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Should've stayed with you.

Seeing this makes me feel so damn stupid for leaving the collab. It looks amazing. I don't think you guys know, but everyday I checked out the topic in the Collaboration Forum to see how the progress was going. I never left a post, sadly. This really deserves more than the Daily 4th, as this one is probably better than The Kirby Collab. It's going to my favorites for sure.

And thanks for putting me in the credits anyway, I appreciate it. :)

FlashfireEX responds:

That'll learn ya.

That was funny.

I have to be honest: I didn't see that coming and I lol'd when I saw it.
You didn't an excellent job here, mate. The art was nice and well detailed. I'm not really fond of pixel art but I can't score this flash just because of my taste. Animation was also really smooth and stuff. However, you should picked some other music. I mean, it's a new morning! The sun is shining bright, the flowers are showing and the squirrels are having 'fun'! And then you hear a dark-ish 8-bit loop. I prefer something more happy.
Also, I noticed that the last scene was drawn rather than made with pixel art. Cool decision.

Keep it up, this is good! :)

Nicol3 responds:

Thanks, man. :)

I decided to do just draw-out/tween those pieces for that last part because I was short on time-- plus I'm much more comfortable drawing with flash's brush in the first place. Once I threw everything in the mixing pot, I giggled-- and had to keep it that way.

I loled.

This movie is too funny. I laughed my ass of. Great drawings and music, nice animation, all good stuff. Only better quality voice acting is the problem.

Sh0T-D0wN responds:

;). Most of the audio was recorded a while back.

Do not steal your jokes.

The movie didn't make much sense, it was just some random (video game) shit. And I highly advice you: do not steal your jokes. It's obvious that you got the 'made in Britain' label in the end from Chris & Harry, as well as all the strange faces. That really dissapoints me.

Rucofilms responds:

yes it was i wasnt really going to have the made in britain thing but the faces were only a weird thing at the end as an experiment

Great improvements!

I was the one who said you should use another perspective. And you totally did! The graphics were still awesome, and music was great and fitted in well. Great animation, very fluid everything, yep, this sure was worth the watch. To bad the serie ends here. I still wouldhave liked to know why exactly HE is picked. Oh well, doesn't matter. Keep it coming, my friend. You sure are a great animator!

cobra0528 responds:

Awesome! I told you that you would like it, didn't I? Thanks for the review!


I love the series (and the game, duh) but the story keeps the same: dodging falling blocks and defeating a boss. Next time, try to variate. For example: we've only been watching the stick figure from the side. A perspective switch would be a great idea I think.

Just saying, dare to variate. But great animation and music, I love it.

cobra0528 responds:

Trust me, next week's animation is a definite variation. I'll let you be the judge though. Thanks for the review!

Very dramatic.

It looked cool, but there were these tiny details. Like, the guy is in a box, which means thereĀ“s no light, so no shading. And there still is shading when you get the first close-up.
And if you changed the text to voice-acting, it would be much better.

BlackMetalSweden responds:

Yeah I thought about the shading too :) But I decided to make it look cool rather than realistic... But I'm just a beginner and I made up the story as a was making it, my next cartoon will problaby be better... I hope :)


Those guys are some stupids.

Everything was awesome, only the sound quality could have been a bit better.

sirjeffofshort responds:

Thanks man. Steps have been taken to improve audio quality, thanks for the suggestion.

This is a duck.

But this is a 2!

When you (are trying to) rap, be confident, you sound like you're not sure about yourself. You might get some better recording stuff too, cuz the sound is horrible. I'm also pretty sure the beat is not yours, meaning it would be stolen. And when the beat stops (yes, I listened that far) you still keep on singing, which is bad.

And please, don't sing about those freakin' ducks, it cannot make less sense than that.

lokosteve responds:

its my beat :D

Not bad

You have a nice style. But you should have made the text into an animation.

thekiwi responds:

yeah man never tought of that :P

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