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Posted by Oakwood - October 23rd, 2010

Hey fellas, I just released my newest track, it's ProgHouse! Clubhau5

/* */
In other news, I've joined the Halloween Audio Contest a while ago, and here's my submission: Dancing Dolls. Nothing special, in fact, it kinda sucks, but whatever, it's Halloween-themed.

Posted by Oakwood - October 18th, 2010

ROAD OF THE DEAD: 24 Medals (1000 points)


Road of the Dead is a game where you live in a city which is infected with a zombie virus. Once you find out, you're trying to escape in your car through Highway 65, where the whole game takes place. However, the army prevents you from escaping since it's possible that you will take the virus outside the city. Be prepared for lots of action, blood and epicness.


There are 4 modes in the game, which will all be explained here.

The Great Escape
This is the main story. You drive the highway through a couple of places while avoiding the army and killing zombies.

Highway To Hell
Basically the same as the main story, but much, MUCH harder. Do not enter this mode until you have fully upgraded your car. Also, listen to ACDC to while drving to get a kick out of it.

Dead On Time
Imagine a bomb being tied under your car which will go off in a half minute, and the only way to extend the time is to hit zombies. That's basically this. The time you earn depends on the things you hit. Here's a list.
- Zombie: 2+
- Zombie in combo: 3+
- Splatter: 3+
- Soldier: 0 (you can use soldiers to keep your combo going)
- Civilian: 10- (avoid these at all costs)
- Shoot zombie off hood: a whopping 8+

Police State
It's you versus the army. You drive the highway while encountering a load of soldiers and zombies. There are no levels, you just have to get as far as you can.


While driving, you can hear the orders the army are given. You can use these to make note of what you can expect. These are some commands you should keep in mind.

Highway Unit X
When a command is given to a Highway Unit (followed by a number), you can expect some soldiers coming. Not much of a challenge, but still keep this in mind.

Spikes are ready
After driving for a while, you will encounter spikes on the road that will damage your wheels. When you hear the army talk about these spikes, get ready to avoid them. In the beginning the spikes are stationary, after a while they can move too. You can see if the spikes are gonna move by checking if there's a soldier sitting near the side of the road. These soldiers won't shoot you.

Target can't see me/Element of surprise
Some soldiers are hidden behind cars. When a soldier says 'Target can't see me(, I'm about to engage)' or the commander says 'Use the element of surprise' you can expect a soldier hiding behind an army vehicle. They will appear right before you pass them.

Checkpoint X
On the end of each area, there's a numbered checkpoint with soldiers. These checkpoints become larger and fuller the further you get. Get ready when you hear this command.

Eventually the commander will contact a chopper called Hellfire and command him to fly to the highway and spot you. This will take a while, so don't be scared yet. After a while you will be spotted (or the commander will give Hellfire the order to engage) and the chopper will follow you. When you hear this, start driving underneath the green road signs on the sides, After a while the chopper will appear on the screen from behind you and if you drive underneath a road sign by that time you can make him hit one while he's not even on the screen yet. After that lure the chopper to road signs to make it hit them. Use the handbrake to make the chopper slow down, this should make it easier. After three hits the chopper is too damaged and abords. The chopper has the ability to shoot you and later in the game it can also fire rockets.

Bomb Squads
When you hear the commander say 'Bring in the bomb squads' be prepared for some action. Soldiers will be placing a row of bombs on the highway which will explode either from left to right or vice versa. There's nothing that tells you in which direction they explode. To avoid these explosions, drive to the side where the first bombs exploded as quickly as possible.

Air Support
Eventually the commander will give a call to Air Support to do a carpet bombing. The jet will first fly to the highway and after a while will ask permission to engage. You'll then see a jet flying over you to the end of the highway. After a while it will come back and start dropping a row of bombs. They can seriously damage your car so make sure to avoind these. You have some time to check where the jet will be coming.

Anthem Eagle
On the far end of the game, commands will be given to Anthem Eagle. This is the jet that will drop the nuke. Nothing serious...right?


Here are all the areas and what happens in them.

Evans City
Your starting position. There will be no soldiers yet, only cars, zombies and civilians. Eventually a moving vehicle (which is you) will be spotted and you will encounter the first checkpoint, containing a few soldiers.

Same as before, only there will be some soldiers on the highway too and there will be more soldiers at the checkpoint.

Red Ridge
The amount of soldiers will be the same, but there will be some stationary spikes too.

Burgony Street
Your identity is rvealed to the army. More soldiers and spikes, and the spikes can also move now. The checkpoint will be filled with a lot more soldiers.

Central City
Hellfire is commanded to fly to the highway to take you out and eventually allowed to engage. More soldiers and more spikes will appear.

Down Town
Even more soldiers and spikes, also at the checkpoint. The bomb squads are called in and the commander is starting to fail.

