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This song is...strange, really. The chord progression is good, but there's always one chord that totally doesn't fit. Same goes for the melody. I really need an answer to this question: WHAT IS THE KEY?! It sounds pretty random, but I'm pretty sure you must've used SOME structure in this song (although you say you want your songs to be less structured).
Also, for a song that's 6 minutes in length, it's very repetitive. Only the end offers a bit of variation, but that's mainly it. If you wanna make larger songs, make sure that they don't sound the same all the time.
Last thing, turn the pad's velocity down, it's a bit too loud IMO.

Hope I was helpful. :)

transcendstheworld responds:

I must have been insane when I made this song, I just put together notes and melodies that sounded good at the time, and to hell with the keys. It's definitely something I need to work on. Thanks for the review!
PS Oh, and what I meant by "less structured" was less repetitive, so there you go.

Dikke banger! ;)

Fucking A - epic song, dude. Mastering could have been a little better, you can definately hear the kick overdriving the windups. But the rest is perfect!

Also, I recognize the violins (Ghosts 'n Stuff, right?)

Great job, homeboy!

DJ-Steeve responds:

Thanks, I'm gonna work on mastering...
And yes, I've Inspired the violins from Ghosts 'n Stuff

Too loud

This is really badly mastered. The kick is WAY too loud, which you can clearly hear at 1:05, it overrides the melody too much. Next time, try to adjust the knobs and sliders a bit more.
Btw, the hihats you used in the beginning were pretty nice.

DarkTyranno responds:

Know the definition of a pattern?
It means I don't control much volume options for now, but I paste the parts together. It can be that everything together doesn't sound like it should. It takes more patters, or I have to make a long 1, so I can change volumes over time in the track. Also I don't use any effects, just create melodies with instruments. Don't know when I take time to 'improve' the track... The HiHats do sound like the originals in FL, I've also expansions but the differences are minimal. ;)
Thnx for your respond!

It's not THAT bad...

First of all, those chords are standard pop chords. Eveer watched the Axis of Awesome? They filled a whole show with them playing a mix with songs using this chords progression. It's unoriginal, but it's not Newgrounds crap, as you call it.

The song itself isn't bad, the synths are nice, but it's all the same, which makes it really boring. I know that you didn't put a lot of effort in this, but I suggest you do next time.

mattuiop responds:

First of all, axis of awesome did it once purposely to deliver a different message.
They showed the 4 chord system in popular music. I'm showing the 4 chord system in the newgrounds audio portal.

Well, I did make this tune in under 5 minutes with no effort at all. If I had ever put effort into this I would consider all of these factors of boredom and possibly remaster it completely.

I did this to show how crappy music artists that make stuff like this and get TONES of credit for it. Yet the people who have the experience and knowledge make music with care and never get the popularity to what the crap music artists get.

Thanks anyway and be sure to check out my other stuff. :)


Well done, dude! It really captures the Dirty Dutch vibe. Perfectly mastered, all synths mix well, yep, this is definately a great song!

Nice sounds!

I really like the synths you're using, they all fit well together.
I think you used a bit too much sidechaining. I'm not sure if this was intended, but at 0:20 you can clearly hear that the kick (a kick I really enjoy, btw) and the main synth litteraly 'push away' the background. If this is what you wanted, I'm okay with it, of course.
Also your claps are amazingly mixed, they sound full but aren't overpowering, great job.

Could you return the favor and leave a review on my newest tune? You probably got the PM by now. Thanks in advance! :)

transcendstheworld responds:

Thanks for the review!
The sidechaining effect was intentional. And also, a funny thing about the claps, they're actually just the original sample without any mixing. :P I didn't expect to have anyone comment on those. Sometimes you don't need mixing.

Paradox indeed.

It sounds nice.

It has a very relaxing feel to it, and I enjoy it. The beat sounds complicated, but it also fits, which I like. Not sure if this fits the genre, it's more likely to be ambient. Or post-dubstep, if you say so.
I found the strings to be really strange. The pitch-bending fitted, but it sounded a bit weird. The song is also a bit repetive and gets boring after a while. Maybe you should've added some more sounds here and there, maybe some SFX.
Anyway, it's still a nice song, one I can enjoy.

Hell yeah!

I like my dubstep like this. It's filthy, but it still sounds cheerful and upbeat in a way, and the song contains a lot of variaton (I heard some dance elements). I seriously exploded at 0:40, there's such an amazing impact there. If I'd hear this in a club I'd go crazy, man!

Great job, dude! 5/5 and DL

xAlexSx responds:

Thanks man!

Pretty sweet, indeed.

The progression is just awesome, and the track is mastered very well. This is actually the first time I hear a DnB beat together with strings, piano and guitar. In fact, I didn't even believe those two went together. But you've proven me wrong. Good job, mate, keep it up.

5/5, 10/10, faved. =)

Well done.

Yes, this indeed is a pretty good song. I love the synths and the progression. However, there's one thing that really disappoints me, and that's the fact that you used preset FL Studio Drum Loops. Yes, those loops are outstanding, but I never use them because it's so unoriginal. It makes people think you're not able to produce your own beats. And by listening to this song's quality, I think you also should be able to make your own beats. So stop using preset loops (even though Autopresh is simply the best beat I've ever heard) and start making your own. ;)

PearlDrummer516 responds:

I actually never intended for this song to come out how it did. I was just messing around with some house ideas and such for synths and bass, and I wanted a nice beat in the background. However, the song quickly turned into something great and I just kind of went with it. I totally agree with you though on the drum loop bit. I actually love making my drum sounds just right, and making loops is a pastime of mine. I'm going to come back to this song and fix it up a bit, and also change the loop.

I would like to thank you for listening. I am real proud of this song and I'm glad you like it. I'll be sure to let you know when I make a refix.

- Arron -

Bedroom EDM producer, college boy, party animal and supporter of underrated audio artists. If you have a commission, want to collaborate or would like your track reviewed feel free to send me a PM!

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