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It's a shame how the intro sounds so melodic with the piano and stuff, and then all of a sudden you go bing-bang-boom with your wobbles. :)
So the first thing I noticed is that this song isn't the typical facemelting dubstep you get when you search for it on NG or YT. And that's a good thing, because hearing the same thing over and over again makes you tired after a while. It just sounds more laidback than the usual dubstep. I'm pretty sure the choirs and the piano give it this effect as well.
I loved the reverb you had on the snare. I've come pretty close to recreating such a high-shelfed damping reverb but never got the right sound for it. Seems I should try a little harder next time. :P
Only aspect that could be improved is the ending. At 2:18 the choir kicks in and I thought 'Okay, this is the outro, cool', and then you bring the beat back? It would've been better if you'd just repeat the choir and fade out slowly. Or do what dj-Jo said, whatever.

Great song, dude, great song. I recently submitted my first dubstep track for Madness Day as well and figured I had a chance of winning, but now I've completely lost that feeling. xD

5/5, 9/10, faved. Seems I get laid next week, don't I?

dj-Nate responds:

Thanks man, it takes me a lot of effort to make reviews as long as you do, so I gotta say that I really do appreciate it.


This would fit so well in a movie trailer *watches YT video* yeah, well that's what I meant. As said before, this sounds so much like Hans Zimmer, it's like your him...
I'm not an expert when it comes to classical music, but I can say one thing: this is pure musical porn. The metallic scratches in the beginning, the build-up, the climaxes, I can't believe you aren't composing music for Warner Bros yet. I really hope you'll extend it once ;)

5/5, 9/10

- LiquidOoze


This song has such a stoner vibe to it, it gives me the urge to puff away whole my grandma's spice rack, just to experience this song a bit intenser. It 's so relaxing, so laidback, I can't even explain it in words, lol.
Ok, so like midimachine said, the drums could use some more shit, especially the kick drum. I'm also missing the hats a LOT, would be cool if you'd add those. The guitars are FUCKING GREAT, all of them (because you obviously have 3 or 4 different guitar patterns going on). The wahwah also sounds great and the solo's are amazing.
No words, this song is awesome.

5/5, 9/10

- LiquidOoze

Is this DnB?

I'm not sure if this is DnB. Of course, it has some breakbeats in it, but I still think it's a bit too soft to be DnB. I think it would fit better under Ambient, but that's just my opinion.
One thing this song misses is bass. The pads you use are close to the frequencies you miss, but now they function more as a sub bass. I think a sinus or maybe a filtered sawtooth should do the trick.
Some stuff considering the beat: at 0:22 the beat comes in, and it doesn't come in the way it should. The first twenty seconds are really soft and silent, and then BOOM! there's your beat. I think the beat needs more of a build-up there, like covering the whole beat with a low-pass, and then gradually removing the low-pass as you progress. Also, the snare needs to be more punchy, which means it needs some more mid-frequencies. You could easily doe this by layering it with a sub-kick, or with a deeper snare or something. I really liked the riffs on the hats, btw.

Good song, but it has room for some improvement.

4/5, 8/10

- LiquidOoze

Tzunami responds:

There are plenty of Drum & Bass songs that I could think of that cut the drums into half-time, and then pick them up into full later in the song. As well, the song is more Liquid DnB/Ambient focused, so I wanted a relaxing but strong song. If I'm correct this song is made from nothing but pads, besides the bell, the sliding synth whistle, the pluck and the bass.

As for the bass, I didn't notice at the time that the slight flanger effect I had on it took more of the volume off then I expected. It tends to fade in and out, but I didn't take too much notice to it. I thought it was a nice touch for the bass to not stand out as much as it usually should.

Other then that, the focus was to make a light song, not the woofer-shattering, hardcore Drum & Bass that people are probably used to.

Needs more desu.

I could totally see this in a sprite animation. First few seconds everybody's happy, after that the whole thing goes crazy! Yeah, that'd be funny. The break at 0:12 was a total killer, btw, probably the best part of the song.
Now you might be wondering why the break is the best part, and the rest isn't? Well mainly because you used only one synth in the dubstep part, and that makes it boring as f*ck. You really should've used some synths to fill it up a bit, you could even bring back some of the 8-bit sounds. Another option would be changing the rhythms a bit for more variation.

4/5, 8/10

- LiquidOoze

Dat beat...

