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Sweet mother, this song is awesome! The beat was very catchy and mastered pretty damn well. The kick sounded perfectly flat and the claps were really snappy, and the hats have a great rhythm to them.
The bassline also sounds really good, and so does the lead synth. I was hoping that you would bring more of a climax to the song, the one at 2:04 is good, but I was waiting for some more 'umpf".

5/5, 9/10

- LiquidOoze

Krupinkin responds:

Thank you! I will add uplifting in the final version. Again thnx for your comment!

Very interesting dance track man. I like the progression and the breakbeat part, even though that part is a little bit lengthy. The beat itself also worked out really nice. However I suggest you cut some of the higher frequencies on the kick and increase the lower once so it's mixed better.
Also, try making your own synths. I'm not blaming you for using Sytrus presets because they are kewl and all, but you've been making music for about a year now and it's time for you to actually build a synth from scratch. In the end, using presets will only do you harm.
Speaking of which, your bassline synth (which is coincidentally a Sytrus preset) should be replaced with something else. I know it has a great sound to it, but because it is meant as a saw (hence the preset's name 'Cerbera Saw') it has this extremely raw sound to it when you play the lower notes, making it overdrive like hell. I suggest you just use 3xOsc with a filtered sawtooth or something, maybe even a plain sinus. It won't overpower the other synths as much as the one you use now does, so the whole track has a better balance.

3/5, 7/10

- LiquidOoze

Skullfy responds:

As I said there: I made this about 4 months ago. I have made my own synths now (with syrtus and 3xOsc:D) but thanks for the feedback :)

Sweet little thing. Strange chord progression I must say, never heard something like that before. However the melody and the bassline fit with it so it's okay. :)
I was hoping for a better drop. At 0:44 you leave out the beat and raise the melody an octave, creating some good tension, and that tension got bigger with the nice build-up to the drop, but the drop just didn't cut it. What I would do after the drop is layer the moldy synth with a supersaw, maybe together with some good chords, and use white noise to fill up the first few seconds. Oh yeah, I am totally hearing that right now.
You've got it in you boy :)

4/5, 8/10

- LiquidOoze

Pretty good, but lacks a lot. The snare could use some more emphasis on the mid-frequencies, and in combination with a slight damping reverb that would work very well I think. Also, it sounds like your pad has a peak all the way to the right of the frequncy range, you might wanna move that one to the left some more because now it almost sounds like white noise.
The drop is minimal, which makes the vocal a joke. I suggest you remove it. As for the dubstep part itself, it could use some more shit, and it gets kinda repetitive.

4/5, 7/10

- LiquidOoze

SirSirius responds:

Thanks for your review! The snare already got reverb on it, but youre right i could probably EQ it better. About the pad... I don't hear white noise, it's a guitar synth Oo
And yeah of course youre right about the dubstep part, thats why its still work in progress... I lack the skills to do more awesome basssounds than just a simple wobble and a yoy-sound...

Since this song contains more than one clip, I shall givew my thoughts about each one.