General Sherman becomes the new commander and tries to keep the army organized. The mutated zombies are reported. These zombies will always try to get on your hood. Driving into them will make them land on your hood and you will have to shoot them off. They can be avoided. The checkpoint is commanded to let you through because the general has a 'surprise' for you. There will be soldiers anyway.

Brighton Square
More (mutated) zombies, more cars and more soldiers. In short, more chaos. Air support gets called in will drop carpet bombings, and the checkpoint will be filled with soldiers and bomb squads.

North Side Park
There will be somewhat less soldiers but still lots of zombies and carpet bombings. The general is starting a pull-out. Hellfire gets permission to use missiles. The checkpoint will also be less filled.

West Ridge
Anthem Eagle gets contacted. There will be no more soldiers since they are evacuating, but Hellfire and Air Support are still active.

Tunnel Drive
The whole army is evacuated. You have 2 minutes to reach the tunnel before the nuke lands. If you do it correct, you are able to leave with about 10 seconds left. Then the game ends with a cutscene.


Blunt Force Trauma (5 points)
Do a 4 hits combo with zombies only
Not hard. MAke sure not to hit any civilians or soldiers and hit every zombie you see.

Hood Shaker (5 points)
Knock an enemy off your hood by hitting the side walls
Get am enemy on your hood and ram into the side wall using handbrake steering. Do it right and the zombie will get knocked off.

Flip Flop (10 points)
Hit 16 enemies, alternating between zombie and soldier or vice versa
I advise you to do this on police state, since there are lots of zombies and soldiers there. This doesn't have to be done in a combo, so it's easier than it seems.

Gunslinger (10 points)
Shoot an enemy off your hood with the pistol
Will happen sooner or later.

Hydroficial Intelligence (25 points)
Use a water jug to put off your burning engine
Get your engine on fire by colliding with vehicles enough and then search for a water jug and hit it.

Meticulous (25 points)
Kill 10 zombies at low speed
Do this in a calm area, like Evans City. Get a zombie on your hood by drving into it slowly and then hit some other zombies at low speed. You'll kill them since they can't get on your hood. Make sure to kill the zombie on your hood before it kills you, and then repeat.

Don't Need Wheels (25 points)
Drive 3 KM with all 4 tires blown
Drive over enough spikes, and then, drive some more.

No Mercy (25 points)
Hit 10 civilians
Will happen while playing.

Quick Draw (25 points)
Shoot a soldier while he's pointing his gun at you and before he shoots
Just react quick enough when the soldier takes his gun.

Road Dominator (25 points)
Hit 50 highway soldiers
Will happen while playing.

Road Warrior (25 points)
Defeat a helicopter
Take out Hellfire. Check out the above topic to see how.

Wise Man (25 points)
Avoid 10 mutated zombies
Make sure to not hit the mutated zombies. Use handbrake steering to avoid them.

Close Encounters (50 points)
Get all 5 enemy types off your hood
The types are: male zombie, female zombie, genderless zombie (it's bald and not clothed), mutated zombie and soldier. Shoot 'em off!

Nuke Watcher (50 points)
Exit the city with at least 15 seconds to spare
Really hard, but possible. Try to collide with as less as possible. You'll get it eventually.

Pinball (50 points)
Do a 3 hits vehicle collision combo
Drive into a car at a point where there are a lot of cars near each other, and bounce around without steering.

Speed Racer (50 points)
Drive 0.5 KM at maximum speed
Head to Evans City and don't collide with anything.

Tank (50 points)
Buy all the upgrades
You have to get this to beat the game, so yeah...

Time To Spare (50 points)
Reach up to 45 seconds bonus time in Dead On Time
Hit every zombie and splatter you see in Dead on Time, and do not hit any civilians. This may take a while.

Top Gun (50 points)
Dodge 10 carpet bombings
Look out for them, and don't let them hit you.

Zombie Sniper (50 points)
Do 30 zombie splatter hits
You'll get this while playing.

Dead On Time (100 points)
Drive 10 KM in Dead On Time
Again, do not hit any civilians, and hit every zombie you see.

Hell's Angle (100 points)
Beat Highway To Hell
Extremely hard, but you can do it.

One Man Army (100 points)
Drive 10 KM in Police State
Easier than it seems. No comments on this.

Survivor (100 points)
Beat The Great Escape
Finish the main story. I made this guide for a reason, you know...


- Handbrake steering will make you lose next to no speed. Keep that in mind.
- Keep an eye on your Perception (when available). It's a real help.
- Soldiers can't shoot you when the angle between you and them is too big.
- You don't have to wait for the ad to load before starting the game. Hooray!
- You can skip the intro's by clicking the screen.
- You can't steer when you're punching your windshield or shooting.
- When in Highway To Hell, NEVER punch your windshield, no matter how much it's ruining your vision. You're gonna need it to protect yourself from the choppers. Also, when there's an enemy on your hood in Highway To Hell, try to knock it off instead of shooting, this will damage your windshield less (unless you screw it up).

