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Should've stayed with you.

Seeing this makes me feel so damn stupid for leaving the collab. It looks amazing. I don't think you guys know, but everyday I checked out the topic in the Collaboration Forum to see how the progress was going. I never left a post, sadly. This really deserves more than the Daily 4th, as this one is probably better than The Kirby Collab. It's going to my favorites for sure.

And thanks for putting me in the credits anyway, I appreciate it. :)

FlashfireEX responds:

That'll learn ya.

That was funny.

I have to be honest: I didn't see that coming and I lol'd when I saw it.
You didn't an excellent job here, mate. The art was nice and well detailed. I'm not really fond of pixel art but I can't score this flash just because of my taste. Animation was also really smooth and stuff. However, you should picked some other music. I mean, it's a new morning! The sun is shining bright, the flowers are showing and the squirrels are having 'fun'! And then you hear a dark-ish 8-bit loop. I prefer something more happy.
Also, I noticed that the last scene was drawn rather than made with pixel art. Cool decision.

Keep it up, this is good! :)

Nicol3 responds:

Thanks, man. :)

I decided to do just draw-out/tween those pieces for that last part because I was short on time-- plus I'm much more comfortable drawing with flash's brush in the first place. Once I threw everything in the mixing pot, I giggled-- and had to keep it that way.


I love this collab. I can watch a few times a day even though it lasts half an hour. I'll just give my comments on each author.

Stamper: Well, the gay jokes were something I already predicted when I saw he organized the collab. Still, the artwork was pretty amazing, and the gay jokes weren't too overwhelming. Yep, that's what I have to say about it.

Hans: His parts were cool, I still like his unique style of drawing. Only thing I didn't like was that the voice of the long-neck guy changed throughout the parts. Yes, small detail, but it's still noticable. Other than that, it was cool.

Adam: If there was a user I DIDN'T expect to join a collab like this, it would be the creator of Bitey. And still his parts were good. No variation however, since the only thing it's about is a man swearing, but still cool. I love the drawing style. However, the vocal quality of the guy that didn't swear (the one that found the sister hot) was not that high. Another detail, I know. I'm also glad this didn't have any gay jokes (after a while they start to get annoying).

Egoraptor: His parts were just awesome. Expecially the last one, without the talking. I'm also glad that there's at least ONE African that changes it's position ('I knew you would admit that you watch Friends!'). Great drawings too.

El-Cid: This part was pretty good, although it was too 'gay-ish'. Still great artowkr and stuff. Too bad you had only one part. The turd-throwing monkey made me lol. Also, how the hell does the right guy change his clothes so fast?!

Johnny: Best artwork of the whole collab. I'm also glad that there were no gay jokes invovled. I must say however that there were too many parts. After a while I had enough of the 'I hope you die' shit. But still awesome. The vuvuzela part was the best.

LazyMuffin: Also a great part, probably because it's a conversation that could also be held in RL. And again, no gay jokes. Cool artwork too. The song was the best part, I find.

Oney: Simpley great. Great drawing style and great humor. I'm glad it just wasn't all about 'rape', 'aids' and 'gay'.

Marc: This part seriously let me down. I have to be honest: this part doesn't meet the requirements. The art is too simple and the animation is too choppy. Also, WAY too much gay jokes. And for the record, eyebrows and mouth painted on a mask CAN NOT MOVE.

Swain: Really cool. Great artwork and good humor and voices. And I'm again glad that there were not so much gay jokes. I got a deja vu at the pants joke.

Tom: Creator of NG or not, this can be WAY better. Also, it's pretty ironic that you used ripped images while you recently made a post about stopping to get images from Google.

That's all I gotta say to you. Bye.


I normally don't give any 10's, but I'm making an exception for you, just because this Flash is awesome and you used my song. Great work, man!


Since when is Kud on this site?! I never knew it was! You are SO going to my faves! :D

This is actually true.

I loled at this one. It's quite funny.

Me and some of my friends sometimes visit Chatroulette to see if we can see some 'interesting stuff'. Mostly resulted in guys jacking off, though. I think it's quite funny you made a Flash about this. Good job. :)


It's awesome. Very humoristic, cool style, fitting music, awesome drawings and nice sound effects. Only problem is that Holland is gonna win. ;)
Good job, keep it up!


I loled at the awuawuawuawuaw-ing of them. Very good drawing and animation.

I loled.

This movie is too funny. I laughed my ass of. Great drawings and music, nice animation, all good stuff. Only better quality voice acting is the problem.

Sh0T-D0wN responds:

;). Most of the audio was recorded a while back.

Scary dog?

Looks like you got inspired by Courage, The Scary Dog, but now grandpa is the one to be scared. Graphics were decent, medium quality voice-acting and nice sound effects. So why a 7? It's to much like Courage.

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