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Great game!

This is (again) a great game, Berzerk. Lovely graphics, great music and very smooth gameplay. Too bad I don't have Facebook, now I can't get all achievements :(

Please implant medals, that would be awesome! :D

Even the music is bad.

The design is awful. There's absolutely no effort put in this game. The music would've been way better if it wasn't recorded. There's no highscore, bo, there isn't even a SCORE. You want us to keep track of the score? Forget it. BAd game, man. Bad game.

Nice one.

I enjoyed this game. Of course, multi-tasking games are becoming unoriginal more and more, but I'm still glad I played this. The gameplay was nice and smooth and the music was fitting. The graphics, however, are a bit too simple IMO. The blur was unnecessary. Try to improve on your graphics next time. Other than that, good work. :)

Just Plain awesome.

You're the most creative person I know when it comes to a mouseclick. I don't know how you do it, but every game you create is unique, has simple graphics and sure is entertaining. This is by far the hardest of your games, but I still managed to beat it with a score above 3000.
Make sure the medals work, btw. =)


I just can 't believe you keep coming up with the most original sound-based games and also use the best songs available in them. However, there's one thing that bothers me, it feels like the rockets are popping up at random and are not based on the music.
The game was also considerably easy, I got an S rank on every song the first time I played it.
Still, this is a great game. :)

Great game.

I loved the mystery, it was compelling and I just couldn't quit playing. The graphics were very nice, the sounds were cool, the music fitted in really well and the animation was smooth.
The gameplay was good, but there are still some issues considering running and double-jumping, the registration of those moves isn't really flexible. But excpet for that I still enjoyed the gameplay.

Also, the '20 Stars' medal is bugged. I didn't get a single star on my first run (I deserved it), so I tried to get them all on my second one. The first 4 levels I got them all on my first try, but I didn't get the stars on the last level. I have the medal, though, so there's something not properly coded there.

So, 5/5, 8/10. It was a cool game and I enjoyed it.

Needs more variation

I know this is another Bubble Tanks 'episode', but it needs some more variation. The editor was a good idea, it really added, but the main thing is still hopping from bubble to bubble and shooting enemies. This might bore after a while. So I think that the next time, you should variate just a bit more.
Also, I've noticed a bug. You sometimes can't lose health when you get hit by an enemy. I noticed this at the tutorial, when I encountered the shooting enemies. And your health bar isn't always visible. You might want to fix that.
For the rest, well done, but the reasons I just said give me no other option than giving you a six.

HeroInteractive responds:

Lol, did you just give me a 6 because your the organizer of the Kirby Collab which is competing for best of the day? I think you just did!

That bug is you getting hit by slow sticky bullets which don't do damage, thus not bringing up the health bar.

Very original, very mysterious.

When I played this game for the first time, I immediatly thought: 'This is just like Myst'. And I was surprised when I read in your notes that Myst actually inspired you to make this game.
The game is very original, but also very mysterious. A big factor is the size of the map and the emptyness within it. It scared me a little, but in a good way.
It was ahrd for me to figure out the puzzle, in fact, I'm not sure if I've still figured it out. At least I'm glad that I've col;ected all the medals, it was well worth it.
I compared this game to you last game, Babies Dream, and I noticed that there are certain similarities between them. Babies Dream is also pretty mysterious, since you have no clue what iti is about. But that's the point where this game takes over. It has a plot, so we now what's going on. I think this is your best game to date.
In short: very well designed and good and original plot. I hope you keep making more of these games.

Beat it.

I decided to wait with writing a review until I beat the game. Your probably not reading the reviews anymore, let alone responding to them, but I just wanted to say this.

In short: this is a total, yes, TOTAL rip-off of Super Mario. Everything you can do in this game is also possible in Super Mario: changing form, go through pipes, collect coins, jumping on enemies, it's all the same. I'm not saying that this is the only game that does it, but you guys have gone pretty far. Also the plumbers look too much like Mario. They make almost the same noise (sometimes I'm almost thinking I hear 'Luigi!'). And even the backgrounds were the same as Super Mario! Come on, you can do better than THAT!
What also didn't make sense: why are we playing this game on a tv? It may be a nice addition, but this game has less to do with a tv than Super Mario has to do with plumbing! And about that: why the hell plumbers?! That's again a total rip-off! You also made up your own enemies (except for the snails, those were just ripped-off goomba's), so why didn't make up your own characters? And what does plumbing have to do with this? Of course I know that Super Mario also doesn't have anything to do with plumbing, but you actually COPIED it! This is just a second, and much lamer Super Mario. The princess was Peach, the boss was Bowser (he even looked like it). There was a level with a high flag and a castle next to it... it's just Super Mario! And if you know me, you also know that I HATE rip-offs, I REALLY do. I only kept playing because of the medals.
The only thing that was original, was the cloning. If that wasn't in the game, you sure wouldn't have made it this far.

So here's your 2/5, 5/10. It would've been lower if the music wasn't that good. Good work, MrPodunkian. And you, Radix, try to let alone your obsession for Super Mario.

Got the Zero Medal

And it was without hacking. I immediatly made a walkthrough, and PM'ed you of course, you bitch.
The game was, looking at the gameplay, not too much fun, but just a bit. The traps were well placed, I must say. I'm not complaining about the glitches and stuff, because that's part of the game, but what DID annoy me, was that it was a complete rip-off. That's the worst about this game, I just can't stand rip-offs. Sorry.

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