The end. Let's start the zombie killing! >:D

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Posted by Oakwood - September 23rd, 2010

MADNESS HYDRAULIC: 2 Medals, 150 points

Madness Hydraulic is a Madness game good ol' Tommy made for Madness Day 2010. It's fast-paced, looks lovely and has amazing music.


Survivor (50 points)
Survive 40 rounds
Main goal of the game. You might want to check out the tactics to see how this can be accomplished.

Lone Wolf (100 points)
Do it without turrets
Beat the game without purchasing a turret. I got this one on my first run. It may looks impossible, but it's not. It's definetly worth the 100 points though.


The waves consist of 'nude' Madness dudes, agents (those with the fancy sunglasses) and soldiers (those with the yellow blood). These enemies will become stronger, faster and harder to beat as you proceed. The further you are in the game, the more enemies will spawn.
There are some waves in which something special happens. Those are the following:
- In every fifth wave the generator that's shown in the background will start shaking, manipulating gravity. This means that the screen will rotate back and forth under a certain angle. The angle gets bigger the further you proceed.
- In waves 11, 21, 31 etc, there will be none of the regular enemies spawning, but zombies. These zombies won't carry a weapon, so make sure you either got enough ammo or have your attack leveled up enough. After a while the clown will also spawn. He's the only one to be carrying a weapon.


These are the my tactics. I found them to be very helpful but you might have your own. I'm just giving examples. These tactics also include the 'Hints, Tips & Facts' I usually put at the bottom of the guide.

- Always try to own a shotgun. It's deadly when you've leveld up your attack high enough. If there's no shotgun around, try to obtain either the flamethrower or the insanely long green rifle (I'm not a gun expert so I don't know the name).
- The levels that rotate are very CPU intensive. This will result in sticky shooting. Do not click to much or Hank won't stop shooting for a while. Even worse, when this happens he doesn't even shoot bullets.
- When you're playing in a rotating level, always stay at the corner that is near the bottom the most. Why? Because 1) the enemies will just 'roll' towards you so all you have to do is spam and 2) the ammo will also roll your way.
- There's a very useful glitch in the game. Most shooter/platformer games are coded so that when you walk backwards and shoot, your bullets have increased speed so the final bullet speed will be the same as the bullet speed when you are standing still. Hydraulic is also coded this way, and that's good. Because when you walk backwards against a wall and shoot, the code still works. Result: your bullet speed is bigger. This will keep enemies at a distance while killing them. Only use this with rifles or the flamethrower. Upgrading your speed will make the bullets go even more faster. Use this glitch to your advantage!
- If I were you, I wouldn't upgrade to the 4th jump. I upgraded to the 3rd jump, but most of the fighting takes places on the ground so I barely used it. Spend your moneyz well.
- Your melee attacks can, different from Accelerant, hit multiple enemies at once. When your trapped in a corner and your ammo is gone, one mouse-click (or one push on the A button, if you use the keyboard) can free you from all the enemies surrounding you. Sweet hot awesomesauce!
- Between every wave, your game is saved. No need to panic if you run out of health.

Here you go. No go earn yourself the freaming medals and have fun playing the game! 8D

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Posted by Oakwood - September 11th, 2010

MasterMerol asked people on the BBS if they wanted a grave in his latest game Apples in the Tree. I wanted to do it, and now I'm officialy in the game! WOOHOOO!! :D

I'm in a game

Posted by Oakwood - September 4th, 2010

EDIT: It's out! Go listen to it NAOW!

I've created a new track, ladies and gents, it's not in the AP yet though, but I will put it there in a few days. Ciao!

/* */

Posted by Oakwood - August 26th, 2010

I entered the Madness Day 2010 Audio Contest, the first time I actually participate in a Newgrounds contest =D
Anyway, this is my entry. Hope you likes it. =3


Posted by Oakwood - August 26th, 2010

MORPLEE: 5 Medals, 190 points

Morplee is another 'only-mouseclick' game by Ninjadoodle, and it's way cool, but also WAY HARD. Medals don't work yet, hope they will soon.


Medals are all obvious. The Ninja medal is really hard, but after a while, you should be familar with the game enough to obtain it.


The tower consists of 25 minigames (boss not included), and you have 1 minute to solve them all. Here are all the minigames, ordered alphabetically. All minigames appear randomly except for the final boss.

