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This has potential, but the right hand and the left hand of the piano aren't synced well, as if 2 different people are playing. The singing should be somewhat cleaner, and maybe autotune is an option at some parts ;) The beat was pretty sweet.
7/10, 3/5

- LiquidOoze

This would've been good..

If you put a beat under it. Now it's just a sequence of farts pitched up and down, repeated 15 times (did not count). I can imagine this being a funny ringtone though.
5/10, 2/5, for the effort. :P

- LiquidOoze

Started out well.

Until you went all glitchy. It just didn't fit well. Your attempt to make this into some sort of glitch-hop song kinda failed, and it killed the mood. I'm sorry, but I would've liked it better if you left it like it was in the beginning.
6/10, 2/5

- LiquidOoze

JP-SuperFresh responds:

THanks for your honest opinion.. I may post another version later.


It's really nice, the tribal beat in the beginning was really good and the song as a whole had a really relaxing feel to it. It was kinda reptitive, and I didn't really like the double-speed kick you replaced with the original beat halfway through. Also the phaser on the lead synth is a biiit too much.
8/10, 4/5

- LiquidOoze

JP-SuperFresh responds:

Thanks I'm glad you liked the first half at least. I did the double kick because I like that kind of stuff too so I think it shows my versatility and my personality. It's a spontaneous beat. Thanks for taking the time!

Not bad.

It's a good song, but the phaser on the lead is way too overwhelming, you should really turn that down. Also, work on your mastering, the lead synth is pretty loud, nad the synth that starts at 0:28 is even more overwhelming and makes the whole thing clip a bit. You should try sidechaning the lead to your kick, that give this song some more balance.
7/10, 3/5

- LiquidOoze


This song has a great feel to it. The bass, the strings, the sax, they all mix so nicely. THe song is really repetitive though, you might wanna bring in some variation.
Nicely done! 8/10, 4/5

- LiquidOoze


That shit be good man! I can't believe you made all that with 3xOsc, I normally don't get that far with it. Great lead synths, and the beat also had a great vibe to it. I recommend to use some more bass though, I kinda missed that now.
Great one, man! 9/10, 5/5

- LiquidOoze

Darkfire96 responds:

You ask and I shall deliver :3
Its only gonna get better :)
I honestly cant use complex plugins, so 3xosc is like my only choice now lol.
Thanks for the 5/5!



Great dubstep song, man! The synths you used are awesome! Though I think you went kinda overboard with sidechaning everything. Make the sidechaining a bit less so it doesn't sound like the kick is overriding everything.
Furthermore, that snare is a bit soft. Dubstep like this should be poewrful, so the snare should seriously be punching me in the face. It's not now, though. Make it tougher! Just EQ the shit out of it until you get it right!
Last thing, I think the girl is a great singer, but the vocals could have some more variation.

Keep it up!
5/5, 8/10

- LiquidOoze

I hear z3ta

That lead synth you hear at 0:08, that's a z3ta preset, isn't it? Hehe, I can tell, I've used it in one or two songs of mine as well. Lovely synth.
However, that synth is a bit overriding though, you should lower it's volume a bit. Same goes for the kick. Also, add some hihats, I was kinda missing those. The calp was pretty nice.
Another thing you should think about is playing with your melodies. Right now you constantly have the same melody going on, albeit using different synths. It would be better if you'd make some small changes in the melody halfway through the song, to give it that extra bit of variaton. Also, work on your ending, it's kinda abrupt now.

4/5, 8/10

- LiquidOoze

Could you return the favor on my latest song? :)

No reviews yet?

Strange, this is the first NGADM song I've seen without any reviews. Anyway, here's your first :)
As soon as I heard the lead at 0:11, I knew it: sidechaining. Really, I think that you would've sidechained this lead a bit, the song would gotten a much better flow. Either that, or you should've sidechained the pads in the background, that should work as well.
Your kick, btw, is a bit too loud. It overrides the other sounds, especially the pads. Tone it down. Also the vocals in the calm part at 0:55 come in a bit too sudden. I suggest you leave them out for a few seconds so you only hear the plucks, and then bring them in.

Good song, with a few flaws.

4/5, 9/10.

- LiquidOoze

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