The breakbeat beat is SIIIIIICK, bro. I love how it sounds so fast-paced and yet the track doesn't at all; that contrast is absolutely brilliant. I also love the glitchy main part starting at 1:19, it really has this dubstep/DnB feel to it, but then again it doesn't. All in all, this song is so weird that it's amazing.
And now for something else: I noticed that in the intro, you used a lot of dissonance in the piano. I'm pretty sure this was your intention, but I have a meh-ish feeling about it, it sounds a bit too disturbing if you know what I mean. This might be because we have a different taste of course, as a house-producer I barely use dissonance, so that's why I always get the shivers when I hear it. :P
Also, the vocals fitted in greatly. I could understand them, but that was only because I read them as I heard them. The first time I listened to this track I didn't read them and I could barely make anything out. I think this is because you're talking a bit too fast and the vocals are pitcheda tad too low. If you'd change those things I think the vocals would be more clear.

This song is starnge, but also a freaking killer. Well done! :)

5/5, 9/10, faved

- LiquidOoze

Could you return the favor on my latest song? (from what I've read/heard you're a pretty good reviewer so yeah :P)

Quarl responds:

Ar, deffinatly. Thanks for taking the time to write up a nice review. I'm a big fan of nonharmonic chords so dissonance is typically key in my music.


The drums and rhythm and shizzle really made it look like Heavy Metal, maybe even a bit too much for this to be Dubstep. I dunno what Derpstep involves, but if you think it fits in there, the ok. :)
The beginning was a bit strange, as it sounded a bit happy in comparison to the rest of the song. Also the choir at the ending, I don't know about that either, it just doesn't go with the rest of the song.
The song is also a tad repetitive. It's good that you added some kind of bridge at 1:47 to give the song a little break, but still there's not ebough variety. Doesn't mean that it 's cool, though :)

4/5, 8/10

- LiquidOoze

Can you return the favor on my MD submission, plox? =3

Kirbyfemur responds:

As for the begining, i'm a jackass, thats the only real explaination for it. And the ending, well i have issues with finishing up songs sometimes, and felt it the best way.

I'll have to be more careful of the repetition thing. But it was structure more like a rock song, but i do see what you mean by needing more variety.

Thanks man :3


Like cyan11 below said, really uplifting and warm. I only wish it was a bit longer, but I realise that it would become repetitive when this would be like 3 minutes or something.
I personally think this song needs more deeper instruments. The only bass instrument you have used now are timpani, but they can't fully fill the emptyness. I think you should;ve implanted some deeper instruments, perhaps a bass or something.
I can't really give lots of constructive criticism because classical music isn't really my 'thing'. Doesn't mean I don't like it, I just don't let myself into it a lot. But I can say that this track is great, with a minor detail here and there.

4/5, 9/10

- LiquidOoze

SolusLunes responds:

Originally there was a tuba/bassoon section, but it brought down the airiness that I wanted this to feel. Didn't quite mesh, so I got rid of it.

Where did the filth go?

Haha, when I clicked this I was expecting something filled with filth and mud, but I ended up listening to some emotional but awesome Dubstep. Doesn't matter, it's good as always.
I loved the sidechaining strings. They really form the emotional basis this song is built on. The lead synth totally fits in and sounds really bright, it makes me feel fuzzy :3 The arps also sounded great, you should've made them stand out just a little more (especially at 1:11), give them more treble and stuff.
The vocal at 0:24 in combination with the toms introducing the main part struck me like a lightning bold. I've been looping this for a while now and everytime I hear that part I raise the volume a little more, because that part is ridiculously awesome. I don't know how you do it, Matt, but you seem to amaze me every time.

5/5, 9/10, downloaded. Good job, man.

- LiquidOoze


This is one sick Dubstep track, man, it blew me off my chair. The vocals made me think of Rob Swire (Pendulum), and that's a good thing, because his vocals are always cool.
The intro is fucking amazing, but not perfect. In the intro you use a 4/4 beat, while at 0:14 you switch to a third-beat, which creates such a sudden change that it kinda kills the pace. I think the riff you used at the very beginning should be the same as the one you use at 0:14.
The monster synth is amazing, but a bit overused in this song. In the main part of the song (0:44), two of th three first bars only contain that monster saw. You should've used some other synths in there as well, I know you've done that in the third bar, but that's not enough. A bit more variation would be in it's place.
Also, I couldn't make out the 'MONSTER!!!' until I read the lyrics. That vocal should've been a little better as well. Not only because it's hard to understand, but also because the song is all about that vocal and it introduces the main part, know what I mean?

5/5, 9/10

- LiquidOoze

Acid-Paradox responds:

Yeah i know what you mean with the intro , I have been in debate with myself whether to do something different for the intro of the full version. I tried using the same riff for the verse part but it sounds "out of place" IMO but i will figure it out.
The reason i overused the monster synth it's because I personally don't like to use like 30 synths on the drop like most people do. I like to literally rape the synth until it's enough for the track, but i added some variation on the full version.
And about the monster vocal , I already fixed that. The reason was i added too much delay on the vocal which makes it difficult to understand it but yeah it's better now but remember that monsters don't speak english very good lol.


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