1 Difference: You need to check in which way the two monsters differ. It can either be the teeth (right monster has shorter teeth) or the arms (one of the right monster's arms is the same as the other). You must click the difference.
Abduct: Click and hold the UFO to make it abduct the cow. Pretty easy.
Add Up: Click the number that corresponds with the amount of eyes on the dices. Not hard.
Break: You must break the bottle. The easiest way to do this is to rapidly slide it to an upper corner and immediatly drop it. Do this two times and it's broken.
Catch: This one is hard and time-consuming. You must click the monkey that shows up randomly at a side of the screen. It'll be gone again after a split second. There's no pattern.
Collect: You must make Mario jump to collect the five coins. The first click makes Mario walk, the others make him jump.
Connect: Connect the pipes so they make one pipe, Click the first one 3 times, the middle one once, and the last one also 3 times.
Copy: Highlight the windows of the right tower so that they're the same as those on the left tower. Do this by clicking them. Clicking them twice will make them go out again.
Cross: The same concept as Frog. Click to make the character step forward. Timing is key.
Deliver: Keep clicking the truck until it reaches the garage.
Eat: Keep clicking the apple until it's gone.
Jump: Make the ninja jump the gap. The first click makes him run, the second one makes him jump.
Lap: This one takes the longest. Click to make the car drive. The other clicks will make it turn 90 degrees to the right. Time your clicks well, when the car touches the sides you have to start the minigame over. (I fail at this one in the video.)
Meaw/Bark/Squeal: Click on the right animal depending on the sound that's displayed. Meaw = Cat, Bark = Dog, Squeal = Pig.
Odd 1 Out: Click the envelope that's turned upside down.
On Green: Click when the traffic light is turned green.
Organize: Put the shapes in the right boxes by sliding them. The left shape goes in the middle box, the middle shape in the right box, and the right shape in the left box.
Pass: Drag the car over the rock and put it back on the ground.
Pick-A-Path: Sort of a quiz. Try to memorize the keywords rather than the whole question. These are the answers: Plummeting Sky = Skysurf, Neighbour = Make Smores, Safari Desert = Have a Soda.
Pick Ripe: Click on the red apples. These are always the same.
Pop: Slide your cursor over the balloons to pop them.
Shine: Simply drag the cloud away from the sun,
Shoot: Click to make the spaceship shoot the targets.
Shut-Eye: Click on the eyes in such a way that they're all closed. I'm not sure what the pattern is, but what I know is that when two eyes next to each other are closed, clicking the outer closed eye will close them all.
Squash: Click to make the ball roll horizontally. Clicking again will make it roll vertically, and so on. Make the ball roll over all the enemies this way.
Final Boss: Keep clicking the spaceship until all it's health is gone.


Watch me own the game. 8D

/* */

- When you have nothing to do for a second in a minigame (i.e. you're waiting for the monkey to show up), start with another minigame already.
- Aliens only take away your health when they touch the ground. Your score will be unaffected.
- The final boss also consumes health.

That's it!

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Posted by Oakwood - July 13th, 2010

Moovlin PC: 37 Medals (495 points)

Stereotypical platformer the creator is totally proud of, but actually is pretty lame.


NOTE: The medals that require a speedrun or have art or hats involved are not mentioned. You must watch the appropiate video for that medal (the 2 survival medals are not in the videos, but are also not included).

25 Minutes of Amazement (5 points)
Wathc all the cutscenes
You can't skip cutscenes the first time you watch them, so you'll get this medal when you 've watched the last cutscene.

Are you ready for adventure? (5 points)
Finish the opening tutorial
Speaks for itself.

Credits (5 points)
Anybody who has this medal is a TOTAL BADASS!
After beating the final boss, the crdits level 10 - 4 gets unlocked. Play it and you get the medal.

Glub Glub (5 points)
Finish a swimming level
Finish level 9 - 1 and you get this.

No Fooling Around (5 points)
Brutally beat the crap out of Truff and take no damage in the process
Speaks for itself. First hit his nose (jump to reach it) then his legs 2x, and then again his nose (jump again) and repeat this three times.

Robot Slayer (5 points)
Kill 15 robots

Sky Fury (5 points)
Complete the "Missile Mania" level in Sunshine Plains
That's and easy one.

Space Cadet (5 points)
Beat every level in Jazela Galaxy
Beat Truff and this is yours.

Suicidal (5 points)
Die 20 times
Dude, how hard can it BE?!

Thwarted Gravity (5 points)
Die by falling upwards
Switch gravity when possible and fall into a hole.

You have friends? (5 points)
Play a multiplayer mode
Complete a multiplayer level (can be done with one player).

Choked! (10 points)
Kill Polypiscis without taking any damage
Boost into to his tongue when it's not spinning and stay away from anything else.

Gear Mistro (10 points)
Collect all the gears in Sun Station Level 1
The coding for this medal is to check if your total amount of Gear Points is equal to (or more than) the total value of the gears in the level. The total value is around 1400, so try to get more than 1400 Gear Points and you're good.

Space Major (10 points)
Beat every level in Radion Galaxy
Beat Pylopiscis and you have it.

Space General (25 points)
Beat every level in Black Hole Paradise
Beat the final boss AND play the credits level.

Impossible is Nothing (50 points)
Complete "The Parliament" without losing any health
Yes, The Parliament is the hardest level in the game. So is this medal also the hardest? Absolutely not! When you play through the level and lose health, kill yourself and choose 'restart from checkpoint'. Keep playing from the checkpoints and try to get to the finish this way without losing health.

