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Needs improvement...LOTS!

I actually DID reach 6000 (with 2 lives, however). I... didn't enjoy it, I just kept on playing to prove you wrong. First of all, there was no 'little loop thingy' you said there would be, which disappointed me, because this game needs music. The sounds got annoying after a while too (and yes, I know there's a mute button). And overall, it's too easy and should contain highscores, because now we're just playing for nothing. And do something about the colors, my eyes burned.
And there's more: try to find an alternative for the triangles, they just won't react with the second click sometimes. Add some upgrades, levels and stuff. Change the textfont, it's barely readable. AND, if this game is in AS3 (since it's, according to Tom, not possible in AS2), add a pause button, I almost pissed my pants.

Lots of work to do, pal. But look at the bright side: what I DIDN'T say were good things. :)

clipmaster3 responds:

All of your criticism is basically spot-on with what I've heard from some friends. Yes, it does need improvement =P, then again, this was a quick project just to get something out there... (first finished game ever. I suck at finishing projects). Next game will be something I spend more time time on.
Thanks for the feedback


I like the concept, it's original, and the graphics are simple but nice. The only thing, however, is that the gampe is too easy.

KingDotCom responds:

Thanks for the review. Try out "Survival"-mode if you want more of a challenge!


Very bad physics, man. It takes hours to get up when you fall, instructions are not clear, there's no clear target in the game and it's almost impossible to score points. Steering is also a thing that should be improved.

Not bad

I got 29, including one present. Good music choice an pretty nice graphics, I find it to be a bit.... hard, though (YEAH, go laugh at me!).


I remember this game very well... In fact, I think it's still somewhere on my computer.

(Yes, I'm Dutch :P)


I'm no sissy, but you sometimes scared the crap out of me, especially in the hallway of the appartement. Cool game I must say, but the 'enemies' could be drawn better.

Not bad

It was funny (I liked the "Hop-peedoo!" and stuff, but I didn't like listening to the annoying "It's time to take your pills, Mr. Herbert!" every time I failed the stage. The physics weren't to great either (I mean the hittest with that)


I'm Dutch, but I'm still gonna write this review in English for whoever cares xD
This was truly an awesome peace of work. Excellent quality, especially the pictures and the 3D animation, and a wonderfull story. Only too bad I have to go premium to play the whole thing but, who knows...
Tjis is also the first time I can play a hidden object game without using a dictionary! :D

Awesome game, 5/5, 10/10, faved!

I was expecting better.

There are some points where I think: You should have worked on this.
- In the menu: when I press 'How to play' I can barely read the text because the title makes the invisible.
- When climbing a ladder, you're just floating up, not animated (when going down too).
- When hit by an enemy, there's nothing that happens to the character, except for the health bar going down.
- Above all, the game is VERY unoriginal and doesn't stand much chance (in my opinion).

What I want too say, is that, whether how hard you worked on this, you forgot to fix the small things that make the game less good and that keep me from enjoying this.
I wanted to give a 7.5, but since it's not possible, a 7.

Needs work.

The graphics were... simple, and the music didn't fot in (for me). I'd rather have some space or trance music in here.
What also bothered me, it was 'too random'. I sometimes had a wall of shapes in front of me, with nowhere to go.
And, above all, the game concept is VERY unoriginal.
Still a 7 cause I'm in highscore.

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