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That sounds really awesome! Nice sounds, not only the guitars and drums but also great synths. I really dug the piano.

Sounds really good.

Perfect mixing, and Kelly sure must have an awesome voice. Also good beatboxing.
And eh, by the way, Grocel means that the end of the song doesn't sound like the begin. He's talking shit, obviously.

Father-of-Death responds:

Thanks man.

Sound OK.

The beat suprised me. It was good, and so was the bassline. But the synths made me go 'meh'. I was expecting something more powerful, both because of the benre you put it in and the heavy bass. Synths match well, though.
3/5, 7/10

Yes, it's epic.

But WAAAAAAAY too short. Think about the things you can do with this melody. Build something around it, let your imagintion go free and do not put it all in a 14 sec loop!
4/5, 6/10

DJ-Babokon responds:

Of course I'm going to use this in my next song.

Not bad.

Not too bad, not too good. The beats were perfect, you used the ghost snares very well. Song is kinda repetive though, more variation would be better. Also, the synths sometimes override the vocal, so you can barely hear it at some points.
If you'd do some mastering here and there, and do the things I said, this track will be very good.
4/5, 7/10

Kaboohze responds:

I'll think about the vocals for next time, thanks a bunch for your reponse!

- Kaboohze

Sounds like apr├Ęs-ski!

It sounds kinda funny, but also like you did your best for it. I like it, good quality stuff, but it's kinda repitive. It's just like the songs starts over again at 1:53. Some more variation would be nice. Still 8/10 and 4/5. Good job.

So close, on the pose.

The melody and the kick blew me away, those were awesome. Pretty nice synths too. However, there seems to be some sort of panning glitch at the beginning. At first, the sound is slightly panned to the right, and at 0:07, it's centered. Not sure if that's on purpose, though.
I had the feeling things started to screw up at 2:22, there's no balance between the synths there anymore. Didn't last long though, at 2:28 your AWESOME melody comes in :)
It's a very good song, just needs some more eye for details.

Chimy727 responds:

Lol i agree with some of that.
the panning if i remember correctly i did on purpose.
and the unbalance was just the bridge like part of the song.
thanks for the review!
strongly worded!
i appreciate it!


This could be better.

I know Hard Dance is all about the kick, but yours is WAY too loud. It overrides every synth you used, making it sound like there IS only a kick. I think you should soften the kick. Another thing, the silence starting at 1:22 is WAY too long, it could be much shorter.
But I congratulate you for realising such a hard kick! xD

DJOrsa responds:

I'm gonna have to disagree with you on the kick. :p
I spent quite some time making it sound like that, and I meant for it to be exactly that volume if not a tad softer. If you aren't using headphones or are just playing them from laptop or not-so-hot speakers, the song can sound drastically different; I don't know if you are in this situation, but either way, I appreciate the review! :D


I once listened to a song in the portal, it was called Ambient Power. I faved it, but once it was gone. Too bad, the song was pretty good. But now I hear it again: the bells are the same and the melody is the same. I can't say you've stolen it or not, because I can't remember the user who submitted it. That's why you get a 6. If you know the song, please tell me.

Zake1 responds:

I dont know the song, and he must have been using the same loops as me. lol

How did you manage...

...to create a song that's 13 minutes in length? Imust say say, awesome song, but also, WAY too long, you should've cut it in pieces.

brunoxi responds:

Yeah. See, I WAS going to do multiple uploads Ooze, but the chances of the majority population of listeners ACTUALLY going through and finding the additional parts is slim to none, lol.

So I decided just to throw it ALL into one piece...my favorite songs from DOOM, DOOM II, and the Intermission from Evilution. And I was actually playing the Doomworld forums 3 WAD where it combines ALL the music in one level, which is what REALLY gave me the idea. :-)

Anywho, thanks for the review LiquidOoze, and if there's a specific map/song that you'd like to hear more of, I can "always breakdown the Fruity Loops file and expand on a particular level."

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