Space God (100 points)
Beat the game

Reunited (5 points, secret)
Play through level 7 - 2 and you'll know it when you see it (finish the level when you know it).

Risk Taker (5 points)
I'm not gonna explain this, I kinda spoiled it in one of the videos...


Hat Messiah

/* */
The Full Gallery

/* */
Speedrun Medals 1

/* */
Speedrun Medals 2

/* */

- Boost allows you to beat spinning robots while they're not blue.
- Finishing a level without taking damage gives you a bonus of 1250 points. Very handy at Speedrun medals.
- Mind bugs. The game is filled with them.

Enough info. There you go.

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Posted by Oakwood - July 8th, 2010

EPOS: 10 Medals (475 Points)

Epos is an awesome old-skool RPG-styled game. Experienced Epic Battle Fantasy players would love this game. It's a game of adventure, action and strategy.


There are lots of things you must know before you start the game, so I'll be so kind to tell you those things.

Items help you in battle. Items can only be purchased at certain points in the game. You can purchase an item if you have enough AU (valuta of the game). Here's alist with the items and their costs.

Dried Root (300 AU) - Restores a small amount of health
Fresh Root (750 AU) - Restores a medium amount of health
Prime Root (2000 AU) - Restores a large amount of health
Dried Sap (500 AU) - Restores a small amount of MP (will be explained later)
Fresh Sap (1500 AU) - Restores a medium amount of MP
Prime Sap (3000 AU) - Restores a large amount of MP
Dried Mint (750 AU) - Supplies an ally with 3 Skill Orbs (will be explained later)
Fresh Mint (2000 AU) - Supplies an ally with 4 Skill Orbs
Prime Mint (7500 AU) - Supplies an ally with 5 Skill Orbs

Signets add a special ability to your character. There are 21 Signets in the whole game. Some mus tbe purchased, others are found on enemies. Each Signet has a unique ability that can help you win the battles. You can have only 1 kind of each Signet and an ally can hold only 1 Signet. Here's a list with all the Signets. When there's an amount of AU behind a Signet, it means you can buy it.

Veteran Signet: You'll begin the battle with a Skill Orb.
Ninja Signet: You take the first turn in battle. (50000 AU)
Blaze Signet: Your defense against fire is increased. (1500 AU)
Sea Signet: Your defense against Water is increased. (1500 AU)
Storm Signet: Your defense gainst Lightning is increased. (1500 AU)
Scholar's Signet: You'll gain more experience from a battle. (7500 AU)
Treasurer Signet: You'll gain more AU from a battle.
Thieves' Signet: The chance you'll get rare items in a battle is higher.
Adrenaline Signet: Your physical damage gets a boost when you're low on health.
Faith Signet: When you get healed, you'll earn some extra health. (8000 AU)
Stone Signet: Your defense gets a boost, but your physical damage is at a minimum.
Beastmaster's Signet: You'll do more damage to beasts.
Coward's Signet: You won't get attacked fast, but your physical damage drops.
Polymath Signet: You'll get a Skill Orb when you use Magic.
Engineer's Signet: When the amount of living allies is 3 or 1, you receive a Skill Orb every turn.
Contingency Signet: Attacks that could kill you can be dodged.
Thorned Signet: You'll begin the battle with 3 Skill Orbs.
Equality Signet: When you get physical damage, the damaged gets spread over the party. (25000 AU)
Guardian Signet: You have a bigger chance of being attacked, but when defending, the amount of damage done to you gets even lower.
Conqueror's Signet: You won't encounter enemies while walking.
Horn's Signet: Damage you do is increased.

You can teach your character talents. You'll gain a talent point each time you level up. There are three kinds of talents. Here they are.

Magic attacks cost you MP, Magic Points. Those are displayed in-battle. All magic attacks have a type. The type can be Water, Fire, Lightning or Divine. Fire is very effective against Lightning enemies, Water is very effective against Fire enemies, and Lightning is very effective against Water enemies (there are exceptions). Divine isn't really an attack type, it's more a move type. The following list contains all magic attacks and what they do.

