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Your drawings are pretty good, also good music choice. Only problem is that it's kinda laggy, even at low quality. I'm not sure if you can get rid of it, but if you can, it would be a good option. Still pretty good.


That was pretty funny, also the voices and stuff. Cool graphics too!


Not really. Badly animated (the walking cycle, the cyclone) and the music kept on repeating.

Not bad

You have a nice style. But you should have made the text into an animation.

thekiwi responds:

yeah man never tought of that :P

One of the best series on NG

Also the best stick series I know. The art, characters, 3D, backgrounds, story, everything is perfect. I've seen the thread on DQ where everybody talks about the words hidden in the parts, like when Boomer thinks about Etrius, Lloyd and Beecher, there's a word in Lloyd's left eye, only visible when you zoom in very closely. This might be the clue to what you say in the Extra's. But somebody on DQ found out all the words fit in the lyrics of one of the songs you used. This can't be coincidence. Soon this will be clear...


I didn't really get the point, but the drawings were pretty cool. Next time, try to work on a bit more storyline.

GotRedOnYou responds:

it doesnt need one, haha a muslim gets a letter in her letterbox, nuf sed


Of course, it wasn't THAT bad, but there's much room for improvement. Example: work on your perspective. The elevator doesn't fit the scene because it's not drawn in the same perspective as the rest.

Improve, improve...

ArtiXenu responds:

Its only a trailer. In main movie I will IMPROVE all details.

What a strange song...

Well, the art was okay, the animation a bit less than that, and the song was a bit out of sync. Some points you should work on.

O yeah

Everything for a Heineken! :D

Well eh, I'm not giving a ten because then it can't be better (abd it can, but I don't know how :P), but I must say I liked the way you displayed the movement of the characters very detailed.

Raulbarrera responds:

ont say the secret! :#


Not bad

I must say I can barely believe you drew the characters yourself, cause they look just like the real ones. But I was actually expecting something not related to Happy Tree Friends (because somebody always dies, and in your movie the same thing happened). Lots of reviewers say this, but I say it again: work on your originality.

Diin responds:

I wasn't planning to release this on Newgrounds; I was just going to on deviantART. Only reason I made this was to show why the whole FlakyxFlippy thing wouldn't work, which is completely DOMINANT on dA. That, and I'm not very good with storylines.

Thanks for the comment!

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