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This game is interestiong, facinating and mysterious.
To begin, the title. REDDER, that's a palindrome, and it's Dutch for 'savior' (that has nothing to do with the game, just a fun fact).
I got all the medals, including the secret areas, and those were rather interesting too. At first, they were all underwater, with a scenario very different from the rest of the game, and they all showed a word in the wall. One word was 'ANNA' which is a palindrome, AND your name. The others contained the words 'PART' and 'TRAP', which are palindromes of each other. I found that strange, it gives me the feeling that there's a hidden message.
Then, the gameplay. At first I was like: 'This is impossible!', but as soon as I collected the first gem, things became a lot easier: the more gems I collected, the less hard it was for me to collect the others. You just must have the skill to understand the puzzle.
A very interesting point, now: the glitching. I think I noticed the first glitch between 5-7 gems. You're lucky I didn't write this review when I was still playing the game, because then you would've gotten a 5 or 6 and me saying 'Omg, there are glitches everywhere!'. But I think I understood the message. The more gems I collected, the more the game started glitching. This, according to me, must mean that collecting the gems is bad for the planet and destroys it. But I started to hesitate about that when I collected the last gem: everything turned block-like?! No music, only creepy sounds, and all characters were either lines or blocks! I don't know what this means, but I'm sure it does mean something.
I also found a glitch that was NOT on purpose: the character is sometimes unable to jump. This only stops when I die, warp or proceed to another screen. I would be glad if you fixed this. Other than that, very good game, deserves a sequel.

Also, to all the other users: sorry for the spoilers.

Adding a new twist to snake!

Great variation to snake! I already got stuck at 770, but that's just the difficulty, which is exactly good I think. Nice and simple graphics, not too CPU-intensive, good music, and not boring. This is a pretty good one. I'm only a bit dizzy...

Very nice!

I made a little walkthrough, btw, it's on my profile.

About the game, it's truly magnificient how you make it look childish and yet so addicting and challenging. Simple but great graphics, really good music and funny sound effects, and no glitches. Too bad I sometimes get a random medal pop-up that I already got. Still, this truly a very good game!


This is by far the best 3D work I've ever seen on NG. Awesome graphics man, and also some very cool music.
BUT, I have to say somethings that really should be improved. First of all, we should be able to adjust the quality, since this game is very CPU intensive. Then, the controls at the boss (who was pretty easy, though I didn't catch him) are shocking extremely. I also think the screen is too flat. I'm barely able to see were I'm actually running.
Apart from that all, it's a pretty awesome game.

Not bad

It looked nice, the graphics were decent, and the music was OK. Though the combination of controls is something everybody hates, arrow keys and mouse don't go together. Myabe replacing the keys with AWSD would be better. There are also some bugs in the battle screen. You hear the heal sound mostly when you are not healing, and my attacks sometimes did no damage?
Overall it was good, add a story, create a bigger world and add some more attacks, and then you should be fine.


You're an uberdrawer, looking awesome.

Good game when bored

When I'm bored, I'll play this game again. It was pretty cool and challenging.

I enjoyed it.

The graphics were nice, and so were the upgrades and the gameplay. Losing monumentum when hitting a wall is something new, which I liked. If it had more of a challenge, my score would be higher.

Twas OK

It was nice, not too easy, not too hard, and the graphics were simple but nice. But the movement of the dot is too random. And I didn't like that the menu already showed the gameplay.

It's nice. But no more than that.

Like the others said, it's a new type of gameplay, which I like. But there were some things that made it less fun for me.
- The Mega Ball power-up lasts WAY too long and pops up too many times, which makes this game too easy.
- The were only two upgrades, and they were both 'positive' (the real Arkanoid also contains bad power-ups, like a shrinking paddle)
- Once my paddle became large, it didn't shrink (which, again, makes it too easy)
- I never lost any lives (and I really got hit by bricks sometimes)
- The game is pretty cpu-intensive
- I couldn't see my cursor, which went off-screen sometimes. You should either make it visible or change the controls.
- There are no highscores.
- There are no levels or new challenges.

I still liked the game, the music was nice and it had some nice graphics. If you'd add all the above listed, this could make it.

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