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Well done!

I've never seen a racing game scripted like this before, and I think you did a great job on doing it. However, you could've done much more with this. Maybe you could add actual races. Also improve on the graphics a bit.

I really think this is a great way of coding, I hope you'll make use of it once!


I played this yesterday when it was still under judgement and found it to be great, but I was too lazy to leave a review. Now that I see you've gotten the Daily 2nd I'll do it anyway.

This is really a great game you've made. I love the graphics (I'm not color blind so lucky me), the physics were great too, I didn't see any flaws in there, and the usic was good as well. The looping is a bit strange, though.
I like this game a lot. I lost it at level 10.

Good job man.


I like the idea, I really do. But the game is way too short. You could have added much more to this. Maybe a storyline, power-ups, stuff like that.

Oh yeah, there 's a glicth: when you finish, and choose not to submit your score, you go back to the main menu while your score and the buttons are still visible.


It's funny that when you shoot, you only make it harder for yourself.

The music was cool, that's for sure. Graphics were a bit simple I must say, you could have added some more to that. I also didn't like the automatic shooting. I think it's better to be able to shoot yourself, i.e. with a mouseclick.

Other than that, good game. I like the idea.

3/5, 7/10.


This game is clearly a rip-off of Riddles of Renaissance (or however you spell it). Only this is worse. It has no sound, the framerate is too low and the pictures are of bad quality. You didn't disbable Tab, which takes away the fun. And the hitbox of the start button is totally misplaced.

Seriously, don't steal ideas, and improve a LOT!

lucabtje responds:

read discription, its says, made out of boredomness, c'mon, i was boren :D

Pretty neat.

For a game made in 72 hours, it's pretty well done. Cool graphics, nice music and good voice-acting. I would've liked to see this extended, but I can understand it's short length due to the time limit.
I found one bug, btw. When you talk to the guard in the left room without having the cup with water, and you end your conversation with asking for the slippers (which he refuses), the conversation ends, but then you get to see the start of the conversation again ('you lookin' for something?'). Only now it isn't in the gray box and I can freely walk around, it just stays there. I can also just do the conversation again while not even being near to the guard. I'd like to see this bug fixed. But other than that. good game.

MonoFlauta responds:

thanks a lot for the review :) i will fix everything

Not bad.

The art was fine, but the programming could have been a bit better. I've found several bugs like being unable to click something. Also, sometimes the music doubles itself.
Try to variate, too. The game is pretty repetive and gets boring after a little while.

Pretty good.

I'm glad someone finally made a game which allows you to flip gravity AND jump. Thanks for that.

Ok, so there are some minors that really bother me about this game, and those are the bad hitbox and keyboard registration. Sometimes I get hit by an obstacle while not even being near it, and the llama only reponds to my keyboard half the time. You really should improve on that.
However, the game was nice, entertaining and, above all, really challenging. I made it through the game with 535 deaths, and got that under 400 after beating 1-4 again. Thanks for the medals, btw, they're pretty shiny. :)

Jindo responds:

Thanks for your feedback!

The controls are something I do hope to fix at some point. If not then it's definitely something I will perfect in my next project before going any further :P

I feel like playing an MMORPG.

Seriously, everytime I play this game I have the feeling I'm playing Runescape or World of Warcraft, just because it's so massive and contains an insane load of quests and items. And I love it.
I've played the first 2 episodes and found them to be awesome, but this is just the bomb. This game has so many options and possibilities, it's just unbelievable. The artwork is perfect, the music is perfect, the animations are perfect, the plot is perfect and even the humor is perfect. Still you don't get a 10 because then I'd state that there's no way this game can get any improvement, but there's always room for improvement, so there you go.
The fact that you added a whole new world around the in-battle scenes makes me happy. Yeah, I got pretty tired of only battling in part 1 and 2, so this is just what I was hoping for. The addition of the map is probably one of the best additions to the game.
Another thing I like are those small details. You can (still) click Natalie's boobs and get a medal from it (sorry for this one comment out of 1000), Matt can go juggling with items ort fall asleep, Natalie will grab a gameboy or listen to music and Lance will read a newspaper or map or gives commands to it's army. These details make me smile and tell how much effort was put into this game.
What also is way cool is the huge arsenal of weapons, spells and attacks. There's so much variety, and everything has it's own unique ability, it's just insane. This is one of the first games I've seen which has such a variety in attacks (apart from Pokemon, but wth). Also the ability to upgrade your attacks and skills is fantastic. That's also a great addition to the game. In fact, everything is, lawl.
However, there's on thing that bothers me, and that's the following: When I want tho check the stats of a foe that's in the bestiary, I first need to select an attack before I can roll over the question mark that displays the stats. That's pretty awkward, according to me. I'd rather just check stats as soon as the battle begins, so without selecting an attack first.

Well that pretty much covers what I have to say about this game. A great thanks and kudos to you for making this game. I love it.

Reminds me of Trauma Center.

This is absolutely fantastic. I can't wait for this game to come out. The drawings...they're prefect. They look so realistic. The music is also pretty good. I didn't notice much of House's 'sarcasm' yet, I hope the full version will contain more of that. Here's a 9 for you, because I love House. :)

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