Clip 1 (0:00-0:32) Great! A perfect mix between funky giutars and 8-bit. This clip has a great vibe to it, everything is well balanced and the whole thing sounds happy and is a pleasure to listen to.
Clip 2 (0:32-0:47) The beginning is pretty loud, but the rest of this clip sounds very powerful and adrenaline pumping, perfect for an action scene in a game/movie! The claps sound a bit over-distorted though.
Clip 3 (0:47- 1:06) Sounds very simple, but also has a good feel to it. Though I think the kick should be slightly louder, and you should use another synth for the clap/snare.
Clip 4 (1:06 - 1:48) Sounds pretty good, perfect for a boss fight! I kinda miss the 8-bit here though, and the 303-ish sound is a bit too loud. I also hear some slightly wrong notes in here that kinda disturb the whole thing. You can barely notice them though.
Clip 5 (1:48 - 2:18) Wow, tribal combined with 8-bit, I've never heard that before! Again this has a great vibe to it, the lead synth melody sounds so good and the bells really add to the song. This is definately my favorite.
Clip 6 (2:18 - 2:47) Perfect combination of classical and 8-bit sounds! The one thing I really didn't like was that when the strings came in the kick started to distort and clip. You should probably work on mastering that.
Clip 7 (2:47 - 3:07) This sounds very familiar, but I have idea where I might have heard it. Anyway, I am surprised that there's no 8-bit in this one, but then again that probably wouldn't fit. This is composed very well, I really dig the pizzicato.
Clip 8 (3:07 - 3:40) Again a different genre! You're pretty good at this, aren't you? Anyway, this one is also very good, really fast-paced and yet very clear. Lower your cymbals though, they hurt my ears.
Clip 9 (3:40 - 4:15) I hear that you brought back the lead from the first clip, only much faster. Good thought, because it would be perfect for a credits and/or ending scene.

I hope you can put my critizism to good use!
9/10, 5/5

- LiquidOoze

RocketDogShawn responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback and I'm glad that you enjoyed most of it. I'm going back to cut out a lot of the distortion currently and I'll definitely take a look at some of the other things you mentioned.

No, just no. When I clicked this link, I was wearing headphones at max volume, so you kinda killed my ears.
What is this? What was your intention? All I hear are extremely high-pitched bleeps which seem to be randomly played, and a monotone buzz in the background. This song has no purpose. Next time, try to put some more effort in your songs, man.
1/10, 0/5

- LiquidOoze

WrightOnTarget responds:

It says loud, buddy. So I have no regrets there.
I guess you can't see the whole picture, since I don't have video to it yet (a disturbing scene of cannibalism), but I find a certain beautifully disturbing quality to atonality. Have you heard the works of Harry Partch?
So, just so you know, just because you aren't aware of the purpose, doesn't mean there isn't one.
Though I will concede that this type of score may not be the best to put here alone, without video.

Mmmm, this sounds a bit random if you ask me. If you'd start out by just putting a kick on beat underneath it this would turn out a lot better. The BeepMap preset you threw in every now and then was kinda disturbing, and it didn't fit in well. The high-end synth at 0:48 is just obnoxious, it hurt my ears. The square synth that followed after that one iactually sounds pretty good, but it doesn't last very long which kinda disappointed me.
I'm sure you can do a lot better than this.
5/10, 2/5

- LiquidOoze

SykeOne responds:

Well,I agree with most of your critic.That was my first attempt,so it's far from perfect. Thanks for comment!

This is fucking gorgeous man. The kick and the snare are extremely punchy and yet they're not too loud. The bass is also prefectly mastered, and the sidechained pads work great. I really have no words for this, because it's pure satisfaction.
9/10, 5/5

- LiquidOoze

Truly wonderful, it's been a long time since I heard a piano piece that beautiful here on Newgrounds. I love how every single note has it's own velocity, the background sounds are prefect and the reverb is just great. The song sounds very natural, like it's actually played by human hands (or is it?)...
5/5, 9/10

- LiquidOoze

newhansen responds:

Yes, it is... all played by real human hands. Thanks for the thumbs up; it keeps me going ^^

Gorgeous tune my friend. The intro was really one of the best techno intro's I've ever heard, although I must say that 2 minutes is a bit too long. It can work extremely well during a concert, but for a guy behind his computer it might get broing and he'll close this window even before you get to your kick.
Speaking of which, that is one powerful kick, man. Slightly too powerful maybe? Also there's no bassline, what the eff? TEchno like this needs a bassline. The kick already provides enough bass on the beat, but this creates empty holes in the afterbeat, which should be filled up by a neat bassline. Also, even though I'm pretty sure this is a WIP, get rid of the abrupt ending. ;)

This has a lot of potential, keep working on it!
5/5, 8/10

- LiquidOoze

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