The first row of magic attacks (the top 4 magic attacks mentioned here) have a star rate. Each attack starts with 1 star (in the guide shown as 1*) and can 'evolve' depending on how many times you use the attack. The more stars, the more powerful. The maximum amount of stars is 3*.
Bolt: Bolt costs a medium amount of MP. It's type is Lightning. It does damage to all the enemies that are involved in the battle.
Water: Water costs a low amount of MP. You can guess it's type. Water doesn't do really much damage. If you perform Water, the enemy can get drenched. It'll turn blue then. When that happens, immediatly perform Bolt. It will do devastating damage to the drenched enemy.
Fire: Fire costs a big amount of MP, but does devastating damage to a single enemy. I advice you to use this attack against enemies that don't have a type.
Heal: Heal is Divine. It can heal other players and also the player using it. It doesn't cost much MP.
Rejunevation: Divine type. It costs a large amount of MP and regenerates a big part of everybodies health (excluding fainted party members). Costs very much MP.
Intervention: Divine type. It revives one ally and gives him about half of his health back. It can also be used at living allies. Very handy at bosses. Costs much MP.
Inferno: Fire type. It creates a huge fire wave that hits all enemies and does devastating damage. It costs a huge amount of MP.
Tsunami: Water type. It's an attack compatible to the Surf attack we know from Pokemon. Big damage, huge MP loss.
Induction: Lightning type. Releases a thunderstorm above all enemies. Costs a huge amount of MP.
Revelation: Divine type. It fully revives an ally (only health, not MP). It costs a huge amount of MP.

Passive talents increase your status. They can be learned up to 9 times. They are all self-explanatory, so I'm not going over these.

Skills can be performed by using Skill Orbs. Skill Orbs can be obtained with items, or by attacking or defending. Attacking will grant you 1 Skill Orb, defending 2. If you die or end a battle, you'll lose your collected Skill Orbs. Most Skills don't have a type, but some do. Here's a list with all the skills.
Meditate: Restores an amount off health based on your current amount of Orbs. Everybody MUST have this. It's really a lifesaver.
Bellow: Effective against weaker enemies. Do not use against bosses. Required 2 Skill Orbs.
Blood Oath: Gives you 3 Skill Orbs but lowers you health. Do NOT purchase this. Your health is more important than your Skill Orbs.
Brand: Fire type. Does much fire damage to one enemy. I hardly used this one. Requiers 3 Skill Orbs.
Serendipity: Restores MP based on your current amount of Skill Orbs. Very handy if you think you might run out of MP at a boss battle.
Fixate: Boosts your physical power until the battle is over. I purchased this, but never used it. Therefore, I don't know how many Skill Orbs you need (probably 3).
Vengeance: The lower your health and the higher your amount of Skill Orbs, the more powerful this attack is. I never purchased it.
Phase Shift: Select a player that can perform the next attack. I never purchased it because I thought it was useless. Requirement of Skill Orbs unknown.
Lambaste: Very powerful attack. I purchased it, but hardly used it. Requires 5 Skill Orbs.
Osmosis: Allows you to give another ally your Skill Orbs. In the end, this seemed very handy to me, but I had to purchase Blood Oath first, so I never got it.

The Characters
Your party consists of three characters you must control individually. These are the characters.
Tradda: Tradda is the basic character. You start the game with him. Tradda starts with the following attacks:
Magic: Bolt (1*)
Skills: Meditate
Signet: None
Stats: Strength 11, Magic 11, Vitality 9, Speed 11

Rhydol: Rhydol starts with the following attacks:
Magic: None
Skills: Bellow, Brand
Signet: Veteran Signet
Stats: Strength 14, Magic 6, Vitality 11, Speed 8

Cochran: Cochran starts with the following attacks:
Magic: Water (1*), Heal (1*)
Skills: None
Signet: None
Stats: Strength 8, Magic 13, Vitality 7, Speed 12


Unfortunately the medals are all secret, so I can't exactly tell you how to get them. You'll get most of them throughout the game. Check the profiles of people who completed the game to see how you exactly can get the medal.


The map of the game contains 9 regions. In every region, there's a fiend you have to defeat in order to proceed to the next region. Below you'll find information about the everything you can find in a certain region, but first I'll tell you what you can find in ANY region.

Key Locations
Key Locations are marked yellow on the map. They contain a shop and an inn. You can buy items at the shop, and you can stay the night at the inn to recover health and MP. If you enter a Key Location for the first time, you have to defeat a few enemies first. I tell you what items you can buy and how much it costs to stay.

Every region has his own enemies, though some enemies can be found in more than one region. I'll give some information about every enemy.

NDI is short for Near Death Indication. Almost every enemy changes it's position when it's near death. I'll tell you what the NDI of each enemy is.

Every region (except for the first two) ends with a boss, or fiend, that you must defeat. I'll give you the information about the boss and show you my strategy.

Hidden Boss
Almost every region has a hidden boss wandering through it. These hidden bosses are encountered very rarely. They are weaker than real bosses but stronger than normal enemies. Some Signets can only be found on hidden bosses, so you might want to encounter them.

Now let's go over the regions.

