeyong responds:

You CAN move with the WASD keys, you know. Thanks for the review!


I wanted to give you 10 but... my character won't be in a walking animation when walking up or down. It keeps hanging in the first frame then.

Jaye19 responds:

Try to do it again


This must be in the Tut-Collection! :D

Jaye19 responds:

Damn!!! thanks

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