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Like the low quality bothers me...

I don't care about the quality, it's just the movie: it was extremely entertaining and great to watch, awesome graphics and nice (sound) effects and music. I noticed the guy with the gun looks like Prince of Persia: The Two Trones (especially when he uses the chain and when his arm turns red). I don't know who the guy at the ending is, probably because I haven't seen Solid Sticks, but I'm sure you've got a great storyline going.
I must say, you're an excellent animator, you'll get far going the animating way. Keep working, and you'll be well-known in seconds. Good job.

xarugas03 responds:

watching solid sticks will fix the missing pieces tho (insert self-promotion here) Hmm i never played Prince of Persia tho. I always thought Magnum looks like Mick Thompson from slipknot with the hair of Orochimaru from Naruto, but they were designed way before so everything is coincidential ---end rant here -- LOL. Thanks for the comments!

Awesome tribute?

It was just like another game parody in Egoraptor style. Was it meant to be a tribute (I guess the name then would be 'Awesometype' or something. Well, nicely done.

Hallo Nederlandse klokken?

Do you actually know what it means??
It means 'hello Dutch clocks'...

Nicely done.

It was pretty cool, the animation was drawn well, and I liked the story line. You sometimes tried to animate in 3D (like in the end, on the bridge) but that sometimes didn't work out well. But I'm glad you tried. Good job, my friend!


So you've been in Amsterdam? Cool! Why actually? To get a statue in Madame Tussau? xD
Nah, kiddin', it s'cool you visited our capital.

Commander Keen?

Except for the space rocket I don't see any elements of Commander Keen. Anyway, great job!

Hildebrandt responds:

That's why I wrote that it's DEDICATED, not ABOUT commander keen.

I liked it.

I think is was very good for a first submission. THe smoke and blurry movement effects were very well drawn. Only some sound is missing.

ALLanimation responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked my effects. I love animating effects. I'll see if I can work on getting some sound for you.


That, again, is pretty awesome.

That was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!

Holy shit, those graphics are as nice as in Waterlollies! I'm sure part 1 and 2 will be as great as this one!!!

Good one!

Very, VERY good for a first flash. Not many first flash videos contain music, sound effects and such a quality. Well done!

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