Arleton Plains
Key Location: Tradda's Farm
Items: Dried Root, Dried Mint, Ninja Signet.
Inn costs: 0 AU

Bulgart Fields
Key Location: Blankley
Items: Dried Root, Dried Mint, Divine Sap, Dried Sap, Blaze Signet, Sea Signet, Storm Signet.
Inn costs: 250 AU

Mage Fly
- Water type
- Attacks: Water (1*)
- NDI: none
- Bolt isn't supereffective

Darthland Wolf
- No type
- Attacks: Bite
- NDI: Crawls up

Roughclaw Bear
- No type
- Attacks: Scratch
- NDI: Loose shoulders

Fiddici Woods
Key Location: Aldron
Items: Dried Root, Dried Mint, Divine Seed, Dried Sap, Scholar's Signet.
Inn costs: 1250 AU

Glaring Owl
- No type
- Attacks: Lasereyes
- NDI: Eyes almost closed
- Bolt somewhat more effective

- No type
- Attacks: Stab with knife
- NDI: Hand on belly
- Can carry Treasurer Signet

Hidden Boss: The Black Brigand
- No type
- Attacks: Stab with knife
- NDI: Hand on belly
- Reward: Thieves' Signet

Boss: Burthalin Rose
- Water type
- Attacks: Claw slam, Tsunami
- NDI: Face deforms
- Water heals him
- Fire does no damage
- Strategy: Everybody must have Bolt, at least one ally must have it with 2*. Keep using Bolt. Somebody must have Heal, that ally should also be equipped with the Sea Signet. Make sure you have enough Divine Seeds.
- Reward: Adrenaline Signet

Key Location: Narbo
Items: Dried Root, Fresh Root, Dried Mint, Divine Seed, Dried Sap, Faith Signet.
Inn costs: 1500 AU

Goblin Mage
- No type
- Attacks: Bolt (1*), Water (1*), Fire (1*), Heal (2*)
- NDI: Supports on stick more
- Can carry Faith Signet

Giant Golem
- No type
- Attack: Fistslam
- NDI: He'll sink in
- Fire does no damage
- Water is effective

For info, see Fibbici Woods.

Hidden Boss: Raging Boulder
- No type
- Attacks: None
- NDI: The bigger the crack, the lower the health
- Magic does no damage
- Skills with a type do no damage
- Strategy: keep using attacks and skills that have no type. Don't worry about being attacked, it's a damn rock!
- Reward: Stone Signet

Boss: Garh Maka
- No type
- Attacks: Tailwhack (underground), fireball (above)
- NDI: Tip will sink in (underground), he'll look less angry (above)
- Water does devastating damage while underground
- Attack is most effective above ground
- Startegy: Somebody must have Heal and eventually Intervention. That ally must be equipped with the Blaze Signet. One or two allies must have Water (2*). While the boss is underground, let only the ally with the best Water attack do that attack (this will make him come up). When above the ground, use physical attacks as it will do more damage than Magic. When he geos underground, repeat.
- Reward: Beastmaster's Signet

Barubic Range
Key Location: Pologo
Items: Dried & Fresh Root, Dried & Fresh Sap, Dried & Fresh Mint, Divine Seed.
Inn costs: 2000 AU

Mountain Hermit
- No type
- Attacks: Pound (multiple attack)
- NDI: Sinks in
- Fire is effective

Snowbite Bear
- No type
- Attacks: Scratch
- NDI: Loose shoulders
- Fire is effective

Barubic Wolf
- No type
- Attacks: Bite
- NDI: Crawls up
- Fire is effective

Boss: Toby the Wndigo
- No type:
- Attacks: Stalactite drop, icebreath (hits everyone)
- NDI: Looks more sad
- Fire is effective
- Strategy: Everybody must use Fire (2*). One ally must be equipped with Rejunevation, since you'll all lose almost the same amount of health. Heal is also fine.
- Reward: Coward's Signet

Key Location: Etaoin
Items: Same as Barubic Range
Inn costs: 2500 AU

Fire Sapling
- Fire type
- Attacks: Fire (2*)
- NDI: None

Water Spling
- Water Type
- Attacks: Water (2*)
- NDI: None

Lightning Sapling
- Lightning type
- Attacks: Bolt (2*)
- NDI: None

Divinity Sapling
- Divine Type
- Attacks: Heal (2*)
- NDI: None
- Magic does no damage
- Skills with types do no damage

Horn Loyalist
- No type
- Attacks: Swordslam
- NDI: sinks in

Mage Fly
Everything is the same as in Bulgart Fields, except:
- Attacks: Water (2*), Heal (2*)

Hidden Boss: Elo the Polymath (& Horn Loyalist)
- No type
- Attacks: Fire (2*), Heal (2*)
- NDI: supprts on stick more
- Reward: Polymath Signet

Boss: Queen Angeline (& 2 Divinity Saplings)
- No type
- Attacks: Fire (3*), Water (3*), Bolt (3*), Induction, Tsunami, Inferno
- NDI: The less leaves, the lower the health
- Strategy: Everybody must have Heal (2*). Everybody must be equipped with the Blaze, Sea and Storm Signet. It doesn't matter which ally gets which Signet, as long as they all have one. At least 2 allies must have Revelation (Intervention is also good, but rather Revelation). Everybody must have Bolt, Water and Fire at 2*. Always slay the Divinity Saplings first since they can heal the boss. When you perform a Magic attack, the Queen will lose leaves of the type that has a weakness for your attack.

