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Love it! Actually, I already loved you when I heard South Windsor. You got yourself a 5/5, a 10/10 and a download!

Keep it going, n*gga! xD (I'm loling)

Inspired by Chaoz Fantasy

At least, that's what I think. The melody looks pretty much like it. I like the way you made this a bit more... you know, eh, you can a bit dance with this one.
O, what the hell, 5/5, 10/10, downloaded.

...why am I actually taklking English? Bwaahh....

I'm getting laggy xD

I'm starting to glitch when I listen to this one. I love this glitch style, it's awesome!
Great vocals too (are they yours? Except for the 'take this out' vocal I don 't know the others). I'm a bit...envious...

Downloaded baby! :D:D:D!

tijnn responds:

Thanks for the review, and thanks for the download! ; )

That sounds pretty nice.

It was cool. The guitars sounded pretty harmonic and I didn't hear any slippers or mistakes. You got me a fav.

Snikaz responds:

Thanks, I made it a while ago when I wasn't fantastic at guitar so hopefully when I re-record it, it will sound even better! Expect more submissions like this from me because it's one of my fav genres to write and record

Nice, nice, nice...

I love trance anyway, but this variation is pretty awesome too! I love the build-up with the piano (or whatever), I love the beat, and I love the factory/robot sounds. Keep it up!

It was delicious!

It tasted so well, my tongue is having a party! But sometimes I think the bass could use some more pepper, but I'm not sure... anyway, delicious!

I'm loling xD. It was awesome!

ErikMcClure responds:

It's always difficult to get enough bass in without it sounding muddy or overpowering, so I usually opt for slightly less bass to avoid frequency clashing.


Blowing me away!

Beautiful build-up, just like the rest of the song, I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!

axeFX responds:

cheers man, glad you liked it

It was cool.

It was cool, but I don't give you a 10 because then I would say it can't be better. I remarked it sometimes lost it's quality, but you still get a 9.

AftermathMixes responds:

:P only using Fruity Loops 8 nothing else so the quality will be a little off but i try my best lmao

Very nice!

I don't have the patience to listen the whole song, but I listened it to 5:00, as you wish. I must say, it's pretty cool, the elements are really welll explained in the music. A 9 for you, ma friend.

Very cool

If you just had extended... but still it's very nice. Keep going!

SupJD responds:

Who knows I might extend it, I start new songs all the time and have so many 1 minute tracks like this and loops that I don't upload, this was just an exception as I like it :) Thanks for the comment!

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