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Bedroom EDM producer, college boy, party animal and supporter of underrated audio artists. If you have a commission, want to collaborate or would like your track reviewed feel free to send me a PM!

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Oakwood's News

Posted by Oakwood - September 28th, 2012

Things have calmed down for me in college-land, and at the same time some new remix contests on Beatport opened. I joined one with the following entry: Kairo Kingdom - One, Two (Oakwood Remix). It's probably my best production ever so I would be glad if you'd listen to it all the way. :)

Also, I am officially a Newgrounds Supporter. That's right, I spend 25 bucks on Newgrounds, not because of the adblock but because Newgrounds means a lot to me and has really helped me with developing my music career (which is obviously still in development). If you feel the same way about yourself, show some balls and support Newgrounds, damnit!

Posted by Oakwood - September 5th, 2012

Quick heads-up because I finally found time to do it, here we go.

* I'm in college now, which practically means that I spend half of the week being hungover. Also they recommend you to spend 40 hours to studying every week which means that I barely have any spare time left, which for me means music producing :(

* I didn't make it through the first round of the NGADM. Bummer, but I was expecting it.

* I'm involved in some EDM label shit at the moment, I hope it works out.

* I changed my Facebook to Oakwood, give it a fucking like already!

That's it, I'm out.

Posted by Oakwood - August 12th, 2012

Two days ago Step made my day by PM'ing me that I could still participate in the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch. The only issue was that I had 4 days to come up with a song, but I proved myself that I am perfectly capable of working under pressure by creating Rush Hour, my entry for the NGADM.

In other news, I am the winner in another remix contest! This time it was the 'Friday Fox - Necter' remix contest, hosted here on Newgrounds as well! Check out my winning entry already!

Things have been going really well for me the past few days, I wonder how long that will last...

Posted by Oakwood - August 2nd, 2012

I was in France for the past week and they asked WAY too much money for a wifi-card so was internet-less for a week.

Anyway, now I'm home and while digging through the massive amounts of missed emails I found one that said that I am one of the winners in the 'Midi Widow - Stripper' remix contest! I'm not #1 so I don't get the 150$ cash price but I still get a worldwide release. How about that!
In other news, I didn't make it into the NGADM'12. Bummer. Also the deadline for the 'Friday Fox - Necter' remix contest is tomorrow and I'm super excited for the outcome because I got a lot of good feedback on my track.
Last but not least, when I came back from France I got the incredible news that I've been counted in for the study Medical Science. Considering that there are only 165 spots available and there were 42.000 sign-ups, I feel like the luckiest person in the world at the moment.

What's to come? I was gonna join the 'Todd Terry - Samba' remix contest on Beatport but I figured the original song is kinda meh-ish so I might not finish it. I'm also waiting for the outcome of the 'Zedd - Spectrum' remix contest, although the chance that I'm a winner is abysmally low.
Also I'm probably gonna make a new producer profile under the name Oakwood on SoundCloud, Youtube, Facebook, what have you, to post my more 'serious' work there. LiquidOoze would then become a sub-account on which I release free music and shit. But that's not an official plan yet.

Posted by Oakwood - July 10th, 2012

Yay! Today is Robot Day, which means that my audio submission for Robot day is online now too! As I said before it's called Mecha Rage and it's filled with epic wobbles and breakbeats! You can download a higher quality version for free on my Bandcamp. Also check out the video:

I joined gavkay21's remix contest a few days ago and my submission is done already! It's on my SoundCloud, but you can't download it obviously.
Speaking of remix contest, don't forget to check out my entry for the 'Spectrum' by Zedd. I'm probably not winning anyway, but it's one of my best productions to date so I would be glad if you listened to it!


Posted by Oakwood - July 2nd, 2012

Hey y'all! I secretly joined the Zedd -Spectrum remix contest on Beatport and today I submitted my entry. Go listen to it here, and if you have a Beatport account you should leave a comment, and vote for me during the voting stage (which starts in two days).

In other news, my song for Robot Day 2012 is finished and will be uploaded on the day itself, but I might put it on Bandcamp and Youtube somewhat earlier. Also the Youtube vid for Bassive is done, although I seem to have messed up the dimension.


Posted by Oakwood - June 20th, 2012

New Song

I said that I would upload a new song right after my finals were over, and I kept my promise: Bassive is here! If you want a better quality version you should head to my SoundCloud or my Bandcamp. Youtube vid is coming up, I tried to upload it yesterday but the YT uploader was being a bitch so I will do that later.

Robot Day

Yay, Robot Day 2012 is coming up! I didn't submit anything for it last year, but my track for this year is nearly done! It's in the mastering fase at the moment. It's something different from what I usually do, lots of 8-bit and 16-bit synths combined with wobbles and a neat drumstep/breaks beat. It's gonna be titled Mecha Rage. :)

Other stuff

A while ago I started working on my submission for Madness Day 2012. I got the second place last year, I'm gonna try to make that first place this year! The song will probably be a mixture of dubstep and drum 'n bass, with a melody I based off of cheshyre's famous Madness Combat melody.
I'm also gonna join lots of remix contest, review lots off songs and try to help people out. I'm a freaking audiophile, babeh :3


Posted by Oakwood - June 3rd, 2012

Wazzup NG?

Now that the finals are over I can finally dedicate myself to my music for the following 8 weeks. And I already did, because I have finished a new song! It's called 'Bassive' and I will put it on Newgrounds, Youtube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud as soon as I get back from my holiday, destination Albufeira, Portugal. The song isn't really new, it's an somewhat old project (started in March) and in the last few days I've been working on it really hard, so fasten your seatbelts when I upload it!
However, you might wanna check out LiquidOoze - No Hard Feelings on SoundCloud. It's not for download because I've been using it as a demo for labels, and as a matter of fact quite a few have responded and told me how I could improve on it. It's probably one of my best songs EVAH!

What are the plans when it comes to producing? I'm still trying to finish of some really old projects, but because some of them are too bad to be finsished, but too good to be abandoned, I'm having a bad time for that matter. However I've been thinking of a cool song for Robot Day and I already started working on a song for Madness Day.

Dats about it. Here's a happyfaic Kirby with a yoyo I drew in Flash a long time ago. Don't ask.

Finals are over + new track + stuff...

Posted by Oakwood - May 22nd, 2012

Mershed perderder

Great vid to relieve stress. Fucking finals...

Posted by Oakwood - May 12th, 2012

Over the last two weeks I showed myself how much I cared about making music: I was supposed to be studying, but in the meantime I've also been producing a lot of stuff. I finished a remix for a contest (if I win it's +200 bucks for me, if I lose I can put it for download here according to the contest rules), and I've also tried my best to finish off some WIPs but instead I've added about 5 more to my WIP folder... When my exams are over I'll probably create some lame-ass video compilation of unfinished tracks I have.

Also, I have been thinking about a new name. Not here on NG, I will always be LiquidOoze here, but I gotta face it: "LiquidOoze"? Seriously? I made that up when I was playing Pokemon, and thought it was cool, but it has nothing to do with me or my style of music.
I'm not gonna change my name until I think it's time, and that's when I hit Beatport (or whatever music store). I don't wanna be LiquidOoze in the future, I wanna be Oakwood, which is a literal translation of my last name. It's short, easy to remember and not as stupid as LiquidOoze. That said, I would probably make a new Twitter/SoundCloud/Facebook/Youtube account when that time is here.

Speaking of those sites, check my accounts out. You can find them on the left. Now I'm going back to studying. I'll prolly make a new post after May 30th, but until then you should check out my songs and download them. Peace.