Parder Coast
Key Location: Parder Stockade
Items: Fresh & Prime Root, Fresh Sap, Fresh Mint.
Inn costs: 2500 AU

Wind Spirit
- Fire type
- Attacks: Fire (3*)
- NDI: He'll fly lower
- Can carry Contingency Signet

Irewood Ogre
- No type
- Attacks: Spearstab
- NDI: Sinks in
- Can carry Contingency Signet

Boss: Demon of Stamily
- No type
- Attacks: Tonguestab, pawslap (hits everyone), web (hits everyone)
- NDI: None
- Strategy: Everybody must have fire (3* or a bit less). Everybody must have Heal. Two allies must have revelation. Keep spamming fire.

Maryn Peninsula
Key Location: Pentama
Items: Fresh & Prime Root, Fresh & Prime Mint, Fresh & Prime Sap, Divine Seed, Equality Signet.
Inn costs: 4000 AU

For info, see Fiddici Woods.

Goblin Patriarch
- Fire type
- Attacks: Fire (3*)
- NDI: Supports on stick more

Jelly Crab
- No type
- Attacks: Pawslam
- NDI: Face sinks in

Hidden Boss: Dodger & Wilde
- No type
- Attacks: Slam
- NDI: Sinks in
- Bolt is effective
- Has more health than Wilde

- No type
- Attacks: Slam
- NDI: Sinks in
- His attack does devastating damage
- Reward: Guardian Signet

Boss: Vira Cocha
- No type
- Attacks: Firebreath, Induction, 1-hit KO
- NDI: None
- Strategy: Prepare for the hardest boss in the whole game. It will take you several tries to defeat this guy. Make sure everybody has Heal (3*) and Fire (3*) and that two of your players have Revelation. Now, this is what I did. I equipped Tradda with the Polymath Signet. He was the one who gave the other players items and constantly healed them. If he had gathered enough Skill Orbs, he could give himself MP with Serendipity or health with Meditate. IF everybody had enough MP and health, he used Fire. I equipped Cochran with the Contingency Signet, so he had a bigger chance of surviving. He was my most important guy because his magical damage was high. I equipped Rhydol with the Blaze Signet so the firebreath attack would harm less. Now, just keep spamming Fire.
- Reward: Conqueror's Signet (and an insane load of money)

Emilia's Point
Final Boss: Admiral Horn
- No type
- Attacks: Stab (various), 1-hit KO
- NDI: Sinks in
- Strategy: For a final boss, he's pretty weak. Make sure everybody has Heal (3*) and Fire (3*) and two men have Revelation, and that your most important man has the Contingency Signet. Keep spamming Fire.


- I recommend you to do the game on Challenging Mode if your going for all the medals, since there's a medal that's only obtainable in Challenging Mode. And since the game takes very long to finish, it would be a pain to do it all again.
- You don't have to use my srategies. If you think yours is better, you can use it. You can also share it with the other people! ;)
- Horn is WEAK. Don't expect anything from him. Consider Vira Cocha as the final boss.
- The game continues after defeating Hoen. It's just like Pokemon: it's neverending.

There you go. I hope this will be helpful! If you think something's missing, tell me and I'll update it.

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Epos Guide

Posted by Oakwood - June 6th, 2010

SUPER RYUCOPTER: 3 Medals (160 points)

Ryucopter is a game you play once and never play again. It's just an annoying, small shooter game, from the creator of I Wanna Be The Flash Game :P


Quit spamming ya buttmunch (10 points)
Throw 100 hadoukens
Unless your a pacifist, you'll get this while playing. Note that it's a quote from the Street Fighter Collab. ;)

I hope you're ready for a beating (50 points)
Defeat all large enemies
Defeat all large bosses that appear after every wave (final boss doesn't count).

Yes, this is delicious (100 points)
Get to the goal that every game has.


These are the waves you will encounter. The small enemies all have to be hit once, the large enemies must be hit more times the further you proceed. The amount of small enemieswill also increase as yopu proceed.

Bee Wave; boss: Giant Bee
Rocket Wave; boss: Evil Rocket
Crabby Wave; boss: Nasty Fish
Penguin Wave; boss: Big Penguin Head
Ninja Wave; boss: Super Ninja
Final Boss: Slippery Ingenious Bison

I made up the names myself, lawl.


- If you reach Bison with less than 5 lives, you probably won't make it.
- Bison's pattern is simple. First, he shoots five lasers (high, mid-high, mid, mid-low, low) and then does a spin-attack (you can't dodge it).
- When the bar in the upper-right corner is filled, you can spam hadoukens. Once it's empty, you fire much slower.
- When you're about to encounter a large enemy, make sure your bar is filled. You'll need the hadoukens.

There you have it, for fuck's sake. Now get the medals and leave the game alone. >:-(

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Super Ryucopter Walkthrough